Operation of a hysterics and its side effects

Operation of a hysterics and its side effects

Recently I have looked at one known talk show. Plot: at boy Sascha G. (the name is changed) a mikrotsefaliya, his parents have dispersed, the child remained with mother, now she accuses the father of the child that that has turned out it, does not want to care of the child; on a transfer course the audience learns that a situation, it seems, absolutely is as follows: Sascha’s father at all did not expel the wife and the child, the wife has left from it, all that time while they do not live together, it transfered the considerable amounts on treatment of the child and in general, despite quarrels, is ready to accept the wife and the child back (and even a situation still has not replaced, everything in his flat remained the same as during their joint life). Further we see, how small Sascha’s mother together with the mother arrange in studio the real hysterics, offend not only father Sascha, but also his friends, colleagues, do not wish to go on any compromises, and that is characteristic, is not quite clear any more what exactly demand. The hysterics reaches them such heat that to the leader it is necessary insistently to ask to leave two women studio.

That after all to people have shown and what for?

So, on the central television there is a transfer about problems of disabled children. In what key this subject moves? To break through on the program many try, including disabled people and their parents – people want to declare the problems, to ask about the help. And here the disabled person, and the boy with the diagnosis which hardly leaves to it chances of serious socialisation have been chosen as the hero not simply. Sascha has a mikrotsefaliya. The science yet does not know ways to increase to the person a brain. And that the public should present not simply human grief, but also the conflict it is clear, after all the audience loves scandals. Hyper disputed people are chosen from potential candidates in participants of the program – two women inclined to hysteria. What does the simple inhabitant see on the screen? The incurable child-mikrotsefala on which treatment too emotional mother demands the huge sums not only from the father of the child, but also, apparently, at the whole world. The inhabitant it will be not obligatory to go into subtleties and penetrate that any rehabilitation is possible even for such heavy children. It can have an impression that mother of the disabled person demands money for a fruitless task, and is aggressive. And this rejection will pass then from mother and small Sascha’s grandmother not only to Sascha, but also on all disabled people and their parents. Remember that 100 more years have not passed, as inhabitants of quite civilised Germany argued approximately so:« Why to spend funds for those who never will return these means to society? Let’s better give to the healthy. And these people are better for destroying, that did not suffer and did not spoil breed». Misters parents of disabled people, you often complain (and it is often fair) on our society not ready normally to perceive your children and you. And many of you, possibly, understand that the public opinion is formed in big degree by central TV channels. Reflect on how you behave before television cameras.

Now about heroes of transfer. Mother and small Sascha’s grandmother in itself, without the aid of mass media create an anti-advertising to all disabled children and their parents. The hysterics causes rejection it it is natural, at the ordinary person works the protective psychological mechanism, the ordinary person tries to steer clear from истероидов, even is sincere them sympathising. It is clear, when the birth of so heavy child causes shock both in mother, and at her native. But if the state of shock proceeds one and a half, two years, mean, these people need treatment.

Also in this program we see the father small Sascha, and it in own way an interesting example. When speak about the lonely mothers who are bringing up disabled children, more often the fathers who have left them of these children are drawn by the hypertrophied egoists, the indifferent monsters who have deserted families for the sake of more safe life. In release of transfer discussed by us other picture is represented: the wife herself leaves from the husband, it publicly waters it with dirt, and he is ready to accept it back – yes, provided that it will stop to row. Perhaps, it is impossible to call its position heroic, but it is possible to understand. And seeing an example of father Sascha, it is possible also to reflect, whether so everything is unequivocal in many other cases when parents of the disabled child do not live together? Sascha’s mother is accused by the spouse that it did not take the boy on hands – but Sascha has lived with the father not too long, only some months. And the father of the disabled person too can have a shock (who has told, what cannot?) only this shock at the man, most likely, not how at the woman will be shown. Known fact: many men adapt not at once even for the healthy children. And as practice of not broken up families shows, it does not testify at all to insufficient love of the father to the child …

I think that to such people as mother and Sascha’s grandmother, it is necessary to assist, but it is impossible to allow them public statements. Simply because they it is pushed away a considerable part of society not only from itself, but also from many other companions in misfortune. If you address for the systematic help, learn to behave adequately – differently you will simply avoid. If you at least somehow do not calm down, sooner or later experts will be receded from you and from your child even – it is impossible to feed the one who выплёвывает I go. Unless to enter a food through a probe – but in your case hardly someone will be engaged in something similar. Personally I heard stories of experts how they had to stop work with children because of inadequate behaviour of their parents. The expert has always a queue of those who not only needs the help, but also is ready to accept it.

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