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«Perhaps, for the parents I was a cross?» The story of the girl with cerebral spastic infantile paralysis

We have got acquainted with Christina on a charitable dancing marathon. - Excuse, it is possible I will guess? You after all journalist? Christina has stopped me almost in full darkness. Strange, I think: the badge of the journalist on me is not present, on More

The fairy tale on how the blind singer has won Alexander Gradskogos heart

It carries modelling footwear, goes for a drive on rollers and considers a duty to destroy stereotypes concerning blind people. In Belarus Russian Voice do not broadcast: show licence. But record of performance of Patricia Kurganova has in a moment More

The artist concluded within four walls travels, when draws

Emetsk – the small ancient town in the Holmogorsky region of the Arkhangelsk region, is known, as the homeland of poet Nikolay Rubtsov. Once Emetsk was well-known also for a belltower of the Bogoyavlensko-Pokrovsky temple, one of the biggest in those days in More

Tatyana Ric: «The normal person should not live in a leprozoriya»

Tatyana Ric can everything, and at once: to conduct lessons and to create cheerful bright books on serious subjects; to be the student and to prepare for protection of the dissertation; alone to bring up the son and to travel, go for a drive on an ATV, to More

The lawyer with cerebral spastic infantile paralysis Vyacheslav Egorov: I have meaningly chosen a public profession

From the author: Vyacheslav Egorov – the young and quite demanded lawyer. Weekly to it more than one hundred people addresses for consultation. It co-operates with several firms and even leaves in court to represent interests of the clients. A payment for the More

The tattooed artificial limbs and other delicacy – decisions for the most courageous!

Bespoke – the enterprise based in 2009 in the USA, sets as the purpose improvement of design of artificial limbs. The customer can choose a unique ornament of the usual artificial limb which will be executed on technology of the 3D-printer, or to develop a new More

When mental disabled people undertake the camera …

The Brut Photography exhibition is an acquaintance of six Japanese mental disabled people to the film photo. The turned-out pictures tell not thought up, story stories about usual life of special people. Luigi Klavro carried away by Japanese art has opened in More