String-bags ask about the help of

String-bags ask about the help of

«Avosechnye is a stable realisation. Without avosechny we lose this stability, and consequently we can not guarantee to disabled people payment for production. So, temporarily it is necessary to suspend production blind string-bags. 5 sellers work at points at us. These are children with disability on hearing. Two sellers should be dismissed. People remain without work is the annoying in all history», – employees of the project of livejournal of the project have written.

Because of demolition of trading pavilions in underpasses of "String-bag" have lost hope for expansion of a network and close two already working shops.

String-bags ask about the help of

Avosechny on Pushkin

The management of the organisation has sent the letter to the head of Department of housing and communal services and an accomplishment of the city of Moscow to Tsybin A.V. with a request to help to solve a problem. In particular, in the letter it is told:« Since November, 2013 we are tenants of trading pavilions in underpasses. Network construction for sale of production of disabled people has begun opening of two pavilions near Pushkin Square. They became the first of sixty promised us representatives of Association «Tenants of underpasses of the capital». Transfer of trading objects it was planned to make within two years, on a special rent rate – 5000 rubles a month. The special conditions developed with the management of Association, became unique possibility for project development, were a basis of planning and the key to success. Now we lose this possibility. The situation has turned over, when representatives of Association, instead of transfer to us the next pavilions, have reported about emergence of the judgment on release of one, already rented by us. Fears that pavilions can be closed and in other transitions of the capital, have put an end to idea of construction there networks of sales of wide availability. All project has appeared under the threat.

Lack of prospect of sale has led to plan destruction, we already had to reduce output and to cancel vacancies, people have already suffered. There was a question of a temporary suspension. I ask, do not take this letter for attempt to interfere in city processes, speculating on disabled people, or for a way of lobbying of another’s interests round floor spaces in underpasses. It not so. The letter is completely dictated by a situation, and we cannot stand away from events. Losses are too great. Judge: each pavilion from sixty promised, promised employment to twelve disabled people, eight of which blind people».

"String-bags" ask for help also supports. Share news with friends, come to pavilion on Pushkin площдади till May 31 – before closing there sale.

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