Not to wait and trust. How to arrange in mass school of the child with autism?

Not to wait and trust. How to arrange in mass school of the child with autism?

You can tell, who from these boys the autist? What at the left, or here this, more to the right? Senior or younger?
I like this picture because in it there is no statement. And it not so much about summer, how many about the main condition of co-education: ordinary children perfectly get on with the unusual. If to these boys will carry with adults, they will carry by the friendship through all life.
The boy is more senior in this picture – my son. It has autism.
It is a pity that it is impossible to submit together with documents to school such photos. Or video of lessons in classes where among ordinary children there are pupils with autistichesky frustration as it is done by the Moscow experts who are building in children with autism mass schools.

Whether it is far to school?

From past spring we keep the Internet project «Autism: it is simple to understand» (, which essence in honest display of educational trajectories of twenty Belarusian children with autism.
The first interviews have brought to a conclusion: today this trajectory depends on weight of autism a little. Much more – from parental readiness to fight for the child. To believe in him, despite stamps "uncontrollable", "aggressive", "mentally retarded". From where know that on start of school life any expert cannot judge potential of the child with autism. There are no such techniques.
The most senior participant of our project, 20-year-old Nikita, in 6 years did not use speech and had the whole lots of diagnoses because of what has been sentenced" to nadomny training. In a year mother has found for it the integrated class. Nowadays Nikita works, graduates from evening school and thinks of education continuation.
Pavel who has received in due time recommendations from a series «with such and in prison will not take», studies in the eighth grade according to the general educational program and seriously practises music. Before "uncontrollable" third-grader Kostya collects diplomas on all subject Olympic Games in which participates (gymnasiums, prepare for arrival of pupils with Asperger’s syndrome!), Simeon and Maxim on a level with ordinary children are engaged in known art studio …
However, all these children speak. Prior to the beginning of last academic year in Belarus there were no precedents of training of nonverbal children with autism at mass school.

The forgotten word on the letter "and"

A year ago the Minsk parents managed to find understanding at the city authorities and together to open the first integrated class for children with autism. This year five more such classes at different schools have opened.
Artem will go to one of them. He does not talk; a year ago the commission has defined it in the first class of the second office of auxiliary school (training option for children with moderate intellectual backwardness). During the summer parents of the boy have united with two same families (a necessary condition of complete integration – three special children), have found ready to accept their children school and have prepared tutors.
Pervoklashki which have gone to the integrated classes for children with autism, every chance at an average step has to get inclusive education.
However, an inklyuziya in Belarus while beyond the law. The Code about education of which deputies very much were proud a year ago has taken effect, but in it is not present words about an inklyuziya: about it have forgotten. A defect promise to eliminate: the law on amendments is already submitted for discussion in the Code.
However, nobody guarantees fast entering of "amendments" into the heads of officials.
Positive experience of training of the Belarusian children with autism while only in Minsk. Also extends only on children who cross for the first time a school threshold. Parents from the small cities where on some thousand population of two-three officially exposed diagnoses, still lock children within four walls. And even in the capital children who have gone to school some years prior to emergence of the first AVA classes, are necessary to nobody.

The last from Mohicans

My son – from those children with autism which have gone to school long before the beginning of dialogue of the Minsk parents with the city authorities.
I already told about its "universities" in the integrated class of usual school. He was the only child with autism at school, and as it has become clear, the unique fourth-grader with autism which studied not at home and not in a special school. In two-million Minsk!
After the fourth class integration has terminated: my son should study in the general stream or leave on the nadomny. The general stream from 26 schoolmates did not seem something terrible: children loved and sponsored Timur. The horror was caused by the teachers, not wishing to know about autism, and also absence in the staffing table of schools of the speciality "tutor".
We have found and have trained the tutor, but have not agreed with school. While looked for school, have heard all set of official excuses: «places are not present», «conditions are not created», «teachers are not trained», «society is not ready». And in general, «autism is too serious diagnosis».
Timur had to go to a special school for children with heavy violations of speech. It is in 13 km from our house, and in it do not study English.
On a twist of fate five years ago when I tried to define Timur in the first class, in this school us have not taken: Timur has no speech violations. Houses at us the diploma issued to fourth-grader Timur for successes in studying of English lies.
We still look for comprehensive school for the fifth-grader with autism.

Olga Kutuzova’s comment, the psychologist of the Center психолого – medico-social support of children and teenagers from RACES (Kashenkin Lug):

– Several times it was possible to me to help to parents to find school for the child. Here my algorithm – suddenly will help?
At first I go on schools and I look for among directors of the Person. SOSh very are suitable for somatic weakened children. Classes in them small, children more tolerant to features of age-mates (everyone overcomes any difficult situation), teachers more sympathising. There are some forms of education, including individual and group (as a last resort, if the child behavioural very inconvenient). Thus the program of training and the certificate – as at usual school.
According to the arrangement with the director it is possible to get into such school according to the somatic diagnosis (the list big, is from what to choose). I agree that with the child there will be a tutor.
The tutor – completely my and parental problem, at schools is not present rates on support of children with autism.
Tutors I find among students. Sometimes it is possible to elicit for them half-rates (at individual to a group form), the rest is paid extra by parents. I prepare them. Some months I accompany both the child, and the tutor on all occupations and changes. In parallel I take “information pyatnadtsatiminutka” among all who makes a school environment of the child (children, teachers, parents, cleaners).
Few months leave on mutual adaptation. The individual and group form in this sense is more convenient, as allows to choose, what is the time and at what lessons to the child to be in a class, and what subjects are better for studying individually.
Gradually quantity of personal watches we reduce, quantity of the group we increase. In a current of year it is possible or to refuse at all support, or to make it minimum.
Several times it was necessary to build in "the" boys so. Otherwise they had no place to go. One of them still the school student, his mother have taken on the tutor a rate of the tutor), the second in printing technical school, the third in Vishnevskaya college, and has already shot the first clip.
In it, the third case it was possible to arrange with the tutor on a rate of the school gardener the grandmother. At the grandson and the grandmother, with my support, everything has turned out. Though then still the law on an inklyuziya was not, parental activity has not been strengthened by social networks, and on round tables with officials to parents openly said that «your children will never study with normal children».
That is even at zero chances belief in the child and understanding of that he should study with all, helped to shift a situation. Because there are in life such situations, when »if not you, and anybody». Also it is the key moment in life of the child: if "key" turns, all his life will go in other direction. And if is not present, everything will stop.
Saw many such outcomes and saw, with what children with autism, received this chance grow.