It without a foot + it without a hand = the BALLET!

It without a foot + it without a hand = the BALLET!

This number has been presented for the first time in 2007 at national dancing competition in which until then disabled people did not act. Pair has received a silver award. More than 7000 people participated in competition, but Ma Li’s (Ma Li) performance and Tao Syaovey (Zhai Xiaowei) became a national hit, the hall saw off them standing.

It without a foot + it without a hand = the BALLET!

The Chinese disabled dancers Ma Li and Tao Syaovey have executed for the first time the ballet Hand in hand («A hand in a hand») on San Bao’s (San Bao) music at national dancing competition in 2007. Number became at once a hit!

Ma Li has lost a hand in 19 years in accident. Zhai Xiaowei remained without a foot at four-year age because of accident.

Ma Li has been passionately keen on dances from 11 years though after failure of 5 years did not decide to dance again … From a despair even tried to commit suicide.
But once it could visit evening of arts where disabled people acted. And Ma Li has understood that can and wants to dance further.
And Tao Syaovey in the childhood was not engaged in dances. In four years it has got under a tractor and has injured a foot. When there was a question of taking away a foot, the father has approached to Tao and has asked: “The sonny, whether you know, what such foot amputation? At you now in life difficulties will begin. You are afraid or not?” But the little boy has not understood that the father means it: “And difficulties — it is tasty or is tasteless?” Then the father with has answered: “It is very tasty. But they cannot be eaten at once, it is necessary to eat on one”. Tao has quickly enough got used to lack of a foot and even could become the known athlete cyclist.

Once Ma and Tao have met. The girl has approached to the sports young man and has asked, whether he likes to dance. Tao admitted that is not able. Then she has again asked, whether he likes to dance, and he has answered "yes". So there was their duet. For creation of number, lasting about five minutes, two years of persistent trainings from eight mornings to eleven evenings were necessary. But that has turned out, really beautifully.

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