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Supersensitivity: the world in perception of the autist of

The English fund of the help to the people suffering from autism (National Autistic Society), has let out a roller which is visually showing as people with autism, suffering touch sensitivity, perceive sounds habitual for us. More

Dance, even if you have only fingers …

Even if your body is weak or sick, you can dance … fingers! More

Paralympic sports: Curling on carriages of

According to chronicles curling has arisen in Scotland in the 16th century. Certainly, style, tactics of game and shells were quite far from the modern. However interesting information on shells contains in records of the Scottish city Darwell. There it is said More

Graffiti for blind

Some years in a row thirty-year inhabitant of the French city of Nantes, a rayter with an experience and the fan of travel, under anybody The Blind develops the innovative project of graffiti for blind, turning all city into creative space. The Blind in a More

Who «broke ice» at opening of Paralympic games? PHOTO of

More than 1000 actors took part in opening ceremony of Paralympic games, from them 140 - with disability. The ceremony name - «Breaking ice» - it is urged to remind of how it is important to overcome cold of alienation, to destroy misunderstanding barriers between More

Celebrities with diabetes of

Edson Arantis du Nasimenta, known to the world as Pele Brazilian футболит has diabetes since the early childhood. Pele takes the 1st place in the List of the greatest football players of the XX century according to the World Soccer magazine version, the athlete More

External beauty overestimate!

From the earliest childhood everything, both mass media, and people around, teach us that the beauty ideal exists. Models, actors and other stars demonstrate, what should be ideal appearance. And many, really, consider that appearance — one of the More