are difficult to present three love stories Where

There are no absolutely identical love stories. And if happen, to us such cases are not known. On St. Valentine’s Day of TUT.BY has found three love stories in those places where can seem that the love does not happen. About the relations of people and their life in boarding schools for veterans, pensioners and people with special needs – in our material.

History 1

Anna and Alexander sit on a sofa. It, apparently, occupies the most part of a room in which the pair sixth year lives together. About an entrance door the garlic head – from a malefice, over a door a cross from broom rods – from it hangs. Anna is sure that at them with Sashka as she calls the husband, love real. Periodically in the course of conversation it corrects the wheelchair or puts a hand on a powerful back of the husband, without forgetting to tell guests that it loves. Anna Kniga and Alexander Malyshev have got married in ten months after acquaintance in the House boarding school for pensioners and disabled people. Now Anna is 44 years old, to Alexander – 43.


How it has got to the house boarding school, the woman in detail does not want to tell. Says only that conducted a chaotic way of life, it have strongly beaten, during operation there was a stroke, and it has ceased to go, has lost speech and memory. Over time Anna again could speak and remember, however, on feet has not risen. Mother pensioner has refused Anna after operation, in one and a half years, carried out in hospital, the woman has received a place in the house boarding school. Here it has found not only the house, but also husband Alexander who was born with children’s cerebral paralysis.

Alexander grew in a family of the military man, till nine years at all did not speak, has ended eight classes at specialised school in Iventsa far from parents who lived in Minsk. After training at school parents have taken away Alexander home. About three years it worked at the enterprises where did boxes. Then it was necessary to leave, and Alexander has settled houses. Each time when the guy left the house on the street, from passersby in the address heard that very well reflects «tolerance of the Belarusian society».

– The father spoke: «Sascha, we understand that you are a disabled person, but go out of doors». It was impossible to go out of doors, because people look at you as on the disabled person, speak: «Sascha of a curve». Then I think: and what I will do in these walls? Time me offend, time I am a disabled person, I will look for to myself a place where there live the same people, as well as I. Has started to legalise papers in the house boarding school. But mother with the father about it did not know, – Alexander explains, doing a mark that parents were against his moving to the house boarding school.


Here the guy lives the sixteenth year, works as the lift attendant: helps to transport kolyasochnik and carts with linen.

According to Alexander, they with Anna were acquainted by the nurse. She also was a witness on wedding which, by the way, too have marked out in the house boarding school. Appointments at Anna and Alexander took place in corridors of the house and about the lift.

– In one of days it has come to me to a room, and I and speak: «Sascha, what we as small? Will suffice already to go, let’s undersign», – Anna remembers.

Have painted young in the assembly hall of the house boarding school. Anna and Alexander consider the wedding photo, drive on it hands and tell, who has been invited to wedding: «the aunt, the doctor, the nurse, living, начмед houses boarding schools» … In total person twenty. Have presented young money, wine glasses … Wedding was on Friday, on Monday the family has moved to a separate room. Now its centre occupies the folding sofa covered by a cover with an inscription of "Versace", a sliding wardrobe, the new refrigerator and the TV, the wind furnace, a microwave. Also the family has already got the washing machine and the laptop. As the last stroke of an interior – recently have ordered a table. "Arranged" a room Anna and Alexander five years.




– There was all internatovsky, and now all our, except eaves and curtains, – Anna speaks. All bought for «Sashina money». The salary of the lift attendant at Alexander about 2 million rubles, from a disability pension it receives on hands of 10 % – nearly 130 thousand as other money is taken into account the state budget, considering that he lives in the house boarding school on complete state providing. A part of pension and a monetary contribution to Anna’s family budget – 150 thousand rubles.

And if Alexander periodically leaves to the city behind purchases, Anna, according to her, tries not to leave the territory of a boarding school.

– Anywhere I do not want to go. In what cafe on a carriage? If I since the childhood was a disabled person, I would get used to it. And when here has arrived, because of a carriage I could not be expelled on the street. If left, home came back, and hair on the head on end became. At us not that society, where all equal. We yet do not send in addition before that all were together and certain groups of people were not limited, – Anna argues.

Somehow in a special way pair does not celebrate St. Valentine’s Day. It is said that kiss each other – and all. Thus on holidays in a boarding school a concert and gifts. And still, on Anna and Alexander’s supervision, in such days on a garnish in a dining room give macaroni. They speak about such coincidence, smiling and partly joking, because with a food in a boarding school are happy.


Anna and Alexander say that live for each other. Of the future too do not think: has passed day – and it is good. And if earlier they had a dream to buy the TV, to arrange a room, now even it is difficult to pair to tell, of what dream.

– At Sascha still dream to sanatorium to go, – Anna suddenly remembers. – It seems to me, this dream will not be carried out, because the permit it is necessary to wait five years, – Alexander thinks. Anna changes in a carriage and leaves in a corridor. Alexander too rises, puts on a knitted cap and is dissolved in the distance a corridor, coming back to work.

History 2

In a case besides books – photos. On two of them Julia together with Feodor. Phone on a coffee table of times some minutes publishes murmur, but does not call. A smell of drugs in a room you catch at once as you cross a threshold. Julia sits together with Feodor on a sofa, behind them, on a back, knitted a hook a white napkin. Julia is 86 years old, to Feodor – 89. Together, without registration of the relations, they live in the Republican boarding school of veterans of war and work the eighth year. Here they also have got acquainted. «It is possible, probably, and to call love», – Feodor speaks about their relations. «We live neighborly», – Julia tries to explain.


Julia Tilitchenko and Feodor Karshakevich have got acquainted in a boarding school. Julia has arrived to a boarding school because two children and the husband have died from cancer, and to live one in a room with a common kitchen in Gomel it was difficult. The woman connects an illness of children with the Chernobyl accident. Says that still at night badly sleeps, remembers the grief which has dropped out on destiny. From antecedents in a room at Julia of the book, pictures, clothes and love letters of the first husband.

– Towards the end of the letter writes: «While, good-bye. The meeting joyful is waited by me hour and kiss, a pigeon native, you strong one thousand times». And such verses on some sheets. I do not admit Gomel never (that now lives with the man. – TUT.BY), I tell, neighborly we live, because I very much loved the husband. But Feodor (the man with whom the interlocutor now lives. – TUT.BY) too good, has never offended. Always me names Yulenka. It is pleasant to much young (to women of years 60. – TUT.BY) at us. They say that you happy, at you such good Feodor. Now it seems to me, so anybody better and it is not necessary, – Julia tells.

Feodor sits about it with the hearing aid in an ear. Periodically Julia repeats for it questions that has caught. Feodor during war was in guerrillas, then to pension worked as the teacher of the Belarusian language and literature, also was the director of studies of school. It from Minsk though actually no housing in the capital has. The first wife has died, the second civil wife – too, one of sons has left this world, two others live in Canada. Eight years Feodor’s house – in a boarding school. Where pair has got acquainted.

In a dining room they ate at the next tables, have got to talking, and then went to walk on a glade about a boarding school. Still, of course, to them «the general friend» by family name of Vysotsky has advised to meet. However, there was one more moment which has affected the union. Julia says what to live with the man it is possible amicably, and here the female neigbour in a boarding school often quarrels.



– We when were on friendly terms, I will come to our club, and it goes at once to invite, if what waltz, – Julia tells about how the relations developed.

– But I was younger and still the old looked anything, now. Live in Julius and Feodor’s boarding school on the state providing. However transfer into the budget the most part of pension. As a result in a month at Julia remains 400 thousand rubles, and at Feodor – 900 thousand rubles. Pensioners say that to them suffices and that money spends together. In a boarding school feed, if it is necessary – give clothes.

On holidays Feodor gives to Julia flowers though she always says that it is necessary nothing to it. The grandfather and the grandmother try to help each other: Feodor opens for Julia bottles with water because it has hands weak, wash one after another the dishes.

– And that to us to quarrel? We already old, it is necessary nothing to me. I never demand nothing, because to me suffices to put on, shoes on. Young, can, it would be desirable that, and quarrel. And we have gone to eat, have come, have had a sleep, – describes Julius life. Interlocutors say that loneliness were not afraid, simply more pleasantly and more interestingly to live with someone. To die Julia, for example, too is not afraid, because there, in the sky, «there are a lot of already native which will meet».

– And I only say that I want to live to the 70 anniversary of the Victory (in July of this year the 70 anniversary of liberation of Belarus from fascist aggressors. – TUT.BY), – are noted by Feodor. In life after death and that their souls in a next world will incorporate, neither Julia, nor Feodor do not trust.

– If actually also could such be (that souls in the sky will incorporate. – TUT.BY), it would be quite good, – Feodor speaks.


They are on the threshold of the rooms in one block and hold hands jambs of doors. Between Julia and Feodor on a wall a mirror. At parting say that in the relations support and the help are important. It also allows to live together in peace.

History 3

The entrance door is opened by Lyudmila. A quiet low voice invites in a drawing room. If not to look narrowly at her gait, to tell that nearly 23 years ago Lyudmila was run over by a car and could move on a carriage, difficult. That it became on feet, has found family happiness with husband Vitaly, despite a ban of doctors, has given birth to two children, Lyudmila sees will of Lord.

Lyudmila Pulko and Vitaly Pozharsky comes from the World. Knew each other since the childhood, but option of that will once establish a family, did not consider. Rather the brother had their relations as with the sister, than as at a loving couple. Their meeting in the Special house for veterans, aged and disabled people No. 1 became a push for creation of a family. But conversation in a drawing room of the two-room flat of the house about a love story begins with sketches about destiny tests.

Lyudmila has graduated from teacher training college, in 21 years was run over by a car. According to her husband, with such traumas people usually move on a carriage.

– The feet, two vertebras with damage of a spinal cord have been shattered, – Vitaly speaks.

In the history of Lyudmila one and a half years have done without a carriage, however, it was necessary to go on crutches, and then with sticks. Since then and to this day every morning Lyudmila at first prays, and then does special exercises for feet. Now the woman has the second termless group of disability. It became the basis for accommodation in the house.

– There was nobody to put a tile in a bathroom when has moved, mother has advised Vitalik Pozharskogo. It has arrived, have got to talking, it has turned out that we are friends by misfortune – I on a trauma, at it – in a family it has not developed, – Lyudmila tells.

To the union with Lyudmila Vitaly lived in other family with two children. His oldest daughter since the birth had weak-mindedness. Now she is 26 years old, though on development the girl, as the one-year-old child. Vitaly and Lyudmila at first lived in a civil marriage. Lyudmila taught English at the school next to the house. Then the girl has become pregnant, though doctors and said that it is impossible, because «it is possible to remain without feet».

– Doctors spoke, do not take out from 90 % – ache probability. The backbone and kidneys will not sustain, and you will remain in a bed. But Luda has told that if there was 1 % of that takes out, all the same would not refuse the child, – Vitaly explains.


Lyudmila calls in a drawing room of children. Two: Ivan, to which 11 years, and Nikolay, to it 10. Have got married Lyudmila and Vitaly after the birth of the first son. Wedding noted here, in the Special house for veterans, aged and disabled people No. 1. Guests was a little: relatives at once have gathered, and then on a celebration neighbours in the house – kolyasochnik have approached.


At the end of 2007 in Lyudmila have found brain oncology. At the beginning of the 2008th have performed operation about which the small pole on a forehead now speaks. Hopes that after operation the woman remains the high-grade person, was a little.

– Has woken up in reanimation, the doctor comes and asks: what year, as mine a name and a surname what today put weeks. And so every day, – she remembers. – 18 % of people with such diseases live till two years. Thank God, how many has already passed (more than five years. – TUT.BY) … Half a year only was "chemistry". We have considered that 28 thousand dollars the state has spent for drugs.

Today Lyudmila anywhere does not work, is engaged in the house, raises children. Its disability pension – 1 500 million thousands rubles. Vitaly the most part of life worked as the dresser, but the last some years are the trustee of the oldest daughter in first marriage. According to him, at the first wife the mentality has not sustained, and she too has received disability therefore it now looks after the daughter and receives for it 1 183 million one thousand rubles a month. Why does not go on more paid work?

– This is my native daughter, and anybody, except me, will not consult with it. Options are not present, at it a displastichesky oligofreniya (weak-mindedness with the wrong proportions of a body. – TUT.BY), – speaks it, noting that mother does not consult with the daughter any more and if girl to leave houses one, it can «carry the flat».За utilities a family pays from 50 % – ache a discount about 250 thousand rubles a month. Actually, it is all sum which leaves on life payment here. Vitaly says that to get the housing they while have no prospects. Together with them in the two-room state flat now there lives Lyudmila’s mother, too the disabled person.


St. Valentine’s Day in Lyudmila and Vitaly’s family do not celebrate. They say that orthodox people, and from religion do not accept this holiday. Thus tell that in Orthodoxy there is a similar holiday – Day of Peter and Fevrony. About, whether real they have a love, pair answers in the affirmative without thoughts. The only thing for what they now regret that destinies have not connected earlier.

– The love is when the person are afraid to offend, are afraid not to make it badly, – speaks Vitaly, any more in a drawing room, and in kitchen, pouring tea for Lyudmila. Lyudmila the same quiet voice, as well as an hour ago when we only have got acquainted, gives the recipe of happy family life: to suffer, understand and forgive. To its secret Vitaly adds: «And because of money we never quarrel, because they are not present».

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