Nick Vuychichs column: It is time to throw out garbage from the refrigerator!

Nick Vuychichs column: It is time to throw out garbage from the refrigerator!

The beginning of new year – fine time for carrying out careful inspection of your refrigerator! Attentively we check an expiration date of products and we throw out the delayed. The container with the Chinese food, sheltered on the distant shelf? We throw out! Thin bank of the grown mouldy jam? In a garbage can! Rancid milk? Down with it! Reach the most distant corners, let any slice will not disappear from you. Get rid of these suspicious containers and smelly packs! Make it right now. Fill your refrigerator with purity and fresh air. Prepare it by new year and fresh food!

Know, all of us sometimes need to clean the «spiritual refrigerator». Allow to ask you: «Whether there is something in your life what it is necessary to throw out»? There can be owing to an old habit it takes a place in your heart. It can be thoughts or opinions which for years do not abandon you. And they have started to spoil. It can something told by someone last month. Get rid of it! These feelings of not forgiveness, anger or disappointment that pick in you … I have understood! I know that someone from you endures it now. Listen that is told in the Bible about it. «Let’s dump from itself everything that prevents us to run, and also a sin which is easily confusing us in the networks, and we will patiently overcome the distance measured to us».

Let’s make a jump forward, in new year, having left evil-smelling garbage, to which not a place in our heart. Let’s direct in new year more freely, more purely, and quicker, than ever earlier!

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