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В современном мире жить стало гораздо интереснее...


«Christ to Voskresa!» font Braylya of

We congratulate all on Easter Christs! * the Font Braylya - see the picture Russian: The Christ Revive! English: Christ is Risen! Belarusian: Хрыстос уваскрос! Ukrainian: The Christ has revived! German: Christus ist auferstanden! French: Le Christ est ressuscite More

Where to go on June 1, to please itself and to help another of

1. Verses, songs and drawings on evening of Kislorod fund And here that on the poster is called «Draw to me a lamb» is will occur approximately so. The same island will sit at any little table Sergy with paper and felt-tip pens, and you approach and order the More

Paralympic games: from where, when, why

Ludwig Guttman – the father of Paralympic games Competitions for people with the limited physical possibilities, received over time the name of Paralympic games, began to be carried out from giving of outstanding neurosurgeon Ludwig Guttman (1899-1980). More

String-bags ask about the help of

«Avosechnye is a stable realisation. Without avosechny we lose this stability, and consequently we can not guarantee to disabled people payment for production. So, temporarily it is necessary to suspend production blind string-bags. 5 sellers work at points at More

The magic box for donations has appeared in cafe «Rayks Children» of

A few days ago in cafe «Children a rayka» (Nikitsky Boulevard, 25) has appeared a magic box in which it is possible to lower money for Charity foundation “Childrens hearts”. «Boxes almost all identical. Transparent, with the photo of the sick More

Roller about special children have started to show at the prime time of

Unusual social advertising - a roller about children with features of development has appeared at the prime time on the First channel. The roller has been specially created for the childrens version of the popular Voice project and devoted to work of Fund of More