Our family is strong more than ever!

Our family is strong more than ever!

Many remember the moments which have changed their life up to day and hour. I remember only month.

In July to 2008 me have told that my second child, my son, he then was 2 years old, will not be such, as other children.

Heavy form of autism, being accompanied intellectual backwardness.

Two long years were required to me to come to the senses, to be convinced that my desired child costs all forces and the efforts enclosed in it even if thus it remains absolutely another’s for us …

So, I have rolled up sleeves and by means of the husband and several friends supporting us (because a family and friends feared this disability like the plague), have started working.

We have decided to carry confidence of the doctors convincing us in a dust that the child never recognises the parents, will not start talking that his place — in a boarding school.

I have given up work and have completely devoted myself to it. It has been much spilt tears, hands often fell.

It was necessary to fight not only against disability, but also with people around … We stood as a concrete wall, used all possible techniques: ABA therapy, logopedics, development of a psychomotility and other …

And once, in 5 years — the first word — "Mother".

And once, in 5 years — the first look.

And then, in 6 years — the first smile.

And then, in 7 years, – household skills.

Now he is 7 years old, it goes to a preparatory class. He talks, smiles, has fun, it absolutely independent … It communicates with others, and it is difficult to guess his disability … And in spite of the fact that autism anywhere has not got to, intellectual backwardness has simply disappeared, its IQV to norm.

Someone will tell that it at all the genius, but I know that it not so. It has rallied our family (now and the third child supplements our happiness), it has made me better, has let know that there is nothing impossible … All the time to go forward, to fight, not to be given, trust — now our vital credo.


Liddiya Amelicheva’s transfer.

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