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Nikita Shchiruk: People in vain are afraid of autists

After the publication on our portal of fragments of the book the 21-year-old autist from Moscow Nikita Shchiruk has woken up the well-known. «It is very pleasant to me. I today all day answer questions and I add as a friend. But I was not so tired. I am glad» More

Small tragedy and plush hippopotamus

In recent months the state has headed for optimisation of the social sphere. In particular, are closed small rural nursing homes and disabled people. The old men, all life lived in the village and whiling-away last years at nursing homes of almost family type More

The most generous person

Last year Bill Gates has offered on charity 2 billion dollars. You can imagine that influence what it has rendered on the world? Bill Gates, T.Boone Pickens, Warren Baffet - generous people. They have offered a huge part of the condition. And it is healthy! I More

Sentence: not disabled people. Why the pension to children of the liquidator of Chernobyl

is not put In the 2010th year Olga Sorokin with two children - Anatoly and Maria - has moved from Moscow to Kostroma. Doctors have told to Olga that the silence and rest are necessary to her children. Anatoly and Marias father, Olgas late husband was the liquidator More

To respect the ordinary person

Notice to itself, the lovely prince that there is nothing more disappointingly to the person of our time and a tribe how to tell to it that it is not original, weak character, without special talents and people ordinary.   More

Column of the psychologist: If your child – the disabled person

Doctor-psychotherapist, candidate of medical sciences Andrey Yermoshin If in a family there is a disabled child, and there are no hopes of radical improvements how to develop the correct, working relation to a problem and to continue to live? Mind all of us More

2013: Glafira Vinarskaya has changed the diagnosis and twists pedals of a velosimulator

The history of a young minchanka of Glafira Vinarskoy which as a result of complications of pregnancy has appeared four years ago in a coma and a vegetative condition, still causes responses at our forum. Readers wish to the woman of health and admire belief More