2013: Irina Ivanov thinks of new business and studies English

2013: Irina Ivanov thinks of new business and studies English

Irina Ivanov – a kolyasochnitsa, not afraid to become lonely mother and with the baby on hands to organise own business. Now she together with the daughter seventh-grader studies on English courses.

– After the publication many people found me in social networks. Said that having learnt about me, other eyes have seen the problems, and too began to clamber. Among my new acquaintances – the man without feet and the girl who cannot go almost. I did not ask them diagnoses because itself I do not love such questions. I can communicate with the person many years, and never I will ask, than it is sick.

And one person has expressed differently: the pier, the child is necessary to me to become known. I have answered it that if me the glory interested, long ago would find ways to become known. And the publication has appeared for such, as I that they were not afraid to lead normal life. Then I see – the person does not accept my arguments. Well, also has removed it from the list of friends.

In the autumn of Irinin business has cracked: competitors have established the dumping prices, it was necessary to tighten belts. Irina sells the remained goods, together with Katya is engaged on English courses and thinks of new work.

– We do not need, but we care of the future, – Irina asks to emphasise. – I do not want, that my child envied coevals. One of friends has prompted good idea – to construct a hothouse and to grow up greens for sale. I, probably, will consult with construction. But how with a myopathy for plant growing to go in? There would be at me a carriage with the electric drive and the lift – I in these hothouses would work. And so, I am afraid, not for me idea.

On an electrocarriage Irina collected long ago and all could not be bought: that urgently something is necessary to Katya, house repair is not entered in the planned sums.

– Usually people in my situation earn on the Internet: advance sites or write to order papers. But it at all mine: it would be desirable movement, communication, active work. Here also I think now over it. Difficulties after all are given in order that the person could leave on a new level of development.

– What was for me the expiring year? – Irina continues. – it has so quickly flown by that has not managed to estimate. Probably, it was interesting to me to live: went much, worked much, the flat repaired. Intends to go on a visit to Russia next summer, the girlfriend calls. In social networks have got acquainted. And to us there came the girl from Kazakhstan, too the acquaintance on the friend tape. In Belarus so it was pleasant to it that wants to get over to us forever.

2013: Irina Ivanov thinks of new business and studies English

At me in real of friends first was much. Then, when has suspended the business, many have ceased to call and come. So, again having developed, differently has looked at the relations with such people.

To true friends, as well as to myself, I wish more tranquillity and balance in life. And to be always open, not to become isolated. I do not take out fences, barriers, restrictions: in October and in Minsk I communicate with all who is interesting to me and who looks for my friendship or support.

I love all of you, and with the coming!