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Let speak. Relay race is kind

The former chairman of collective farm Vadaktay Vitautas Blotnis and his wife Christina carefully store more than 30 years filing of the Soviet and foreign press. On the turned yellow pages – tragedy certificates with the Lithuanian girl Race and More

Competitors with possibilities

As a rule, people with limited possibilities remember in mass media in two cases. The first — when someone from them gets to a top of news as winner Paralimpiady / the talented artist/leader of social movement and so on. The second — in reports on results of More

There is no country for old men: a furniture collection from Lanzavecchia + Wai for those to whom for 50

Old age not in pleasure. As everything around is intended for the young: from restaurants with loud music to inconvenient furniture and abrupt steps. Designers of Lanzavecchia studio + Wai have decided to correct this omission and have created the collection More

Project «Other parts of a body» («Alternative Limb Project») of Sofia of de Oliveira Barat (Sophie de Oliveira Barata)

The studio of Sofia of de Oliveira Barat (Sophie de Oliveira Barata) is located in an inexpressive building in one of northern quarters of London, but inside it is similar to a workshop from Ridley Scott cult anti-Utopia «Running on an edge», only with good lighting More

Where to take the credit to the disabled person: Practical advice

A certain sum of money in some cases can be necessary for purchase of the goods, fee etc. for each person. And it is absolutely unimportant, the person is healthy or has disability. Disabled people also can need money, and even it is possible to tell that to More

The mobile control panel the lift for children and people with limited possibilities

For those who cannot reach lift buttons, the Chinese designer of Yefeng has thought up the control panel moving down which can be moved easily on any height. First of all this device will be useful for people with limited possibilities and to children. The lift More

Queue for miracle

«Everything, we have passed!» — phone calls of the majority of the believers who stood in turn lasting many hours and have bowed to Honest The Gift of the Magi in Cathedral of the Redeemer so began. From Moscow shrines go to St. Petersburg, to the temple of the More