Volunteer паралимпиады: «Every day we live as a holiday!»

Volunteer паралимпиады: «Every day we live as a holiday!»

Marina Gorokhovskaya – the economist from the small city of Koryazhm of the Arkhangelsk region dreamt to become a volunteer on Paralympic games. The marine works in a brigade of control of skiing and biathlon.

– How you have decided to become a volunteer?

– Volunteering is present at my life constantly. Still studying at institute we constantly went to boarding school where helped children to do homework. Then half a year I did gymnastics with disabled people.

– Occupations with disabled people and occupations with ordinary people differed?

– Certainly, I tried to give everyone an attention maximum. And with people with disability I was even more attentive. Generally it were people with cerebral spastic infantile paralysis. I all go in for sports, have graduated from sports school. And when the person graduates from sports school, it can work as the instructor.

– You wanted to go on Paralimpiada, or after all on the usual?

– A choice did not stand: only Paralimpiada. Expectations have come true: I am admired by strength of mind of these people. I admire many times in day. As I too go in for sports, overcoming of is very familiar to me. And here doubly overcoming of! As paralimpiyets have restrictions, they cannot to come as we to any stadium or a platform and to start to run and jump there, all the time it is necessary to look for special conditions which, unfortunately, at us in Russia happen infrequently. Here in Sochi have created the bezbaryerny environment, but only in Sochi.

– And in your city there is a bezbaryerny environment?

– I see that big shops and banks have ramps, but as a whole about the bezbaryerny environment it is impossible to speak.

– And the situation here is pleasant to you?

– Yes. Every day we live as a holiday! And me, and other girls everything very much is pleasant.

We supplement our short conversation by article about Marina published in the newspaper «Labour Koryazhma» from 08.2014

Volunteer паралимпиады: «Every day we live as a holiday!»Photo: Victoria Kevishas

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