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Andrey Bilzho: When you have a problem, you see it at others

HAS OVERHEARD - PODSMOTREL.MALENKY the small town situated near Moscow. Saturday. Morning. It is empty. Anybody. On the sidewalk there is a man of years of sixty. In sports pants. Old. And strongly is lame in the right leg. Towards to it there is a man of years More

Loneliness and flowers

Lisa Oleskina, the director of charity foundation «In pleasure» tells an old age about how once volunteers have brought to nursing home not only habitual conditioning agents, but also fresh flowers … When the flower firm «Pink garden» has offered us the sea More

27 rules of mother of the insulinozavisimy teenager

Natalia, 13-year-old Igors mother in which more than a 1,5 years ago doctors have found diabetes of the first type has told about the rules. Besides diabetes Igor still has number of a serious accompanying illness, including a displaziya of a connecting fabric More

The Trojan Horse for inhabitants Konkovo

Every year on December 31 we with friends go …. No. It not that … Every year in in our area all spring and summer various works on «a territory accomplishment» are conducted: paint cares, shops, patch holes in asphalt, paint a border, put flowers. I with genuine More

I have a schizophrenia. And I live contrary to everything

This history was sent by our reader. We publish it without changes. If you consider, what exactly she should win a prize, put «To me it is pleasant» and share with the friends in social networks. That history of courage which will earn more ретвитов, лайков and More

New vital credo of disabled people (VIDEO)

Authors of video of the spouse Norman Kunk and Emma Van rubbed Klift consider that the reason of incorrect perception of disabled people surrounding people are «ruled corrections and rehabilitations» which everywhere take root into specialised educational institutions More


What does the person when to it one of the best friends strikes blow with a knife in a back feel? Think of people who are closest to you. In mind make the list of about ten such people. Whom do you include in this list? The best friend? Brother or sister More