Sentence: not disabled people. Why the pension to children of the liquidator of Chernobyl

is not put Sentence: not disabled people. Why the pension to children of the liquidator of Chernobyl

In the 2010th year Olga Sorokin with two children – Anatoly and Maria – has moved from Moscow to Kostroma. Doctors have told to Olga that the silence and rest are necessary to her children. Anatoly and Maria’s father, Olga’s late husband was the liquidator of consequences of failure on the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. In the 80th years ordinary Soviet citizens poorly represented to themselves, as radiation can influence a human body. When Olga’s husband has returned from Chernobyl, he did not feel ill – deteriorations have come in some years, in the 90th when already were born Anatoly and Maria. Later Olga had to achieve from doctors of recognition of the fact that his death has come as a result of radiation. Anatoly and Maria had a serious illness since the early childhood. Olga tells: «At Are lean the head was ill. It when to it two years were has begun. Tosha at first did not want to show that badly feels, then began to speak:« Mother, all the time hurts the head – as I will wake up and till the evening». Masha about one year had eyes, as if glass. And she on handles asked all the time – I thought, whether a little, can, is capricious, can, to mother closer to be wants. But when she has started to speak, began to complain:« Legs hurt, legs hurt».

Sentence: not disabled people. Why the pension to children of the liquidator of Chernobyl

Anatoly and Maria in the childhood

Today, when to Anatoly and Maria, respectively, 18 and 16 years, are already delivered to both of them the following diagnoses: congenital hypoplasia of vertebral arteries of a brain, sclerosis of cervical vertebras, gastroreflyuksny illness of a stomach, trombotsitopatiya, osteoporosis, secondary immunodeficiency. Besides, Anatoly has a bend of a gall bladder, chronic гастродуоденит, dyskinesia of zhelchevyvodyashchy ways, at Maria – the ischemic centre of a brain, a cyst of shishkovidny gland, signs an art rose of both brushes, defeat of tibial nerves of both feet, not differentiated displaziya of a connecting fabric. For the life each of them has had seen many doctors. Some doctors simply tried to help them, some – with surprise said that on these children it is possible to protect dissertations. But disability to children did not give. Do not give them it and now. in Kostroma – as before, without explanation. Yes, the official status of the disabled person to the person give not owing to his diagnoses, and on degree of limitation of his real household possibilities.

Anatoly and Maria to school do not go long ago – each of them could study up in a usual mode only to the 4th class. Olga tells that shortly before transition on house training Masha after a lesson at school literally took out on hands in a lobby and stacked on a sofa. Since then teachers come to them to the house. One lesson at Anatoly proceeds 30-40 minutes, at Maria – 15-20 minutes. Both have a safe intelligence, but they do not maintain more long occupations physically – attacks, for example, bleeding from a nose begin. Anatoly has problems with memory so it rises early in the morning and before arrival of teachers repeats already made task – to look bad in their eyes it does not want. Still it has sudden short-term losses of consciousness. It can occur both on the street, and during occupations to teachers. To Olga it рассказывет:« Mother, I already do not speak to the teacher, but I finish blindly». Maria has a defeat of tibial nerves of both feet. On Olga Street with children leaves for a while and always takes with itself a folding stool for the daughter. When they lived in Moscow, and it was necessary to overcome big distances, Olga carried Masha on a wheelchair. At Masha continually refuse both hands, and feet. Sometimes it unable itself to open the refrigerator. Before Anatoly there was already a problem of further education. It is clear that study it can only distantly.

Olga by training musician. Earlier she taught a vocal, and also collected female vocal jazz ensembles for which did arrangements. Besides, she plays a piano, an accordion, a melodics, a guitar, perkussiya, itself composes songs on verses of very different poets among which there is also Yuna Moritz which very warmly responded about Olga’s composer talent. When her children were small, Olga was engaged in a vocal and with them. Anatoly and Maria made progress, even spoke at different competitions. But then to sing them doctors have forbidden. Also in the childhood they wrote verses and fairy tales, according to Olga, at them since early years speech has been well put. And now they try not to despond, at all without seeing for itself an exit from current situation. Olga is glad that it has two children – they communicate among themselves much, support the friend to the friend, discuss the read books, play chess …

Meanwhile, neither Olga, nor her children not so represent how to live further. To widows of liquidators the pension on age from 50 years is put. To Olga 53, and this pension – the unique guaranteed income of all family. While in it pay also pension on loss of the supporter but when the school will be graduated also by Maria, they will not have this pesniya. Olga tells that she with children has had already any times – happened, as starved. Just during this period at Masha the foot has turned black, and Olga has caused "ambulance". The nurse "fast", having looked, as they live, has palmed off 100 rubles under the telephone set … By the way, according to Olga, in Kostroma "ambulance" them already recognise and sometimes simply do not want to go to them: do not understand what to do with the next attack, which reason – a mutation. As to disability, some time Anatoly had it only – MSE has delivered it it when that was 17 years old, possibly, because of vozvozhny questions from a military registration and enlistment office. But on achievement of 18 years by it children’s disability have removed, and registration of the adult refuse – all as without explanation. Olga argues that the problem of children of liquidators of the Chernobyl accident at us in the country is suppressed specially. By the way, the chairman of the Kostroma organisation of "Chernobyl cleanup veterans" has told it that if to her children to give disability, it will be precedent – and then it is necessary to give disability to a large number of the people being in a similar situation. So it or not – a question. But to readers I suggest to remember, as often they in general see any materials in the mass media devoted to this subject. And here Olga Sorokina’s history and her children – that case when «not the disabled person» sounds, as a sentence.

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