Roses from Ecuador

Roses from Ecuador

Lisa Oleskina, the director of charity foundation «An old age in pleasure», tells about how in one of nursing homes there was «an ordinary miracle».

Recently have gathered to one of sponsored nursing home near Tver, very much-very much the big. And as there in a hall to sing with us songs nearly 200 people (at «actors from Moscow» to have a look) gather always, it would be desirable, that there went big team. Besides, in big boarding schools somehow specially grey общежитно, and each time it would be desirable them special to please all with something.

Roses from Ecuador
Closer to days off at us the big team of the remarkable people, ready to go to grandmothers – and any car, thank God, gathers … I call, quite hopelessly, according to the telephone list. I decide to take a certain girl of M (each time I get up courage whether before falling upon the victim with a question «want to bring tomorrow/the day after tomorrow for the whole day us …») as suddenly the girl agrees … "Miracle", – as always flashes at me in a brain, – «one car is, two more somehow will be now …»
In an hour the girl calls back, apologises that cannot go itself, but if we not against, it orders to us a passenger gazelle on 13 places … And long still you listen to short beeps in a tube and you try to believe in reality of the events. By the way, us has gone just exactly so much to fill a gazelle all entirely:)
Next day call, man’s voice: «Forgive, I with you went long ago, now I can not, but I at the friend still had roses, suddenly they will be useful to you, he then will call you». I wait. In 10 minutes it is sonorous – whether one thousand or slightly more roses from Ecuador are necessary to us, after an exhibition remained, no, live, fresh and, odorous, colours – the most different. No, will not take away so. Well give I with you I will go and to you I will take. Far? Well anything, now we will settle.
I any more do not know, as to think!

Roses from Ecuador

We went on газельке, nearby went the miniveins, full of roses, and it seemed that around – any kind fairy tale.
When grandmothers have seen roses – bright, odorous, live, they blossomed at once, the most brisk have run to change clothes festively, all have looked younger and have blossomed, and grandmothers weak, lying, smelt, felt them and cried. As always, we gave also blind, and absolutely the already weak – and they took in a hand, touched on a stalk, reached a flower, tried petals, smelt – and pressed to itself. And corridors at nursing home became covered with petals of roses. The nurses too presented with bouquets, did not swear at all, and on the contrary, were glad time in life to wash a corridor not from habitual and sad, and from petals Ecuadorian x flowers.
– And where it, Ecuador?

– And somewhere in Africa!

– Yes in the same place it is cold, they there would not grow!

Roses from Ecuador

– Yes at them there not as at us, there hotbeds are purer, – I heard such conversations in a hall.
I think, everyone that day had the Ecuador – cold or warm, with pelicans or penguins. But at all, I know precisely, there it was very good, very much magically and at all our way.
And at night everything, both to tired nurses, and old grandmothers, dreamt, probably, motley colour dreams where monkeys outvoiced a cockatoo both blossomed palm trees, and there were no old mattresses, excessive work, melancholy, loneliness and grey walls ….
Thank you for all your miracles!

Roses from Ecuador


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