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Dominica Budzhinska: «The carriage induces me more to work»

– In me such force that also did not dream much, – 20-year Dominica Budzhinsk (Dominika BUDZYNSKA) speaks about itself. – I do not perceive limited possibilities, preferring possibilities — to restrictions. In the blog and on a page in the Facebook the girl from More

Case of a walking carriage. Than the lawsuit of a kolyasochnik with the airport will terminate?

Evgeny Shevkos dispute with the National airport Minsk is beyond the conflict between an individual and the organisation. He about a human right in a carriage to be socially active and always to count on respect of own advantage. Past spring the More

Katerina Bletsa: How to make disability interesting lifestyle

Katerina Bletsa – the teacher of No. school of 2 cities of Trikalas in the Central Greece. At teenage age its health has reeled, and the neuropathy has suddenly developed. Katerina has ceased to go, but has not ceased to enjoy life. She went in for sports, and More

The autist from Moscow has written the book about itself, «that another it was easier»

Get acquainted: Nikita Shchiruk, 21 year, autism. The person with other possibilities, and also observant mind and literary inclinations. For us united by the Facebook of parents of children with autism, its other possibilities are invaluable: they help us to More

Pablo Pineda: «Support the child, and it will believe in the possibilities»

Pablo Pineda is known as the unique person in Europe with a Down syndrome which has graduated from the university and became the teacher. He also has played a leading role in the film «I too» in which the love story of the young man with a Down syndrome is told More

Motherhood without borders. Women on carriages and with cerebral spastic infantile paralysis have told, that they should raise children

One of participants of the photo-exhibition which have opened in Minsk «Motherhood without borders» just has undergone humiliating procedure of psychiatric survey. If this woman with non-working group of disability at which because of cerebral spastic infantile More

Marine and all impossible

Marina Gayday has risen on feet after the heaviest paralysis of all body. Doctors said that she needed to live three months, she should not already even buy clothes and it is necessary to reconcile only. But it has gone the feet. And then has suffered the second More