Pain and I

Pain and I

In general, we quite normally co-exist together. We even are somewhat independent from each other. At everyone the schedule, and everyone tries not to make the life miserable another. Here only sometimes the illness reminds of it – about pain. And here then our relations considerably become complicated. The nights spent without a dream because of pain, it is strong подкашивают me.

Then I, purely theoretically, start to hope for condition improvement. I say to myself that, having shown fair patience, I will force pain to collect suitcases and to be cleaned far away while the going is good. Should recognise that each time I try to prove to myself effectiveness of this naive thought. And each time because of this silly hope I waste precious time. That time when, instead of dreaming of a miracle, I should take medicine to calm this pain. I suffer from this awful habit – to the last to delay adoption of the saving decision. But, in something I, of course, am right …

After all having taken this medicine, I subscribe for rather heavy pastime. My organism does not transfer these preparations – and I become as zombie who in an inadequate condition wander on streets. During the whole day I cannot concentrate almost, the head, I feel sick is constantly turned. Here pleasure! But, fortunately, this medicine has one advantage – it wins pain. It is the unique good news in this history.

After all constant pain throughout day, during the night, strongly irritates. Also does of us more sensitive people, we will tell so, people, less patient during some moments. Because it is necessary to try to suffer pain silently, not to show another that it simply corrodes all being. Pain is very hard reflected in an everyday life.

Therefore sometimes I simply have no forces to make this awful choice: not to sleep from pain or to take medicine with all its side effects, not to suffer.

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