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Nick Vuychichs column: Be not afraid, everything will be good!

Bob Marley has sung once: «Do not worry about anything because everything will be good!» Actually these words are borrowed the Christ. In the well-known Sermon on the Mount Jesus has told: «Do not care of tomorrow for tomorrow itself will care of the: there More

Autism: the success depends on parents

Autism subject now especially is much discussed, to that the reason and films, and stories about autists. But still there are no clear ideas – that such autism? From where it undertakes and what with autists to do – to treat, learn, or it simply features of the More

Galina Klishova: In Russia any homeless – the potential disabled person

Average experience of homelessness in our country - seven years. Remember also our climate and do conclusions. Not the superfluous will remember and that statistically on the average in life half a year on the street the person has changes in mentality then it More

200 rubles for the healthy childhood: why on treatment raise money on the Internet?

When Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets was perplexed aloud why parents of disabled children raise money on the Internet, Nadejda Tokarev has answered it with sharp verses. When to Petersburg have ceased to bring Kepprs vital preparation, has reached More

To be weak

are not a shame The confusion of concepts often leads to violation of logic of thought process. For the last years I saw many publications in which speaks how it is necessary to communicate with disabled people as to them to belong that it is possible to speak More

Thanks, Elaydzha! The member of the Canadian Parliament remembers

the deadborn son John Dzhalsvak Ottawa, Ontario, on November 1, 2013. When the member of the Canadian Parliament Kyle Sibek and his wife 2011 have learnt in the summer that they will have the third child, they have had mixed feelings. Pregnancy was unplanned More

Lyubov Arkus: The main problem – not the state, and society

A few years ago the film expert and the director Lyubov Arkus has read the composition of 12-year-old boy autist Anton Kharitonov and has decided to shoot about it the film. That opened as the film project, has overturned destinies of many people, first of all More