My dear Troubles: the letter from Elodie

My dear Troubles: the letter from Elodie

Expensive life, seems to me, it is time to us to talk to you seriously. Recently you had a repulsive habit to knock out the earth at me from under feet. And not only at me, but also at my relatives. Yes, for no reason whatever. And without the prevention. You simply send me Troubles. All this chaos of the expiring year – fine to that the proof. It seems to me, they simply want us to finish. To finish to the handle. To edge. And sometimes – and to despair.

Last time we were almost deceived by visible calm. Troubles were honoured to pass to us a happy event which even has raised at us smiles. Have given us hope. And we have believed. And even began to dream of the best days. About such which will come and will not end. Very long … And can be, in general never, after all it would be fair. But now I have started to guess that Troubles simply enjoy, tormenting those who does not deserve it.

And today Troubles have simply killed me that have decided to undertake one of my relatives. For one of those who is most expensive to me. To you that, nothing to be engaged more? Me has got that you eternally exhaust those whom I love. And today you have committed a serious mistake because have driven me up the wall. Quite seriously, I it is simple in rage. And yes, I am angry with you, my dear Troubles. Me has got that every instant happiness, I am compelled to buy tranquillity from you at too expensive price.

So, my dear, listen properly that I will tell. You, it is visible, think, what we will lower hands? Also we will lose any hope? Also we will run into despair? No, darlings, you strongly are mistaken. Operating thus, you only learn us to appreciate the slightest instants of happiness and pleasure which meet on our way. Each test which you send us, does us only stronger. Yes, it is necessary us hardly, I recognise, but whatever happened, you never will win this fight. Not those have contacted, it would be time to understand it already. And, time on that has gone, I want to inform to you still something: forget here the road!

With greetings,


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