Nick Vuychichs column: Jesus Christs family tree

Nick Vuychichs column: Jesus Christs family tree

In Gospel chapter 1 from Matfey the family tree of the Savior is described. And it actually «Who is who» human defects. In a sort of the Christ was, for example, Iakov who has stolen fatherly inheritance at the brother, and lay then to hide it. Jesus Rakhava’s Pra-pra-prababka was a loose woman, then David who was a murderer follows …

Jesus could choose any sort. Why he has chosen this gang of criminals? Jesus has chosen this injust sort to show us something improbable. He speaks: it is not important that you have made – God is ready to become a part of your life. It will accept you and will enter into the family.

In the message to Jews it is told: «For and consecrating and consecrated, all – from Uniform; therefore he is not ashamed to call them brotherhood». The saviour has finished a long line of guilty and unworthy people, it has not shunned them. Now he wants, that its patrimonial tree has included also us.

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