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What will be 2014?

Dear readers! In some hours there will come new, 2014. What it will be - in many respects depends on us. Certainly, not everyone is capable to affect a history course, to become famous for the whole world or to become the billionaire. But what in general to consider More

Former deputy of the Bundestag Ilya Zayfert: Europe will study at Russia

Ledges of the Alps not for me. After all mountains block Way To carriage. Them all the same, Though down you Though upward. — And still I was there. Venice it is constructed not for me. In a carriage on channels you will not pass. And set of bridges are step More

Sincere Bazar – 2013: where to go first of all

On December 15, 2013 Sincere Bazar will open in Sokolniki in pavilion No. 4 at 11 oclock in the morning. The most large-scale pre-New Years fair of 100 % the charitable: money for each bought souvenir or a pie will go to fund of one of 68 charitable participating More

Ted Rammel: the surgeon operating in a wheelchair

In 2010 life of the American surgeon-orthopedist of doctor Ted Rammel (Ted Rummel) has turned over – doctors have found in it an inoperable tumour on a backbone. Kavernozny гемангиома has brought into both feet full to paralysis and has set More

The actress of comedy theatre is not afraid of stutter and pairs more of diagnoses

The inhabitant of California Nina G. knows firsthand that means to live adequately with the diagnosis «inability to training». Nina has chosen humour as the main weapon of fight for an active vital position and not exhausted internal force – she is the unique More

Elena Serkulskaya: «I am the teacher whom carry on hands»

Elena Serkulskoys life is generous on abrupt turns. In 18 years she did not think of the future out of big-time sports, a podium and the overflowed tribunes. The trauma has compelled it to be locked within four walls for long ten years. Surprisingly, however More

Touching moments of the Olympic Games: the Canadian skier transfers the disabled brother through a protection together to celebrate a victory

Canadian Alex Bilodo has won competitions on freestyle on Monday in Sochi. He celebrates this event together with the brother Frederick having cerebral paralysis. Alex says that Frederick – his permanent inspirer and a motivator. Alex Bilodo - the double gold More