Poll: Whether you submit alms?

Poll: Whether you submit alms?

Representatives of Head department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia have suggested to allocate on July 7 begging in separate structure of an administrative offence in the Moscow KOAP and to establish penalties for it in the sum from 2,5 to 5 thousand rubles. Now for «sticking to citizens in public places» under article 3.8 KOAP of Moscow fine for the sum from 100 to 500 rubles. Soon after that the deputy chief of legal department of the Moscow GU Ministry of Internal Affairs Russian Federation Vladimir Shultsev, acting on air of radio «Moscow» Speaks, has not excluded that in Moscow can shortly start to fine and those who gives alms. And you – submit?

Whether you submit alms?

  • No, it is a mafia, I can to cause police also
  • No, I do not trust beggars
  • No, most on life hardly suffices
  • I do not submit and will not explain
  • Yes, if ask with children
  • Yes, if ask with animals
  • Yes, if disability is appreciable
  • Yes, them it is a pity to me and the Christ ordered to submit
  • On mood – it depends

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