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Risto Long – the first Finnish dancer in a wheelchair

The inhabitant of the Finnish small town Yoensuu Risto Long since the birth is chained to a wheelchair. However it has not prevented it to become the champion of the country on ballroom dances in a wheelchair. His wife Minna - the girl of very low growth. The More

10 facts about Paralympic games in Sochi

Paralimpiada in Russia is led for the first time The prices for tickets begin from 300 rubles, and they can be bought Participants will compete in five sports: mountain skiing (including pair snowboard – for the first time in history Paralympic games); skiing More

«Lets employ the good disabled person»

To Nikita Drobota 19, and it child of the time: studies at evening school, works as the courier, goes to the pool and loves fast food. We talk, sitting at a little table of the Minsk McDonalds. Nikita answers questions, but looks not at me, and on sitting More

Christine Hall: it is necessary to support not so much children with autism, how many a family as a whole

In autism Center Marcus in Atlanta (USA) support not so much children, how many a family as a whole The doctor of psychology, the director of service of a clinical assessment of Marcus Autism Center, the USA, Christine Hall at the international forum More

Alexander Kolesin: Sources of domestic art therapy – in admiration of special people

Many changes concerning society to disabled people both in Russia and in other countries occurred thanks to that enthusiasts responded to reforming of social policy of the state. In the 2013th year 20 years to the project later called «Hope were executed. Belief More

Patricia Kurganova: Whether there is a life after Voice?

– She is not a singer, she is an angel, – Alexander Gradsky justified after has deduced to the Patrician from among participants of Voice. – And how angels can participate in competition? I know nothing about competitiveness of inhabitants of More

It can make everyone who happens on the Internet: charity hend-meyd

Charity in the third millennium: sell itself, rescue the patient The most effective projects Bayneta confirm: to change someones destiny, it is not obligatory to be the provided person The essence of charity does not change for eyelids: the person shares the More