I think, hypocrisy will not tell that searches of love are given to some people more difficultly, than the rest. Very much they are not similar to those who surrounds them. At the beginning of 2013 the British Channel channel 4 has started to let out the show The Undatables (the Russian name: «Me do not call on appointments») in which people with various restrictions go on searches of the soulmate.


Heroes: (release 1)

All of them very different. Some of them – ridiculous, others – strange, the third – sad. But all of them – very light.

Richard – the radio fan, 37 years, suffering Asperger’s syndrome (it is characterised by serious difficulties in social interaction, and also limited, stereotypic, repeating repertoire of interests and occupations. The reason of emergence is unknown). Asperger’s syndrome differs from autism, first of all, that speech and mental capacities remain.

Richard lives 13 years one. «It is difficult to me to meet with people and consequently sometimes happens alone. Happens, some months come nobody into this flat, and I sit one», – the radio fan tells about the life.

The hatch is 23 years old, he is the actor of a colloquial genre, with a syndrome Turetta (the genetic disease which is expressed in uncontrollable impellent and colloquial tics, is sometimes connected with a kaprolomiya – bawling out of swear words. The intelligence and mental capacities are kept. The exact reasons of emergence of a syndrome are unknown).

«It is simpler to me to speak from a scene before a great number of people, than with one girl. It is very difficult to go somewhere: people stare, and women hear …» – explains the reasons of the failures the Hatch.

The penny also 23 years, it the trapeze artist also works in circus. According to her, its work – one of few possibilities to look down on people around. Because of congenital imperfect остеогенеза, bones of the girl very fragile also broke uncountable quantity of times: «Whole there was only a nose and clavicles», – the gymnast shares with journalists. The increased fragility of a skeleton interferes with high growth, therefore growth of the girl only about 96 centimetres. It has not affected a choice of the partner in life.


Each of us has dreams. Including about the partner in life. Therefore workers of dating service Search made helping heroes to find pair, surely ask special clients about the one whom they would like to see near themselves. Sometimes their dreams look strange, but in the majority special people do not look for in love anything unusual.

Richard: «I dream to find the kind woman, the blonde understanding. Not too impatient or imperious. I will prefer the woman is more senior rather, outwardly similar to my mother».

One more important condition for Richard: that the girl lived in radius of 8 kilometres from his house. However mother and the marriage agent, eventually, manage to overpersuade it.

Hatch: «I look for understanding girl as it is not known that from me at conversation will take off. Tu which can not notice my tics».

Penny: «Because of my small growth, people think, as the guy is necessary to me same. But I look for the high guy, with growth 180 centimetres are higher. Perhaps, policeman. I like their form … I want to meet. To find someone with whom it is possible to spend time or maybe love».

As you can see, desires of heroes of show are quite simple and real. Anything supernatural.

Whether and here it will be possible to them to be carried out?

Comment of specialists of marriage agency

The relations is a meaning of the life. The special relations look for everything. Therefore we urge to address for us. However in each case we look for one person, instead of crowd therefore it is important to find the suitable.

The love is the most important in our life. We, of course, are engaged in career, we earn money. But hardly the real happiness can be tested, without having found darling and the one who will fall in love with you.


Statistically the staff of service Search made manages to find to people pair in 70 cases from 100. But an important condition of success is activity of the competitor, his broad view on the potential partner and ability to go on compromises.

Besides, from my point of view, one more important condition is an internal readiness for a meeting of the partner in life. Without this internal feeling all services and means will be powerless.

Therefore, dear readers if for any reason you while are lonely, I wish you in coming year of the SELF-CONFIDENCE AND the FORCES, HEAT AND HOPE. And still – a little real miracle. That which each of us is capable to present another.

And searches of love proceed … therefore watch good film!


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