As I became the minister

As I became the minister

Paralympic champion Mikhail Terentyev — that always it is necessary to set before itself the big purposes and, without watching at any circumstances, not to refuse dream. Because in each person huge vital forces which will surely be shown if the person has a purpose are latent.

As I became the ministerIn 1998 on winter Paralympic games in Nagano I have won for the first time the medals. My dream, dream of my childhood has come true. In 12 years I have started to be engaged in a ski dvoyeyoborye and dreamt to get on Olympic Games. Sometimes it seemed that it never will come true. Especially after that moment when has unsuccessfully landed during the first attempt in jumps from a 40-metre springboard in the city of Kirov on superiority of DSO "Petrel".

In 15 years I have broken a backbone. It was 1986. Any time I thought quickly to be restored, but already never to jump from springboards. Has decided that I will be surely engaged in biathlon. Some long years of restoration were ineffectual.

The understanding of that it for a long time, has come in three years when has got acquainted with the same people on a carriage which tens years "sat" already. I did not believe that a carriage — it for a long time. I did not understand, how it is possible to live, as it is possible to move on a carriage. The house did not leave for months. The first year after a trauma at all there was no wheelchair.

I have graduated from comprehensive school, Krasnoyarsk state university thanks to parents and the uncle (the brother of mother), teachers. In 1991 I have seen for the first time a sports carriage. I have understood that very much I want to be engaged in races on carriages. As well as where — did not understand. The Krasnoyarsk plant of TVs where parents worked, has helped to buy the first carriage. It , unfortunately, has collapsed in half a year of trainings. Have bought the second, but it was wide. The sports carriage should be as sportswear — convenient and in the sizes.

I remember, how has come to plant. The father at me the professional milling-machine operator of the sixth category. Together with colleagues, friends on shop cut out a small piece of a carriage, have narrowed. Has tried on. Has asked to correct still. Then have already thoroughly made. I drove two years on it in Moscow, Omsk, Kiev. Trained at home — in Krasnoyarsk and the village of Yemelyanovo of Krasnoyarsk Krai.

Certainly, big complexity was to leave the house as any bordyurny stone was an absolute obstacle. But I understood that only regular trainings can yield result. Besides there was no representation how to train during the winter period. In the winter it was almost impossible to move on a carriage. It stuck in snow, and to pass 50 мет­ров was unreal. However power of desire has won all barriers.

In 1993 on a marathon in Kiev I and my friend Sergey Shilov, with whom we together went on competitions across Russia (it too on a carriage after autofailure), have got acquainted with trainer Irina Gromovoy. Irina was engaged in skiing till 1984 and entered into junior USSR national team. But after her husband Dmityory Gromov has broken cervical department of a backbone and began to move on a carriage, it has finished the sports career, but sports is not has left. Irina helped such as I, to return to sports. For what I am immensely grateful to it. Today it the senior trainer of Paralympic Russian national team on skiing and biathlon. About Irina it is possible to write the separate story. For me it is important that we have gone together on life.

So I have appeared in Moscow. With Sergey Shilov we lived in Biryulev. On the third floor in the house without the lift. Every day we went on station of Biryulevo-Tovarnaya, rose by a platform and went by an electric train. At the Paveletsky station Irina and Dmitry for us waited on the old minibus "Volkswagen". Everything together we went on training to Izmailovo, Krylatsky or on Vorobyovy Gory. And so every day. In the summer and in the winter. For us was shock when Irina has suggested not to waste time in the winter and to train on skis. I will forever remember the first two kilometres on skis.

Who knows that such spinal fracture in chest department, understands, how it is heavy to hold balance, and here still skis. Fell through each ten metres. Irina lifted us, and we went further. And after all a year ago neither I, nor Sergey could not present how every day to go out of doors in the winter. Surprisingly, but the first training collecting has taken place in that city where I have broken a backbone — in Kirov.

So we trained from 1993 to 1997. It became easier, when one disabled person from Germany has presented to us the hand-operated minibus. We with Sergey began to reach a place of training.

My dream to participate in Games has come true already in the 1994th. Though it were Paralympic games, but they passed in the same place, where Olympic — in the Norwegian small town Lillehammer. Now I understand that if right after a trauma in 1986 knew that there are athletes-paralimpiytsy, of course, would not cease to dream of such fine sports event, as Games.

I am convinced that always it is necessary to set before myself the big purposes and, without watching at any circumstances, not to refuse dream. Because life — surprising piece and in each person huge vital forces which are surely shown if the person has a purpose are latent.

I want to give one more example from life. After the eighth class I have arrived in railway technical school on speciality «the driver of a rolling stock». I could study only 4 months, then there was a trauma. After it I have returned to school as the driver already precisely could not be. The phrase of the dean of our faculty which saw my aspiration in study and trainings is for some reason remembered and has somehow told that I surely will be ministyory means of communication. Then, after a trauma, I have laughed over his words. But in 2007 me have elected the deputy of the State Duma which status is equated to the federal minister. Then I was once again convinced that life — surprising piece.