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Cancer on a horoscope? Than Friska

differ from Jolie All right still dirt in social networks of that Jeanne Friska rich and money it is not necessary to help it. All the same it is more than good people, for the first day of an action of the help on the First channel have gathered 48 million rubles More

What hear and see slepoglukhy?

*** … After a dinner I have talked to Maxim Anatolyevich Selyunin. I explained him the pokoynitsky party слепоглухоты, that the slepoglukhy are compelled to wait while them will visit while somewhere will accompany, something will translate … Maxim More

Column of the editor: Nikitas apologia

We did not do anything that the fragment of the book of Nikita Shchiruk became the most popular text on our site. We were surprised to it together with Nikita. The text has been laid out in the evening on Friday January 10, and with improbable speed More

If you die – rise and go!

When to me was 15, my father has suddenly sued for divorce. From shock at my mother the real mental pathology has developed. In some days after that news, my mother has ceased to recognise me, has told that at it never was children that she never loved me. When More

«Cтаринная» grandmother Katya

Lisa Oleskina, the director of charity foundation «In pleasure» tells an old age about summer trips to nursing homes and those whom volunteers there meet. «And here my beloved grandmother Katya from Novoslobodsk. To it already for ninety, it has lost sight when More

Disneys princesses in wheelchairs: look and fall in love with

Very long time ago in the magic country there lived very lovely one-eyed prince who dreamt to marry the fine one-armed princess and to go to a honeymoon trip on a wheelchair … Hardly you tell to children for the night such fairy tales. And it is a pity. More

«My life, disability and other troubles» – anonymous revelations of the Frenchwoman

The author of the blog «My life, disability and other troubles» call Elodie (the accent on a final syllable), it thirty, is ill from 11 years. Elodie tries to keep anonymity therefore does not specify a place of the residence. But it is exact not Paris. But about More