What does the person when to it one of the best friends strikes blow with a knife in a back feel? Think of people who are closest to you. In mind make the list of about ten such people. Whom do you include in this list? The best friend? Brother or sister? Parents? Instructor? Now choose one of these people. Present that it at costs you behind a back and agrees with your enemies how to do much harm to you for the sake of their personal benefit. It is awful, isn’t that so? Such type of treachery is especially destructive.

And it has occurred to Jesus. Judas has spent with it in wanderings three years, serving and helping It, being one of the most loyal friends. In a psalm 41:9 it is told: «Even the person peace with me on which I relied which ate my bread, has lifted on me a heel». Judas finally has sold the Christ and has transferred it to murderers for a handful of coins. Probably, you betrayed, brought, stipulated, have wounded a word or business? Also did is those whom you loved? I want, that you knew – Jesus understands you, He knows what to you. You can bring It all the disappointments and pain because He has already endured all this earlier. Jesus – the unique friend who never will throw and will not betray us which always will help. Even then, when your close favourite people will bring you.

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