Cancer on a horoscope? Than Friska

differ from Jolie Cancer on a horoscope? Than Friska

All right still dirt in social networks of that Jeanne Friska rich and money it is not necessary to help it. All the same it is more than good people, for the first day of an action of the help on the First channel have gathered 48 million rubles.

But you on the Russia-1 channel saw a besnovaniye?

For fifty two minutes of the Air program leading Boris Korchevnikov buried Jeanne Friska, endlessly enquiring feigned tragicly: «Really it, such young, successful, strong the most invincible illness on a planet has struck?»

At first it has shown the video about those actors who has died from cancer, and only then, with words «but is also such», – about those who the cancer has won. In intervals the terrible figure on a wheelchair, allegedly Jeanne Friska, removed at the Sheremetyevo airport on the mobile phone flashed. Then guests have gone to studio, and it became even more terrible.

One guest has won a cancer «medical starvation». However, it had good-quality diagnosis, but all the same starvation is the main thing that it has rescued.

Another in general does not do four years necessary chemotherapy after operation: «We do not know ourselves!» Also looks perfectly in hundred two. Though, at all respect, actually to it eighty eight. It I about Rimma Vasilyevna Markova who, probably, has joked about age, but the joke remained without comments.

The third guest, the late Anna Samokhina’s friend, has told that the actress "has planted" the stomach, sitting on diets, but in general medical starvation is a thing, it is simple «doctors do not know that this such».

The fourth, the late Valentina Tolkunova’s healer, has explained that she has fallen ill, because the husband loved more than God. My God and stop already it somebody …

Oncologist Igor Dolgopolov sat, having shut the face with the hands. Several times he tried to insert what to treat a cancer it is necessary in hospital, and several times him have interrupted. Eventually the leader has declared: «Any spiritual reasons (that the person develops a cancer) are». Also has added, what even to doctors of the reason of onkozabolevaniye are not known.

Why you have not risen and have not left, the doctor? Why you remained to participate in this dancing on fears? After all after transfer at the viewer feeling one: if at me will find a cancer, it means for sins. And then or there will be a miracle, and I will recover, or I will go to die. It if the viewer is not sick with a cancer. And if it is sick and we inspire, it will go anywhere, only not to doctors.

The such was created not only on "Air". For example, leader Stanislav Sadalsky has explained «The express to the newspaper» that the tumour of a brain is «a melancholy illness» which has arisen at lonely Jeanne Friska as she long did not marry and has given birth to the child out of marriage. But he has told it to a tabloid, instead of the second federal button.

… I will remind, as the largest and most serious newspaper of one transoceanic country when the cancer has concerned Angelina Jolie lifted to itself circulation. For the actress have made room on a strip of The New York Times and have asked to write everything most.

Young, successful, strong Jolie has written in a column «My medical choice» (My medical choice) that in it have found high (87 %) probability of a cancer of a breast. That her mother therefore the actress right after diagnostics has addressed in clinic has died of this illness and has removed to itself mammary glands. Now her children will not lose mother too early. She also writes all this to «New York to Tayms» that other women were not afraid: it can happen with everyone, and it can be treated. Than that it is simpler, it would seem. Heavenly penalty any to you of which it is necessary to get rid an urinoterapiya. And nevertheless – it is interesting. And into other languages article translated, and in Yandex top it was.

It seems that in our country the cancer, as well as other serious illnesses, have learnt to treat earlier, than to accept. «Such beautiful – also has ached», «such beautiful – and in a carriage». It is difficult to digest that fact that the body healthy by sight is capable to ache simply. Not for sins, not according to the Book of destinies, not because stars were angry. Diseases with religious beliefs were connected by late pagans and the first Christians: let’s tell, rash on skin was considered as the God’s sign of the favour, "twitching" gait (as at cerebral spastic infantile paralysis) – a sign of the vampire, and some other appreciable physical defects – shameful «an even label». (In more detail about it the Canadian scientist Irving Goffman in work «Stigm writes: Notes about management of the spoilt identity». It is possible to find in the Internet.)

It seems that for two thousand years we in this sense have left nearby.

Meanwhile, the compromise was found, strangely enough, by Andrey Malakhov. It has made a rating on compassion and has removed program release under the name: «Jeanne, live». Known people there have come, sincerely asked not to pour on Friska dirt in social networks and convinced all people in due time to be surveyed at oncologists. And also the composer Laura Kvint who has told the secret of healing has come, for example: «BESIDES remarkable doctors, I was rescued by those who has prayed for forgiveness of me. Besides it were representatives of all faiths at once».

The result – 48 million rubles of donations – me seems, speaks for itself.