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What happiness to tell: «I remember …»

About 24 million people in the world suffer from the Alzheimers disease, one of the most widespread forms of a dementsiya which are expressing in loss at first to short-term, and then and long-term memory. To draw attention to a problem and to support financing More

The prince Harry embraces a small kolyasochnik of

The prince Harry on Monday was present at ceremony of celebration of children - with serious diseases, their trustees, members of the family and medical workers. It was organised by WellChild non-profit organisation. Each winner has received, besides other, possibility More

Courageous and beautiful: 10 models with disability of

The idea of this material was simple: to meet spring a selection of photos of beautiful recognizable people. But at immersion in a subject it has become clear that with other possibilities in the world there is a lot of models. And to choose from a large number More

Nick Vuychich has taken part in Ice Bucket Challenge of

Nick Vuychich has taken part in popular флешмобе in support of patients with a lateral amyotrophic sclerosis of Ice Bucket Challenge. More

Seven photos, proving that life is fine

The French photographer Philippe Eshara (Philippe Echaroux) is known not only in the advertising world, but also thanks to numerous unusual actions. For example, it has marked the beginning of the career by performance «I look for the person» (Where is Mankind More

Five magnificent dances in special execution (+ВИДЕО)

Try to repeat these special dances! It turns out? 1. A tap dance on one foot: Euan Ragdzhiro has lost the foot because of a cancer of a bone in 2010. Before operation 19-year-old Ragdzhiro has told to doctors: «I promise you that I will beat again a tap dance» More

«Save an electricity — employ blind»: 8 most creative and positive rollers about blind people of

The coolest creative producers in the sphere of social advertising - associations of the blind different countries. Really: to open eyes of inhabitants on a problem blind, it is necessary to work strongly. We bring to your attention a selection from the most More