Autism. How to write success history?

Autism. How to write success history?

On June 4 in Minsk the project «Autism will be presented: it is simple to understand» ( which have thought up and parents of children with autism впомощьсвоимсыновьямидочерям realise.

20 children participate in the project with autism about which tell them mothers. These stories will be regularly updated: everyone can track a twisting way of the child with autism in an education system tearing away such children.

Below – one of these stories.


Katerina (economist): «To our children of insufficiently only one benevolent relation»

With kindergarten we were lucky. To such conclusion I have come, listening to stories of other parents about misunderstanding of features of the child by people around, continuous fight for a place in the sun, incorrect statements in the address. Four years have passed in logopedic group of usual kindergarten, it is possible to tell, serenely.

But it was not at once, at first there was usual day nursery against yet designated autism and hope, hope, hope … “Will go to a garden – will start talking”, “will cry and will get used”, “to a garden will go – will learn to communicate with children”.

That year was very difficult: the birth of the second child, Romkin adaptation in kindergarten, with constantly changing tutors, and sometimes and their total absence. Not once, coming to take away the child, I found out that children are looked after by the nurse because the tutor on our group was not. Therefore a usual mode of visit of yaselny group «week we go, three houses» me even arranged. Ezheutrenniye hysterics and absence of confidence that stay in a garden in such conditions will benefit, very much exhausted.

Then there was a diagnosis, the first PMPK, the direction in логогруппу for two years. Then yet there was no installation “Children with autism in logopedic groups not to direct».

In a new garden happiness that we had tutors constants seemed to me already. And in other senses we with them were really lucky. In four years I have not heard, in my opinion, any complaint to behaviour of my child. On the relation of other children to Roma it was visible that acceptance and patience of teachers do not have a limit.

Unfortunately, to our children of insufficiently only one tolerant relation, the Wednesday adapted under their features is necessary for them. Rum tried to avoid noisy society of children as could, – went to a bedroom, retired to an office дефектолога. Was free time when it has been provided to itself(himself) too much, and it was filled with stereotypic behaviour. But to create special conditions to the child with special needs our system yet has not learnt.

When on the horizon need to solve a question with school has loomed, we have strong reflected: and what further? Ready suitable options was not. Auxiliary school, in which on 5-10 pupils one teacher? In this situation all the same it is not necessary to dream of an individual approach. And it is wrong – to isolate it in a special school of the child which has quite proved for 4 years that can be in society of normotipichny contemporaries.

To go to study in usual school, in the integrated class? I do not know, how many we there have held on, leave I the child and leave for work. I think, at most half-day – until when Rum, having left a class, will decide that it has affairs more important. To accompany it at school would mean for me to leave work, and I cannot allow myself it.

Once again we were very lucky that time to think of school has come and at our good friends. One man is no man, but us already on the whole class. A class for children with autism! The friendly school No. 5, the director and teachers us is found are not afraid – thanks to that children with autism which already study at our school, behave well and show quite good results. For it to them our separate thanks!

We had the Moscow model of such class which is already working and the big desire to organise a similar class for the children is excellent itself recommended, and. It was possible to get support of the city authorities, additional rates for assistants to tutors without whom effective work is impossible have been allocated.

All summer we have carried out at school: repaired our office. Yes, the school not near the house, the road takes 20-25 minutes on the car. If it breaks, on public transport we reach more than an hour.

But Romka goes to school with pleasure, at it there are a lot of affairs, and all by the accurate clear plan. It copes with the program, becomes more independent, learns to communicate with schoolmates. Our model is far from perfect, the methodical help on specifics of work with children with autism in the conditions of an inklyuziya is necessary for our teachers. To us, parents, material support is necessary.

Continuous high-grade support of children by tutors is a need. While we have no profession "tutor" and compensation of such expert adequate to functional duties. But I believe that ice has got under way, and our education system will cease to be uncontested, nonflexible in relation to children with autism.

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