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Pain and I

In general, we quite normally co-exist together. We even are somewhat independent from each other. At everyone the schedule, and everyone tries not to make the life miserable another. Here only sometimes the illness reminds of it – about pain. And here then our More

It is a sore subject, but I have decided to tell … My child was born donoshenny

Girl. It is powerful 3.300 growth 50 4.51 minute. And she would be the normal healthy child, if not a number of circumstances. I will tell shortly – childbirth was the heaviest, the personnel of our regional maternity hospital did not consult. The neck long did More

My dear Troubles: the letter from Elodie

Expensive life, seems to me, it is time to us to talk to you seriously. Recently you had a repulsive habit to knock out the earth at me from under feet. And not only at me, but also at my relatives. Yes, for no reason whatever. And without the prevention. You More

«And I simply live!» The letter in edition

Hello! It is sincerely glad to those who will read my history and will smile. To smile I study still is for me fight. For doctors of cerebral spastic infantile paralysis always was the unpleasant diagnosis. It too did not please parents, after all it is necessary More

«The empire strikes back»

In the spring of last year on the central television the documentary film “Anton here nearby”, telling not only story of autist Anton, but also history of how cinematographers from story-tellers have turned into the people who have rendered to the person the More

What is dream?

«That the blind dreams?» «It is serious, what you see? Is not present, however, as it occurs?» «You can dream about subjects? You have realised dreams?» «Tommie, you in general have dreams? In sense, you SEE something?» Such questions set to me quite often. More

Nightingales and crickets

Why 9 years? Dina Sabitova Why? Well after all hurts nothing, understand? You will ask again - and it is clear. Well once again you will ask again. Well or perhaps you have sat down somehow unsuccessfully. Not on that corner of a table. Or perhaps the simply More