Celebrities with diabetes of

Celebrities with diabetes of

Edson Arantis du Nasimenta, known to the world as Pele

Brazilian футболит has diabetes since the early childhood. Pele takes the 1st place in the List of the greatest football players of the XX century according to the World Soccer magazine version, the athlete of century according to the version the IOC, the player of century by FIFA.

At teenage age insulinozavisimy diabetes (the SD former name of 1 type) has been found in Pele. Pele has completely refused the sugar use, having passed to an albuminous and fatty diet, and continuous and high physical activities (football trainings) stimulated inclusion of a reserve way of power supply through utilisation of fats.

Celebrities with diabetes of

Angelina Jolie

American actress, director and screenwriter, model, goodwill ambassador of the United Nations.

The owner of the award "Oscar", three «Gold globes» (the first of the actresses, three years in a row won an award) and two awards of Guild of film actors of the USA.

Had gestational diabetes during pregnancy.

Celebrities with diabetes of

Tom Hanks

American actor and producer. Has begun career in comedies for family viewing ("Big", 1988), but by forty years has achieved universal recognition as the serious drama actor and has received two awards "Oscar" — for leading roles in films "Philadelphia" (1993) and "Forrest Gamp" (1994) — is one of two actors in the history of the world cinema, two years in a row winning these award.

Tom Hanks has diabetes of the second type what not so long ago admitted to the public.

According to him, within several years before diagnosis statement it had a raised level of sugar in blood. Also the role was played by weight fluctuations. The actor has gathered superfluous kilogrammes and experts have warned that for the diabetes prevention he should grow thin. Tom Hanks, having gained 13, 5 kg, has grown thin for 22,5 kg, however it it has appeared insufficiently. The actor does not despond, emphasising that now the illness is under control.

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Salma Hayek

Meksikano-amerikansky actress, director, producer and singer. The most successful Latin American actress in Hollywood. Has acted in more than 30 films. The first Mexican who has been nominated for the award "Oscar" for Best Actress (2003).

During pregnancy at the actress gestational diabetes has developed

Celebrities with diabetes of


Eldar Aleksandrovich Ryazanov

Russian and Soviet film director, screenwriter, actor, teacher, TV presenter, writer, poet, playwright, producer. National actor of the USSR. The director of such known films as «Carnival night» (1956), «Beware of the car» (1966), "Twist Of Fate or Happy Bathing!" (1975), "Office romance" (1977), «Silent whirlpools» (2000) and others.

Celebrities with diabetes of

Larry King

The American TV reporter conducting the Larry King Live talk show from 1985 to 2010, since July 2012 keeps the Larry King Now program on the Russia Today America channel.

On video – Larry King’s interview to the American diabetic society (in English).

Vyacheslav Nevinny

Soviet and Russian stage and film actor. National actor of the USSR.

Completeness which gives to heroes Innocent unique charm, – risk factor of many diseases. Including diabetes. To Vyacheslav Mikhaylovich ordered a strict diet. But the actor could not force to eat itself on a mode. Complication has appeared terrible – foot gangrene. Innocent have begun to treat, however the illness has gone too far – to Vyacheslav Mikhalovich in 2005 have amputated foot of the left foot, in 2006 – right.

Celebrities with diabetes of

Lyudmila Georgiyevna Zykina

Soviet and Russian variety singer, performer of Russian national songs, Russian romances, variety songs.

Celebrities with diabetes of

Michael Silvestre Stallone

American actor, director, screenwriter and producer. Has acted in film in a great number of fighters, including in the Rambo, Rocca and Uncontrollable series. By results for 2012, the general cash desk of films from Stallone as the actor has made 3,7 billion dollars.

Has diabetes of the first type.

Celebrities with diabetes of

Alec Baldwin

American actor, film director, representative of an actor’s dynasty Bolduinov. Owner of awards «Gold globe» and "Emmie".

«I have refused sugar, – the actor at Screen Actor Guild Awards ceremony has told. – I have grown thin for 30 pounds in four months. It is surprising!»

According to Baldwin, he also is engaged in Pilates and yoga and when does not train, simply tries to eat less. «I very much watch it, – the actor admitted. – But sugar was my real murderer – in it there was the main reason of diabetes».

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Holl Berri

American film actress. Winner of the awards "Oscar" (2002), «The gold globe» (2000) and "Emmie" (2000).

The diagnosis diabetes have put, when she was only 22 years old. At that time the girl has been involved in miniseries shootings «Live dolls». During the record Berry has felt into a coma, physicians diagnosed for it diabetes. As Holl Berri repeatedly noted, it became for it a peculiar gift as it had possibility to look back back, to rethink the past, to draw conclusions and to continue advance.

On a question that allows it to keep Holl’s magnificent shape somehow has answered:

«I am a diabetic. I need to go in for sports constantly as it is an excellent way of prevention of complications of diabetes. I simply have no other exit – I am obliged to remain harmonous».

Celebrities with diabetes of

Sharon Stone

American actress, producer and former model. Kavalerstvenny lady of the French Award of arts and literature.

On an inevitable journalistic question: «Your secret?» – Stone answers shortly:

«I eat a little and almost I do not drink alcohol. Moderation in everything».

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Elvis Presley

American singer and actor, one of the most commercially successful performers of the XX century, «King of a rock’n’roll»

Celebrities with diabetes of

Elizabeth Taylor

The Anglo-American actress, «the queen of Hollywood» period of its blossoming, three times awarded the awards "Oscar" (two — for Best Actress, one — special). The first actress, whose fee for shootings in the film has made one million dollars.

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Thomas Edison

World famous American inventor and businessman. Edison has received in the USA 1093 patents and about 3 thousand in other countries of the world. It has improved telegraph, phone, cinematographic equipment, has developed one of the first commercially successful options of the electric filament lamp, has invented a phonograph. He has suggested to use at the beginning of telephone conversation a word "hallo".

Has died in 1931 in the house because of the developed complication of diabetes. Insulin have started to apply in 1926, but to the 31st therapy by insulin yet was not hit due distribution.

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Armen Djigarkhanyan

Armenian, Soviet and Russian stage and film actor, director of theatre, teacher. National actor of the USSR.

Celebrities with diabetes of

Mikhail Boyarsky

Soviet and Russian stage and film actor, singer, TV presenter, honoured artist RSFSR (1984), National actor RSFSR (1990).

From interview to "Komsomolskaya Pravda":

– Abuse of alcohol and and impossibility to watch a food during tours have led me to pancreatitis, – with disarming frankness there has begun Boyarsky.

About 25 years ago at a dacha, having eaten well shish kebabs and having washed down this business by a large number of alcohol, I have woken up in the morning with feeling of pain in a pancreas. Thought – poisoning. Therefore has decided to extinguish everything beer. It has not turned out. Vodka too has not gone. Became even worse. At night not to fall asleep. Nausea constant. Pains everything are stronger … Next day has tried to drink – again does not go. Have caused "Fast". And then I have almost lost memory. Has lain in reanimation of 10 days.

It was sharp pancreatitis, the strongest attack. To me have forbidden to eat that is possible for normal people, and have told not to drink at least two years. I дотерпел hardly. When there was a term, has strong drunk. Just for New year. Consequences has not felt. Has gone on a tour. And again so has taken! Me directly from a concert – in reanimation.

And so within 5-7 years. From performance – in hospital, and for 10 days without memory. Lay with children – "Afghans". They shout, I shout – together it seems easier.

Gradually pains began to disappear. Even when drank. Apparently, has begun панкреанекроз – pancreas dying off. It has led to diabetes. Now I am pricked by insulin. I know what to hope practically there is nothing. Nobody won this illness. But the "professional" patient I am not going to become. I despise this business. Me offends that it is stronger. So do not do of me the disabled person!»

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Mikhaiil Sergeeevich Gorbachev

Soviet, Russian state, political and public figure.

Last secretary general of the Central Committee of CPSU. Last Chairman of Presidium of the Supreme Council of the USSR, then first chairman of the Supreme Council of the USSR. First and last President of the USSR.

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Edgar Allan On

The American writer, the poet, the literary critic and the editor, is the representative of the American romanticism. The greatest popularity has received for the "gloomy" stories. Founder of a form of a modern detective. Edgar Poe’s creativity promoted emergence of a genre of science fiction.

Celebrities with diabetes of