It does not ask for help, and

simply want to live It does not ask for help, and

Sergey Gudovich was the successful young weight-lifter, was going to marry. But in day when should go to the REGISTRY OFFICE, has got on a hospital bed and already more never went …

It does not ask for help, and

In Molodechno near Sergey’s house there is a chapel. In the size it about a mail box which usually show in the American films. Under it – heart. This heart also has brought me to Sergey.

«Same Sergey has made! – The neigbour tells it. You come to it, it now houses, recently from Belgium has returned …»

Having seen on a fencing "Vicious dog" began to knock on a window. In the house have switched on light, and I have seen it, in a carriage. Has waved with a hand and has not passed also minutes as has heard that a door have unlocked and me have called.

It does not ask for help, and

Sergey has met me at a threshold, has invited in the house and has made tea. So we also have stayed the whole evening.

In day of failure was going to conduct the girl in the REGISTRY OFFICE

Now to it forty four. More than 20 years has passed, as it has sat down in a carriage. There was a May, 1991. Has led the girl and on a motorcycle came back home. Only has left on the road as has got to a hole. Road builders repairing the road, have not taken care of a lattice plum and have not lifted its level of asphalt. A wheel has pulled out, the forward wheel looked so as if at it who the breakage has put. Sergey has rejected on the avenue, and it the left side has flown in a tree.

It does not ask for help, and

Consequences of failure were terrible: the broken thorax, a backbone in two places, a craniocereberal trauma. Then – three unconscious months.

«For this road after failure a half of housing and communal services answered. I lifted then all documents about incident and know that? Anywhere anything. The next morning after has broken, the hole was not. All have made, as if has dreamt me. It is possible to think, by the bus went, and when left, itself has flown in a tree. In total quietly. Why? Legally, about loss of health it is possible to submit the claim at any time: both through 20, and in 30 years. And I will win, if I have proofs that everything has occurred on their fault. To the state to contain me it is necessary, pension to pay. You know, what pension at me? Million four hundred thousand. I am a disabled person of 1 group. When has broken, I was 21 years old, only from army have returned. And only those 2 years that I there have carried out, have taken for the seniority. And where I could earn it? It is surprising that having had an accident because of the state, I do not hold on it the evil».

«Let there will be a heart in this area»

When there was a misfortune, Sergey’s friend has come to local church and asked father Avenir to hold service that it has survived.

«In some years after me have discharged from hospital, has approached on that church. Ramps are not present, and I have simply gone to father Avenir. He has looked at me and speaks:« I know you». The first time saw me! Means, there is something for what I remained to live, for what should live. People think that life big and all of them will be in time. But is not present, life small. It, as apple: closer to the sun – healthy, is closer to the earth – worm-eaten and quickly decays».

So Sergey also has decided to build a chapel. At night it is shone with different flowers. Under it – poured out of a heart stone. Costs not in its yard, and nearby, on T-shaped, that from each party it was visible.

«When only has started to be engaged in it, people joked:« You to yourself a monument put it? »It has appeared, a chapel – yes not to itself. Let there will be a heart in this area. I observe: there are parents with children, and small time – and has run up. Adults then start to explain that it, goes a certain education. Old women pass, too it is interesting to them, because never such saw. And question at once:« And who has made it? – Well, I. – And for the money? – And for whose else? ».

«People pursue this money and do not notice that nearby. If everyone has made though something, even near the house, in a different way would heal. Here I will take da the estimate from the street sand that cars have mashed, that the road was wider. People surprises, why I do it. But that everyone so has made, it would be better. So open eyes and think: why you live and how you live? Yes how many to you it was necessary to live? Are sometimes ready to break off each other. You know, than Europe is pleasant to me? You go, and people with you greet, smile. Nobody loads the negative energy».

It does not ask for help, and

Sergey together with mother

«As began to travel? Simply I talk to people »much

To travel Sergey has begun in 2006. During this time has managed not only to see but also a few to live in six countries.

«As began to travel? Simply I talk to people much. And now also the Internet is, and has made abroad friends. With German Doris Pashek has got acquainted through «A red cross». Has gathered money for the ticket, has called, has told «catch me» and all. Recently has just returned from travel: Belgium, Germany, Holland and Austria. When came back, so it was pleasant, not to transfer this feeling. I will take in a beads that in the airport to go, and children from a yard run to me and who in English who as, shout: «May friend! May the friend »Also do not cry nearly:« That do you leave? «More than a year the house was not. Now often so. Has visited the Czech Republic and Poland earlier. It would be desirable to live simply, here and I live. Look in my eyes – colours of the young spring wood», – Sergey smiles.

Sergey has broken into Zamkovaya St. In this house at that time there lived his girl. From it it also came back. From here to a scene literally 20 m.

It does not ask for help, and


When with Sergey there was a misfortune, repaired the road and put asphalt, and drainage lattices have forgotten to lift to the necessary level. They also became a cause of accident. Here and now there is repair work. And whether road builders will make this time everything properly? And whether happens one more misfortune?

«I am paralysed up to a breast. I am not present. Only hand da’s head»

About bitterly – comic cases from life on a carriage, about the promised social flat which have not given. Continuation of history of Sergey Gudovich.

It does not ask for help, and

Shock of the Belgian psychologist

When Sergey has arrived to Belgium that has heard: «You have arrived to us, without anybody! And there at you in general it is adapted nothing for disabled people».

Unpleasant trip to a drugstore

Most it is bitter – the comic case has occurred to Sergey when he has decided to go in the city of Molodechno to a new drugstore.

«The ramp such abrupt that most to call in is unreal. If nevertheless you will call in, a door you will not open, as they open in other party. With assistance having come into this drugstore, I speak to the seller:« I want to talk to your owner». Anybody has not talked to me, after all it is necessary for nobody. But it is a drugstore! There necessary for my life».

Here so at us all also do: only because according to the project should be. And that from it any advantage, interests nobody.

And we not local »-have thrown and have gone

«I had a case, – Sergey remembers. – Went itself from Minsk from competitions. I leave Zheleznodorozhnik shop and I speak:« Children, help to jump off». And they:« And we not local». Also have gone. I stand and think:« To what it?»

People do not understand one thing: «To get to the such?? a situation, knowing that such to be the high-grade person, much more difficult than if the nature so ordered. I know how to go on these steps. Now I have learnt to jump and for me they simply do not exist. Itself on the bus I sit down, itself I leave it, I with it have no problems. I have got used to this life to be independent».

Sports carriages are, and rooms are not present

It does not ask for help, and

Sergey goes on the city by the scooter. He has got used to change from a carriage to it and back

Before failure Sergey professionally was engaged in weightlifting. After failure has not lost desire to sports and a healthy lifestyle and has continued occupations in public association of disabled people.

«The sports club« Beam »exists 13 years, but even the room is not present. I as fish about ice fought to find a place where it would be possible to put exercise machines. Wanted others to tighten for itself that we among themselves the relations adjusted. However the state needs to take this placement on the contents: to pay for rent, for the world and for everything on light. Here in it and a problem. In Borisov such gym exists, therefore from there athletes and on Paralympic games go. And we have no rooms. The acquaintance from Germany Doris Pashek has brought to me somewhere seven sports carriages. Has distributed them, wanted to organise sports dances on carriages, but there is no place to train. By the way, Doris and with exercise machines would help. Sports we glorify the country. But how it can be glorified? I have a desire sports to be engaged, only it it is not necessary for anybody. Why for disabled people do nothing? Consider that all of them are drunkards. So conveniently. Better the person the year, two or three попоить and to give one million on funeral. One goes down stream: where has beaten, there has beaten. And the second aspires to operate this current. Despite of everything. I am paralysed here – up to a breast! I am not present. I have only hands and the head. But I want to live ».

On pension of Br 1 400 of million thousands has constructed the flat

It does not ask for help, and

In the flat

At first Sergey fought for that the housing of a distance is free.

«To me local authorities of that time have promised that I will receive the flat in the new social house. The house have handed over, and me have thrown. Then have given an excuse that the house built on republican means, and from city budget have allocated money for 3 or 4 flats. They were received by officials. Has constructed the flat itself, also in housing co-operative later. Though to the disabled person of 1 group with violation of the musculoskeletal device when it needs square metres, the flat should give free of charge. The house was under construction 3 years. I asked, that to me have allowed to place money gradually. Then to me the newspaper has got to hands. There has seen information on a subsidy, has called on specified numbers and it has appeared that the subsidy suits me. And has constructed the flat: a part of money itself has brought, the subsidy has covered a part. On a part of the sum the credit in bank has taken. Then has gone to district executive committee. To tell, that to me have made a ramp from a balcony that I could come independently into the flat and to leave, that could go itself to shop and buy that I want, instead of that will bring to me. Without having waited, itself has made at an entrance a wooden folding ramp. However, having arrived from the last trip, it any more has not seen ».

Anastas Rovdo,