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I am the same person, as well as you! Premiere of the film «the NOT the»

Something children with disability differ from contemporaries? Dream of something special? Unless laugh and they cry differently? But for some reason some adults insist: «disabled people should not be together with other children». Parents refuse own children More

Bitter money: three histories from life

History first Anastas Matveevn sobs in a tube: - The girl, what to do to me? Perhaps tablets to get drunk? It is possible how so to live? Hardly the house has reached, slightly under the car has not got, well any man has picked up … Me all shakes … What to me More

How to become the successful social businessman?

«Why I (my child, the loved one) became a disabled person? For what to me it?» Similar questions at least time in life visit everyone who on a personal experience has learnt how it is difficult and offensive – not to be able to do that with ease people around More

By March 8: it, it and wheelchair. Real love stories

The subject of this material was prompted by the readers who have noted that in a February selection «It is love! Five pictures which return belief in the real feelings» are not present any beloved with disability. We are corrected: today we will speak only about More

How to live the own way. Completely immobilised person became one of the best system administrators in the country

In the phrase «helpless situation» Alexander steadily quotes the first word. The person whom the hand do not obey and feet – is helpless? And if it thus successfully works, studies in foreign higher education institution, wins on the Olympic Games which is led More

Ice Bucket Challenge: ice and sclerosis

More than a month in social networks Ice Bucket Challenge is actively discussed. Action essence: participants have a shower bath ice water then everyone throws down a challenge to any three people. Those, in turn, within 24 hours should repeat procedure or make More

The love does not burn

Such «girls from a cover» at the Australian female glossy magazine WomensWeekly (or perhaps and at all world luster) was earlier never. For July issue producers have organised Turiya Pitts photoshoot – the known sportswoman in the country at which 65 % of skin More