How to become the successful social businessman?

How to become the successful social businessman?

«Why I (my child, the loved one) became a disabled person? For what to me it?» Similar questions at least time in life visit everyone who on a personal experience has learnt how it is difficult and offensive – not to be able to do that with ease people around do. Discussions on this subject, likely, will not stop never, after all and disabled people treat themselves differently. Someone aspires to overcome by all means an illness, someone accepts itself(himself) such what is, developing those possibilities with which the nature has allocated, someone becomes isolated, someone, on the contrary, waits from help and support people around.

Civilizational call and philosophy

How to become the successful social businessman?

Disability discussion as «civilizational call» has inflamed on March 28 on a round table at the Baumansky university devoted to start of the Program of support of projects of social business in the field of the solution of problems of people with limited possibilities of health «Technology of possibilities» However, and the program as soon it has become clear, has not only economic and social, but also philosophical roots.

About them the director of the Head educational and research and methodical centre of professional rehabilitation of persons has started talking to limited possibilities of health (hard of hearing persons) at the beginning of meeting at MGTU of AD Bauman Alexander Stanevsky. It has reminded that with life improvement of quality the number of disabled people grows in the world also. «In the various countries today from 10 to 20 % of the population are recognised as disabled people. Everything depends on a technique of determination of disability: in developing countries as disabled people recognise people with more expressed restrictions of health, than in advanced. In conversation with the deputy minister of China on work I have somehow asked:“ How many at you disabled people?” She has thought and has told:“ It is a lot of”. In half a year we have met at other conference, she has approached and has told:“ 200 million”. We have in Russia officially 13 million disabled people, not including people with limited possibilities of health. Chinese solve a problem of providing disabled people, investing big money in their education. They, according to Confucius, give them in hands a fishing tackle, without giving fish. My acquaintance is convinced: otherwise any, even the most advanced economy of the world will not extend such burden».

One of tasks of the new program, according to her initiators, just also consists in helping those people with disability which want it, to turn from dependents into economically independent members of society. As one of founding fathers, the director for development of Laboratory of social innovations of the Cloudwatcher company Ivan Biryukov has explained, the program should create constantly operating platform on support of projects, which:

•            are initiated by people with OVZ,

•            are directed on production of the goods and services for people with OVZ,

•            mean employment of people with OVZ.

«Advantage will be had, other things being equal, by projects which fall under two or even under all three criteria», – he has emphasised.

Social business – favourably and vdokhnovlyayushche

How to become the successful social businessman?

Similar projects can be carried to the category of social business – financially steady, not subsidised economic activity directed on the solution of social problems. Participants of a round table repeatedly noted that for the person working in this sphere, its social results are not less important, than economic. The video address of the founder of Solar Ear firm Howard Weinstein, the elderly man with sad eyes became a striking example of such approach to business. It is remarkable that he anybody for anything did not call, and has simply told the story.

20 years ago, when Weinstein lived in London and worked in the large company, at it 10-year-old daughter Sara has died. The safe world has failed, since in life Howard first of all felt as the father. «Soon me have discharged from office as I could not make profit of the company» any more, – it quietly ascertained. Through any time Weinstein has gone to Africa the volunteer of one of the charitable organisations. There in the first day of work to it the woman with the black girl has addressed. She has told that the girl – her schoolgirl, call her Sar. It broke the hearing aid, and new there is no place to take … Howard has decided that it is a destiny sign. In few minutes he was surprised even more, having learnt that the girl was born on the same day and year, as his daughter.

Having taken up the problems of people with a hearing disorder, Weinstein has learnt that in Africa sharply does not suffice not only hearing aids, but even batteries. The idea to create and start in production accumulators which can be charged from solar batteries so was born. For this reason the firm has been called Solar Ear – a solar ear. (Today its headquarters is in the Brazilian Sao Paulo.) People have been involved in work on the project with hearing problems. After her employees have created the software for diagnostics of hearing which can be loaded on the ordinary laptop. It has solved a problem of inspection of patients where there is no stationary medical equipment. «Here 12 years I again feel a father», – Howard Weinstein has summed up the story.

After viewing Alexander Stanevsky has added: «In each of us can grow up the evil, and can – good. When the trouble comes, it is impossible to ask God:“ For what have punished me?” You have simply allocated before all. That will be farther – depends on you. The human grief has opened in Howard new possibilities for good. The person has not become embittered, has not fallen, he has started to think of how to realise itself(himself) in other quality».

The symbol of social business was offered also by the director general of representation of the German pharmaceutical company Boehringer Ingelheim in Russia Ivan Blanarik. «The idea cannot be embodied, if does not receive an economic basis, – he has noticed. – The Innovatsionnost should be supplemented with stability. Social business is not the disposable help. It should have powerful roots which will provide stability. And from above – flexible branches which fray a rain and a wind. Not to break, they need to be able to adapt. Such combination of traditions and ability to adapt to changing life – guarantee of success».

How to become the successful social businessman?

To a word: the Boehringer Ingelheim company is engaged more than 130 years in production, development and introduction of new medical preparations. Today it the fourth generation of a family founder operates. Some years the company sponsors large social projects in Russia. Involuntarily you ask a question: why it is necessary to them?

However, on a round table it has become clear that it is necessary not only to "it". The head of Management on development and support of social business of Fund of regional social programs «Our future» Irina Pavlova has noted that their fund is founded by the head of Lukoil Vagit Alikperov and exists on his personal means, and then has reminded of an Achilles’ heel of charity:« Charity is often necessary, but is not always effective. Change of position of separate corporations which supported large charitable programs, shows that it is necessary to involve businessmen in the solution of these problems, to give them necessary tools which will allow to carry out safely social mission and to have positive social impact on life».  It is told in a flowery style, but in a basis – speech about the same roots which should feed any good business. Otherwise those who has received today "fish", can quite remain tomorrow hungry. So I dare to assume that charity of large businessmen relies not only on emotions, but also on pragmatic calculation: the better there lives society, the business is stabler.

To see not a problem, and possibility

How to become the successful social businessman?

One more important feature of social business was noted by Ivan Biryukov. «Where all society sees only a problem, the social businessman sees possibility. Our project is called “Technologies of possibilities” because we are convinced: existence of these or those features at his participants adds them certain possibilities. Those projects of students of Baumanka which we already saw, have confirmed our thought. They possess enormous examination of the market since they it is better than the foreign producer understand, what exactly is necessary for the consumer».

I will not hide: the perception of disability as features which, under certain conditions, can give to the person odds in comparison with competitors, was pleasant to me. Certainly, any disability and not in any conditions can "shoot" not. But nevertheless … The interesting example such was given by the vice-president of association of businessmen «the Support of Russia» Nikolay Nikolaev. Muscovite Roman Kolpakov after a trauma moves on a carriage. Has bought the car, such that it was convenient to go most. But soon it has become clear that available transport too is necessary to many familiar kolyasochnik … Today in its Invataksi firm – 4 cars equipped for transportation of people on carriages. The novel has reached it, without being guided by projects.

This example proves once again: social business in Russia – already reality. But support that it has grown from the category of individual initiatives in steady structure on which the state in the solution of social problems can lean is necessary to it. After all who as not knows to disabled people and their relatives better, how the convenient carriage or a pencil for the child with the cerebral spastic infantile paralysis heavy form should look. The main thing – to help these people to believe in itself, to open their internal resources for an embodiment of the knowledge in life.

«Entering on the road of social business, you will appear are capable of much bigger result than if worked only for itself, – has emphasised, addressing to students Baumanki, Alexander Stanevsky. – Before you one more road opens. Once Winston Churchill has told:“ When I approach to an ocean coast, I see before myself an infinite number of roads”. I want, that you had this feeling of freedom».

However the project is turned not only to baumanets, but also to all Russians who want to begin the matter in the status of the social businessman. To become his participants, they need to come simply on a site and to fill the demand. Organizers do not guarantee material support by everything, but promise to show consideration for each initiative.