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As I became the minister

Paralympic champion Mikhail Terentyev — that always it is necessary to set before itself the big purposes and, without watching at any circumstances, not to refuse dream. Because in each person huge vital forces which will surely be shown if the person has a More

Dying 80 times the woman continues to risk life, going for a threshold of the house

The 40-year-old woman says that at least 80 times was on a hair from death. Each time, leaving the house, she can die, because suffers 23 types of heavy allergies. Karen Brammer from Shefford, Great Britain, has 23 allergies, and every day lives in fear of that More

It does not ask for help, and

simply want to live Sergey Gudovich was the successful young weight-lifter, was going to marry. But in day when should go to the REGISTRY OFFICE, has got on a hospital bed and already more never went … In Molodechno near Sergeys house there is a chapel. In More

Anew to open for itself love: My 6-year-old child and her paralysed father

My husband paralysed. I care of it, and I work at work full time, but there are days when I feel that to the daughter give not enough attention. To Isabel there were only 6 months when her father was traumatised in a spinal cord. During its first six months, More

Marathon for one

The New York marathon which is led 40 years, has collected the next army wishing to test on November 6, 2011. For the majority of runners this marathon is test of physical preparation, but for Michael Melamed the marathon became also spirit test: it should overcome More

Tatyana Churzina: Буратино.ru

The Volga drama theatre the premiere of performance under the name Buratino.Ru has taken place. Two years ago it slightly was have not forbidden to display. Today the fairy tale have made more modest. As the director of the fairy tale for adults More

With widely closed eyes

In 23 years blind Vasily Ivanov has mastered programming. Now it trains in computer literacy of blind people. Vasily absolutely sees nothing, but every day goes from Tolyatti to Samara on public transport. The young man studies in Volga region state academy of More