27 rules of mother of the insulinozavisimy teenager

27 rules of mother of the insulinozavisimy teenager

Natalia, 13-year-old Igor’s mother in which more than a 1,5 years ago doctors have found diabetes of the first type has told about the rules. Besides diabetes Igor still has number of a serious accompanying illness, including a displaziya of a connecting fabric and mitochondrial insufficiency. In half a year the child was given disability. Now Igor goes to the 7th class of one of the Kiev gymnasiums, in free time is fond of video games and cybersports. Natalia practically gives all free time to care of the son.

27 rules of mother of the insulinozavisimy teenager

The more rest – the better

  1. First of all, it is necessary most to accept the fact of an illness of the child. Unfortunately, ways of treatment of insulinozavisimy diabetes of the first type while are not present. Therefore the quicker you reconcile with this fact, the better. Try not to run on so-called "healers" and psychics. It will not bring advantage, and here harm can put the considerable. Not least the belief if certainly you have it can support you.
  2. Morally to prepare and explain to the child that his life has changed now and it is necessary to adapt to new conditions.
  3. Not to say lies to the child. At it the sober view on a disease should be developed. He should learn to understand features of the organism.
  4. To teach the child to live with this disease. This joint creativity of children, parents and doctors. Diabetes is at the same time both other way of life, and a serious illness which gives disability. To explain that in adult life of discounts for the diagnosis anybody will not do.
  5. To accustom the child not to manipulate parents at the expense of an illness. It should differentiate accurately feeling sick and unwillingness to go to school or to do something.
  6. To work possible crisis situations, for example, what to do if the attack of a hypoglycaemia has found on the street or at school.
  7. To try to carry out recommendations of doctors concerning a diet and a diet. At the same time not to demand from the child of 100 percent performance of these rules.
  8. To lead instructing with relatives or friends who often have a child. To try to explain it features. Try not to leave its one while he will not get used to a disease and not to learn correctly to operate in unforeseen situations.
  9. Always to supervise, that the child had with itself an insulin stock, глюкометр and raskhodnik, something sweet (apple juice or refined sugar) and a slice of black bread (or something from slow carbohydrates is better), money for food.
  10. To have houses has reserved insulin on a case of unforeseen situations: natural disasters or hostilities. The stock is necessary at least for a month. It hard financially, but is better, that it was. 27 rules of mother of the insulinozavisimy teenager

    Pets will help the child to avoid loneliness

  11. To think of a pomp. The pomp has pluses and minuses. It is the mechanism programmed by people. It is necessary to think more and further, than a pomp, it is necessary to be cleverer than it. Your child can to it and not get used. But if he gets used, it will give to your child incomparably big freedom of action.
  12. To teach the child not to hesitate of the disease, not to be afraid to be not such, as all. For example, in public places before food to do the blood analysis.
  13. To try to explain to schoolmates that treated the insulinozavisimy contemporary as to the ordinary person, but with small features. To warn that he can ask about the help.
  14. To talk to teachers and the staff of school. It is important, that to the child the relation and that for it have not started to feel sorry for show has not changed.
  15. To give to the child one more day off besides Saturday and Sunday. It is possible for carrying out from the legal point of view so that this day was not considered as a truancy.
  16. If it is necessary, to allow to have a rest to the child more. The more he will have a rest, the better.
  17. To be ready to depressions of the child. Diabetes is very heavy for transferring. It is heavy to child to be, including, unlike others. Reconcile that from pain you all the same do not protect it.
  18. Differences of mood is too normally. It is necessary to be arranged.
  19. To acquaint the child with children with the same diagnosis. It is necessary to create somehow communication with contemporaries, for example, to promote rest in specialised sanatoria. The group of support as healthy children not always can understand it is necessary to the child.
  20. If there are no contra-indications, it is necessary to acquaint the child with sports activities. Usually sports are shown to diabetics as from it sugar in blood is normalised.
  21. If your child wants to escape from time to time in other world – the world of books, music, cinema or video games – it is not necessary to interfere with it. The child sometimes needs to have a rest from reality and from the diagnosis.
  22. If there is a possibility – get the domestic pet, for example, a guinea pig or a cat. Only remember that it will lay down additional cargo on your shoulders. It can help the child with a case of depressions and a lack of communication.
  23. To try to be closer to the child. To live or work near to school. So that to have possibility to come tearing along, take away from school in case of feeling sick.
  24. To organise small pleasures of life – together to celebrate holidays, birthdays, to go to theatres and museums. To impart taste to normal high-grade life.
  25. Try not to lose courage. Find to itself occupation not connected with doctors and a circle of contacts besides parents of diabetics. You too need to have a rest and feel the high-grade person. 27 rules of mother of the insulinozavisimy teenager

    Be closer to the child

  26. Try to become the friend for the child, despite that you are parents. He should feel your support and care.
  27. And the most important – remember that diabetes is not a sentence. At the correct behaviour and observance of all rules your child can live happy and high-grade life.
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