The way to knowledge for the blind – is closed?

The way to knowledge for the blind - is closed?

It is a question of Special (correctional) general educational boarding school No. 1 for blind and visually impaired children. It is unique school: last year it executed 130 years. She has endured revolution, civil war, the tsar, the Great Patriotic War, all Soviet period and here has reached 21 eyelids. Now we come up against a situation when it want to alter from school in something such as the rehabilitation centre. Probably, for this purpose it have transferred from education department to social security department. The school in essence can belong to only one department – to education department. If it is transferred to other department, its main function (educational) or disappears, or at least is washed away. And the desire to keep educational function as main at school has pushed parents and teaching staff of school to so resolute actions.

It is clear that all correctional schools are calculated on people with disability. But children who study at our school, are children with safe intelligence which on the potential differ nothing from children who have no problems with health. Graduates of school act in the best capital higher education institutions – the Moscow State University of  M.V.Lomonosova, MPGU, RGGU, Gnesinsky musical school, musical college at the Moscow Conservatory and others. Except problems with sight nothing prevents them to get the same education and in the same volume, as to ordinary children. Why we should offer educational function? I, as mother of the blind child, do not consider that any strengthened rehabilitation, same as, we will tell to children with cerebral spastic infantile paralysis or something similar is necessary to our children.

Are anxious not only parents, but also professionals whom many years work in this area.

What us "has strained"? First of all that the decision was accepted behind our back. On September 27 at all-school PTA meeting suddenly declared that the decision 10 days ago is made and the order on transfer of school in non-core (by sight the majority of parents and teachers) department is signed, and the director has agreed with it. It has been made bypassing the managing director of council of school! "Privacy" of decision-making encounters thought that that deal with which we will deal now — not the best. And considering, what pitiable situation in education in general in general, I believe, as our school falls under the same reorganisation connected with economy of means. Certainly, work of our experts costs much — these are correctional teachers with a wide experience. Probably, there is a desire them to reduce. If school will transfer to social security department, maybe, these teachers and the truth will appear are not necessary.

All this is very sad, because there are no guarantees that children can get education that they will be, as now, to participate in the city Olympic Games, will hand over GIA and Unified State Examination in the same volume, as pupils of usual schools that can arrive in higher education institutions.

I want to emphasise still such moment: in Moscow some schools for visually impaired children, but ours — unique where children with a total blindness can study. Now in work with visually impaired there was a tendency that if the person though something sees, it does not study the most difficult font Braylya, and is engaged by other techniques. But for completely blind child familiarising with culture is possible only through a font Braylya, and in it are engaged only at our school. So at me as mother of the child which sees nothing, has no choice.

While questions in a subject of education of people with limited possibilities on which there are no answers, there is a lot of. The main can be formulated approximately so:

1. Why correctional SCHOOLS which are urged to train, that is to be in department of the Ministry of Education, have appeared in department of social protection at which educational functions simply are not present and cannot be? This violation of the right to education of all disabled people which got earlier education at these schools.

2. Why non-core department has the right to carry out educational activity? Who will check quality of education of disabled people? How Unified State Examination and GIA delivery in non-core department will be guaranteed?

3. All schools of the city (country) are included into the uniform state register, they pass licensing and on the basis of it issue to pupils diplomas what will be with the "schools" belonging to social department? On the basis of what documents the graduate of school of department соц.защиты will enter the university?

4. Why in the new law on education there is no term "correctional" education (respectively and schools such are not present now) and everything connected with a word "correctional": programs, standards and so forth?

5 whether. There is here the constitutional violation of the right of any child, including, the child with features of health, on education? Whether this transfer of schools to non-core department is anticonstitutional?

All these questions while remain open.

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