Clubs for disabled people: integration or reservation?

Clubs for disabled people: integration or reservation?

Whether various societies, the clubs uniting disabled people are necessary? Whether they help the people who have lost sight, limited in movement to adapt for surrounding life or withdraw from this life in a reservation – about it we have talked to the singer, Deserved by the actress of the Russian Federation, the gentleman of the Award of Honour of Georgia, the chairman of the board of trustees of fund of the help to blind and visually impaired children "For soul" Diana Grutskoy and Elena Soznik, the head of youth musical theatre "Lorien" (Kazan). In the past she is art a head Cultural – a sports and rehabilitation complex of the Tatar regional organisation of the All-Russia society blind. 

Diana Gurtskaya: «It should be communication on interests, instead of on medical signs»

 – A lot of things depends on the person what exactly is necessary for him, – the singer speaks. – To communicate with people, to be a part of surrounding life or to hide in the narrow world of the problems? Probably, the second option in something is simpler, easier, less internal expenses and efforts demand. But personally I am not its supporter. Any club, any closed community of people with limited possibilities – as a result – the closed space. The certain reservation providing people with seemingly silent quiet existence. But from this relative internal "comfort" it is difficult to leave in the world, to contact to it. Gathering to reservations, people lose high-grade life. Giving the chance to other people to consider, by the way, itself any special, others, to point a finger at us. But if ourselves do not change, we will not remove from ourselves certain "inferiority complex", nobody will help us. Therefore we need to stand on the feet strong more to communicate, be engaged in favourite business. I understand that it – is heavy and something sometimes is impossible, a lot of things should be overcome. But in it also there is our force, helping to fight against the most difficult situations.

Clubs for disabled people: integration or reservation?

Diana Gurtskaya

– On the other hand, our society has not got used to react adequately to people with limited possibilities that complicates an exit in the world about which you speak …

– At us in society it is accepted to be sorry. And pity and compassion is two different things. The compassion is directly connected with desire to help. And to any person it is more important, that to it have helped, instead of have regretted. But besides, a lot of things here depends on us: how to present itself: the helpless – or sure, quiet, knowing the own worth.

And to help different people co-exist together high-grade communication can just. Therefore I for inclusive education, for inclusive clubs, schools, theatres. If we aspire to it, society, eventually, will follow us. On the other hand – inclusive training will help since the childhood to people of different physical possibilities normally to perceive each other. Children with limited possibilities and completely healthy children from the first class will study, communicate, play together. And between them any more there will be no that the sides, that barrier which we are afraid today. And no clubs – reservations will be so necessary.

– But after all all people would like to communicate with same as they, to look for supports …

– It should be communication on interests, instead of on any medical signs. For example, that bad in youth club? Or in the children’s organisation? Or when people (blind, moving on a carriage, absolutely healthy) unite because of love to music?

Association can occur and at church arrivals.

The church – always pulls together. There are more than chances that at you will not look somehow not so. And in general is very much helps – to come to the temple, to pray side by side with other people … The belief in God gives strength not simply to live, but also to move further. If the person believes in God, it is capable to believe and.

We speak about equality, about equal opportunities, about an inklyuzivnost. But we do nothing, because, we want, that who – that for us has changed also who – that for us has changed a situation. I repeat, it is necessary to do it. If I is closed at home if I tell, what I do not want to leave anywhere because, I have a certain problem – why someone should pull out me? And unless it can be made violently?

– And it was difficult to you, having become adult, to leave in «big life»?

– The same as any other girl. And in it is a merit of my family, my mother. At me never was feelings that I than – that differ from other people. I was not held by houses, did not inspire feeling that I – all such special, crystal that I need to be protected. Being the little girl, I ran, jumped, played pranks, was lost for the whole day – as well as it is necessary to any child. And me also punished for mischief and were sorry for bruises and grazes.

At teenage age I had a normal teenage life. When I came home on vacation from school, – to me neighbours and friends liked to come: in the house any holidays and I on character – the cheerful person, liking to communicate, sing, dance were constantly thought out …

That I have got used to lead normal life since the childhood, has helped me further. I was never closed before people, never was afraid of life and always knew, that I want. Aspired to study well, dreamt to sing and applied a maximum of efforts for implementation of the dream. Though a time it was not simple. Also I will not tell that all barriers have disappeared today. Sometimes it is necessary to fight, again to overcome that relation of a part of society about which we spoke above. But in it there is nothing terrible: who in the profession does not face any counteraction? All have difficulties. The main thing – always to remain the decent person and not to be afraid of life.

Elena Soznik: «It is not necessary to give tips»

Clubs for disabled people: integration or reservation?

Elena Soznik

– Whether special clubs for disabled people are necessary, in your opinion?

– It seems to me, similar clubs as they existed from Soviet period – have become outdated. That is to bring together people on any physiological sign – it is absolutely wrong. As a result consumers to whom everything on a silver platter submit are brought up and bring. And the Soviet system has just been directed on generation such as the disabled people assured that all should them. After all the main thing in this systems – to give out pension, to throw a tip. And on all actions of such clubs entice tips: in three kgs of buckwheat, the permit in sanatorium … In one other country of the world of such system is not present. And I know people who consciously have not something in common with society blind simply because do not see in it sense: for rehabilitation it will be of no use. Will teach to go with a cane, at the best – to read on Braylya. Well, can be to somebody will carry to go on any courses. But it is far not to everyone and not always.

– And what can be alternative? Where to people who have any physical restrictions to communicate?

– Why they need to communicate only with each other, to limit own life? When we with the husband worked in казанскомй "club" – Cultural – a sports rehabilitation complex of regional Society blind – he was a director, I the art director of musical collective, – we tried, that able to see and not the able to see communicated, something did – together. Now I (having residual sight) – the head of musical youth theatre, the husband (it is total blind) – the main teacher on a vocal. We work with people who have no problems with sight. And any difficulties neither at us, nor at able to see children from theatre does not arise with adaptation in communication with each other. And here any division – is artificial.

By the way, I consider, what not disabled people should be rehabilitated, and society in relation to them. The people who do not have those limited possibilities, simply do not know how to communicate with blind, with those who moves on carriages. For example, the person is sure that has made a good deed, having told blind in the underground or the bus: «Sit down there». And what for itself the person blind "there" can feel?! Once to us on a visit there came the girl – the correspondent of regional television – the good kind person. And it literally from surprise has opened a mouth, observing, as my husband has put a teapot, has set the table, as it well moves in space and perfectly understands the computer. I have offered it: «And you try, blindfold a scarf and pour in a teapot water, and then put on a platform and press the inclusion button». It has with great difficulty made all this, then has removed a bandage, and eyes – wet from tears.« It is necessary to all our heads who tell how they help disabled people much, to blindfold and start to move where – that to space. Perhaps then they will understand that is necessary actually», – she has told.

Actually, to them, that is chiefs, it is more favourable to drive disabled people in the organisation – reservations: «Sit, among themselves communicate and not тыркайтесь anywhere». And I, repeat, is sure that disabled people, including blind, should communicate and take part in competitions, festivals at level with the able to see. Especially, there are such fields of activity where they can be brighter and more interesting, than able to see. For example, in music. Here we have a girl – the bright pianist who at various jazz competitions takes the first places absolutely without any amendment that it – is total does not see. And such people – a set.

– What to do to society for successful adaptation to disabled people?

– To begin with reflecting. For example, that nobody is insured from that, for example, you will go down the street, and you the head will fall down ice blocks, and you will lose sight. Also that then? Earlier people, through religion, somewhere – through school were brought up that it is not necessary to promise neither from prison, nor from a bag, from anything another. Today of it try not to think, considering that "something" – happens with others, and in any way with them. From here, probably, and internal emotional impoverishment. A few years ago my husband studied at the Kazan university of culture. And, as it was the correspondence student, a university building not too well knew, I accompanied it on session. And once one young lady – the assistant professor, seeing that the husband approaches to the door, at which it stood, has jumped aside, as scalded and has begun to yell on all corridor full of students: «Do not approach to me! See off him somebody!» That is the teacher jumps aside from blind as from infected with pestilence, if only it has not touched it …

By the way, children from our musical theatre precisely know: it is impossible to be sure that with you happens tomorrow. And they never will make mistakes at communication with any blind. At them already the reflex was developed: if there is a person with a cane – it is necessary to approach, take simply by the hand, to be presented and help it to continue movement, without охов and cries: «Oh, do not go there!».

– That is normal adaptation of both parties needs normal existence of all people in uniform space?

– Yes, it is natural. Here present, pass actions for the line of society blind, intellectual games, festivals. There come film crews from different channels, do a five-second roller in which notes of indulgent pity sometimes are heard: «Ah, here the blind have gathered, compete!» What in this action and in this plot educational sense? And here joint projects – another matter. And if the blind team sits down at a table with team, we will allow «That, where when?» also will cut them in imitation walnut (and so, most likely and will occur, because, blind globally read much), then to anybody in the head will not come to think of any indulgence, pity. And the adequate relation is brought up. By the way, for the program «Game» on NTV many questions are thought out by the blind intellectual …

– But if the person was healthy and suddenly, for any reason, say, has lost sight, it is just important to it to communicate with same as it, to understand how others coped with a situation …

– I very well understand it, because itself for many years I live on the verge that I have today pity percent of sight, and tomorrow they can get to somewhere. Yes, if the person has just lost sight, it needs to communicate with blind, especially on any questions of household adaptation. But after all for this purpose it is not necessary to gather specially in any separate place. It is enough to enter into the Internet, and you can get acquainted and talk to huge number of people, at which same problems. And a circle of contacts, I repeat, should be wide and not be limited only to the blind.

– At the beginning of conversation you have told that more anywhere there is no such system of Societies of disabled people, as at us. And how «at them»?

– For example, we communicated with Poles and they have told that them each enterprise, not important, 5 there the person works or 5000 or creates a certain quota of places for disabled people, or gains contributions to the budget and this money besides go on disabled people. But speech not about a tip, and about creation of a field of activity, workplaces. In Europe try to make the world available to the disabled person that he felt in it comfortably and could be the high-grade member of society, it is high-grade living and working in it. Yes, I think that in Russia would be much less aching disabled people if society gave them possibilities which it is possible to grasp. And so, how many not aching even not, and vigorous, interesting, mobile and bright people vainly try to find application of the forces. Yes any employer will politely refuse at once blind, without penetrating as far as the person is competent of work. And the person is, as a rule, competent, time he has ventured to look for it. But it already subject of another big story.





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