«The country of deafs» 17 years later

«The country of deafs» 17 years later

Yana Novikova and Alexander Sidelnikov became well-known quite recently: their debut film "Tribe" (director Miroslav Slaboshpitsky») has won three prizes on the Cannes film festival and has taken the Grand Prix on domestic "Mirror". Still a year ago the girl from the Belarusian village and the young man from Ryazan of it did not dream at all. Children — deafs about the births, and the film which has made such furore, it is completely removed in sign language. However critics has involved not only an unusual form, but also deep dramatic nature of a picture. In interview «Not» children have told to the disabled person about how they have got to cinema and what they would like to see the world.

«The country of deafs» 17 years laterYana:

I was born in 1993 in the Belarusian village. Studied at boarding school for deafs, since the childhood liked to dance, dream. After school I have arrived in technical school, but have soon understood that it not for me. Since the childhood I dreamt to become an actress. On the Internet has learnt about academy of arts in Kiev where accept deafs. I have started to prepare for competition. There I sang, acted, but have not passed … But I was noticed by director Miroslav Slaboshpitsky, and has suggested to pass a casting on the film "Tribe". As a result to me have starred. Shootings went from September to March, then we have gone on a festival to Cannes where have won three nominations (including «For the best debut»). And now we show the film here, in the Reach, at the Mirror festival.

– Whether plan to act in film still?

– Certainly! I hope that me will notice and at me everything will turn out.

– And how you have treated the scenario? Whether it was pleasant to you?

– Before shootings to me the scenario did not show, and when have shown, I even thought to refuse. But then has decided that if I want to act in film, it is necessary to agree.

This history is half real, is half invented. I have as much as possible got used to a role, represented, as would conduct myself on a place of the heroine. So emotions on the screen – original.

– Whether to hard deaf in a life, in an everyday life?

– Certainly! Come, for example, to the doctor – as with it to speak? But after all I the deaf since the childhood, have already got used. Usually I try to read on lips.

– Whether you looked any films about deafs? What was pleasant?

– Looked. «The country of deafs» was pleasant. It seems to me, feelings there are very authentically given.

– And where your schoolmates work?

– At plant (turners, shlifovshchik), seamstresses … Athletes still are. I consider that hearing much easier in life. Deafs have the, separate world. It is a lot of restrictions. The president you will not become and in general it is difficult to get job.

– What to make, that deafs became equal with hearing?

– Pension to add (laughs). It would be desirable, that all knew sign language (especially important that it was known by doctors, policemen). Or that at least there were more translators.

– How you think, why the film "Tribe" is interesting to critics and the audience why it made such success on Cannes Film festival?

– I think, because the real feelings and emotions there are expressed. As in the ballet — all of you understand without words. And the audience sees that original feelings can be expressed by sign language.


«The country of deafs» 17 years later– I from Ryazan. Not hearing since the birth, as well as my parents. Since the childhood I was engaged in singing, dances, acted as the comedian. Certainly, I dreamt to become an actor! I like to express emotions therefore wanted to test in the drama.

After school I have arrived in the Vladimir university on the engineer. There is a special group for deafs, with the translator. Now I study on the 3rd course. On the Internet I have read about a casting on the film "Tribe". The casting was in Kiev, and I – in Vladimir. But I have risked, have gone. It was in the summer. Me have written down in a reserve. A call from the director long was not, I have already solved, what not destiny. But in October the director has called, has asked to arrive urgently on tests, and me have finally confirmed.

– You liked the scenario?

– The scenario has seemed to the very difficult. Character of my hero as he is the negative character, and in life I not so such was difficult also. But I have risked, after all these shootings — simply a gift of God. Shootings were difficult, but very much it were pleasant to me. This best time of my life, I have found many friends. I hope that I will act in film still.

– I read that now there are operations on restoration of hearing which are effective for small children. But many not hearing parents refuse this possibility because they feel in community of deafs more surely, rather than hearing, and are afraid to release children in the "big" world

– Actually these operations very seldom happen successful. And I would not began to risk with the child: I know that there are special schools, kindergartens and even the higher education so there is no need to waste time and money for the sake of doubtful result. Another matter if the person hard of hearing — then it is meaningful to carry the good hearing aid. I dream, that all knew sign language. At least letters. It actually is simple.

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