Thrift stories. Pair with disability lives on four grants. On bread and a long loaf

suffice always Thrift stories. Pair with disability lives on four grants. On bread and a long loaf

Difficult or easy 2013 comes to an end. It has been declared by the president Year of thrift. There is an occasion to learn, how this year Belarusians tightened belts. Someone saved on the electric power or food, others limited themselves in purchase of the new car. In the pre-New Year’s project of «Thrift history» TUT.BY finds out, on what Belarusians save. The actor, the rural dweller, the pensioner become our heroes …

Thrift stories. Pair with disability lives on four grants. On bread and a long loaf

At this family there are a lot of reasons for economy. First, both spouses – with disability. And therefore their monthly income generally consists of a disability pension. Secondly, they have children, that is on pension it is necessary to provide not only, but also two kids.

We have arrived to Elena and Sergey to the 2-roomed flat which is in the dormitory area of Minsk. They with children live in one room. The case with clothes, a case with books and one more – with ware, the refrigerator, the TV, a table with the computer and three beds – everything finds room on small space. In a corridor – the long row of footwear. In the second room there lives Elena’s brother.

Elena is 32 years old. She is a disabled person of cerebral spastic infantile paralysis of the 1st, "idle" group. The woman does not hide, how has received disability. «In 6 months the father has put me on snow. There was a high temperature, and the inexperienced nurse gave an injection – has got to a nerve».

On a case in a room – packages with things. Elena Sergey’s roommate says that it still anything: «I as have come, there were mountains of "belongings". Elena’s mother collected everything. Know, when the person has endured war, stores things – suddenly will be useful. Here is how now in Ukraine who knows that there will be farther …»

Sergey’s roommate turns out to call hardly. Together man and woman 9 years. The main acquisitions during this time – the 2nd kids: seven-year Sascha and two-year Nellie.

Elena on an economy can cope not with everything and a lot of things is done by Sergey. For example, on it cooking, replacement of pampers.

Thrift stories. Pair with disability lives on four grants. On bread and a long loaf

To Sergey with it it is hard. He is a disabled person of the second group at whom it is, however, authorised to work. The man almost does not speak about the history: «In 1975 I had a craniocereberal trauma». Sergey’s head literally исполосована scars. One hand does not operate. At the same time Sergey copes with kids easily.

Officially the relations in a family are not issued. Formally Elena – single mother therefore is on welfare on the senior child: 543 thousand a month. «If we undersign, I will automatically lose this money, and for Nellie after three years will not give kopeks».

18 numbers of every month Elena receives a disability pension – 1,45 million and "Sashkina" 543 thousand. From this money the family pays for the flat. “There are about 500 thousand because we consume waters much – all the time is erased”, – Sergey tells. “Yes, at us many cubes go. Only for water we give 120-150 thousand. In November have spent 22 cubes, and for the flat there were 700 thousand. For October have paid 396 thousand without light and phone”.

Elena as it is expressed, “любителька to speak by phone”. The husband acquits her at once: “It does not have enough communication therefore calls girlfriends. In the summer still can go somewhere …”

Except utility costs, Elena’s pensions and a grant to the senior child suffice on a garden and on «to live week».

Disability pension of mother – about 1,45 million.
Pension of the father – 1,47 million rubles.
Grant on the care of the child till 3 years – 2,2 million rubles.
Birth grant for single mother – 543 thousand rubles.
Total: about 5,5 million rubles. 

For Nellie it is necessary to pay for kindergarten only 100-200 thousand a month because it seldom there goes.

Thrift stories. Pair with disability lives on four grants. On bread and a long loaf

The 25th Elena already “runs for Nellkinymi”. The grant on the care of the child till 3 years makes nearly 2,2 million. This money suffices approximately for two weeks. Then to a course there is Sergey’s pension – 1,47 million Belarusian rubles. “In the beginning, as well as everything, we buy that is necessary and that is not necessary. The son, especially when goes to shop with mother, everything aches: buy that, buy се. Without ice-cream you will not get rid, – Sergey, – With the father not so tells. I suggest to choose something one”.

Among contingencies at a family – cakes, chips. Elena very much loves a shish kebab and a fried pechenka – buy.

If at the end of the month of money for pro-life does not suffice, get into savings. «This month have removed 1,5 million, after all New year, Father Frost should bring … well you understand», – riddles Sergey speaks at children.

December and August in a family – the most expensive months when also it is necessary to draw out money from the bank account. In August at Elena and the son – birthday. «Buy two pies and still that … Already sum. Now you descend in shop, 200 thousand you will give – and you will buy nothing», – without despondency Sergey tells.

On the account at a family of 9,8 thousand dollars which remained from mother, and 5 thousand Russian rubles – that it was possible to postpone. «Here, for example, Nellechka was born, have put on the book. Now we remove, if it is necessary. Last month we broke the Alenka washing machine, bought "Atlant". Have put in a room a new window, because a barrel».

«We sometimes buy juice, it is necessary for children»

«While such that there was no bread long loaf, was not. We do not live in misery! Well, can, on fruit does not suffice, – Sergey smiles and with easy reproach adds, – mother of a pear at us very much loves».

Thrift stories. Pair with disability lives on four grants. On bread and a long loaf

And the two-year daughter, appears, loves bananas. Therefore two times a week are bought on a big branch.

I ask to tell in more detail, on what money is still spent. «We sometimes buy juice, it is necessary for children».

Members of the family go to shop every other day. Usually buy bread, milk, a long loaf, sausage or sausage «is cheaper, but also that is it was possible», two cottage cheeses and sour cream. Sometimes – rolls and cheese.

«We since morning eat sandwiches with sausage or cheese. But cheese we buy usually on Friday – for the weekend, because the road. I do compote of dry apples, – Sergey shares, – there was still Nellkino powdered milk of which in the mornings we do pancakes for two days – children well eat».

To sausages usually do macaroni, buckwheat or a potato with sauerkraut which is transferred by Sergey’s elderly mother.

Fish in a family eat seldom, approximately once a month. Cutlets too – 1-2 times a month if Sergey makes or will be brought by the grandmother (there come about 2 times a week). Sometimes the man cooks meat in French or chops. Grammes 400-500 meat try to buy on Komarovka. And still go behind purchases in "Evroopt", for one trip 200-300 thousand Belarusian rubles and nearly an hour of time only in one party leave.

Thrift stories. Pair with disability lives on four grants. On bread and a long loaf

Some toys in a family have broken. The boy asked journalists to repair the toy netbook at which wires have come off, and the father persuaded: «Well do not stick to people».


In shop at Sergey and Elena as disabled people, there are 3 % – I am a discount for certain goods. From one campaign it turns out to save sometimes one thousand, sometimes rubles 50. Journey in public transport for people with disability free and to these they use.

As it was already told, Elena as loner mother, still receives the help on the senior Sascha. But since recent time in executive committee from Elena and Sergey demand, that they have undersigned. So, possibly, this money will not be soon. The family will lose the second children’s grant, when Nellie will be executed three. There are two disability pensions?

Now to a family promise that if spouses will officially issue the relations, time in three months will receive the address help. But in it to them it is poorly trusted. Sergey tells about the experience: «To receive this help, it is necessary, that the income was below a living wage. At me always was on 500 rubles more than this sum. Though when the minimum changed, I it seems as could apply for the help. While the turn to the aid kept up, lifted also a disability pension a little. So whole year I was that propertied, is not present».

Therefore Sergey does not hope for address support. «From changes of laws nobody is insured. That to go on instances, here children it is necessary to look. And we will undersign, of course, stocks will run low, will be туговато».

Thrift stories. Pair with disability lives on four grants. On bread and a long loaf

The computer to a family was presented by the acquaintance who wanted to buy the netbook. Behind it mother and Sascha were engaged. The father played more. But Nellie has reached equipment, and now the computer does not work, and to repair by own efforts difficult.

On 10 pieces of soap and purchase in the wholesale market

Happens difficult to finance if it is necessary to buy at the same time many hygienic means. Therefore their acquisition is distributed. «I try to buy one month a powder, the second – means for a bath, a plate and a toilet, and the third washed – at once on 10 pieces economic and 10 children’s, – the hostess tells. – I very much love, that I had in a stock powder and soap».

To be bought a family goes on the wholesale market "Akvabel" where it is possible to get things and at retail. The road there takes with transport from the house about two hours.

But the prices in the wholesale market are much lower, than on the city. «If by the car who goes, of course, a difference small. And as on transport and journey free, is felt». The wholesale market is closed approximately at 15 o’clock in the afternoon to keep up, sometimes it is necessary to go a minibus – costs 9 thousand rubles.

Thrift stories. Pair with disability lives on four grants. On bread and a long loaf

In the market buy at once three packs of pampers for Nellie – there they cost cheaper on 50 thousand, than in the market near the house, gifts, toys. Elena tells about cost of toys which catch sight to it: "Bakugana" we in the market have 175 thousand, and on "Akvabel" 95. A plastic cat-povtoryashka in the usual market of 220 thousand, and on the wholesale – 85. A floor mosaic here 160, there – 50 thousand».

At kids there is a lot of toys. «I did not have it, start up at the child will be», – Elena explains.

By New year on "Akvabel" for Nellie have bought a carriage for dolls for 50 thousand rubles, and the Sachet – the machine on a control panel for 395.

In a family are glad to favourable purchases. The only thing, Elena and Sergey hesitate a little, when come back from the market: disabled people, also with huge klunka.

Thrift stories. Pair with disability lives on four grants. On bread and a long loaf

At requests of our readers we add Elena’s contact information. If you have wanted to help something to this family, can call it 8 (017) 275 08 93 (city).

Marina Vorobey/Foto: Alexander Korsakov, TUT.BY

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