How to live the own way. Completely immobilised person became one of the best system administrators in the country

How to live the own way. Completely immobilised person became one of the best system administrators in the country

In the phrase «helpless situation» Alexander steadily quotes the first word.

The person whom the hand do not obey and feet – is helpless? And if it thus successfully works, studies in foreign higher education institution, wins on the Olympic Games which is led by the international IT company?.

There is nothing quicker than thought

In August the training centre of IBA corporation has held in Belarus the Olympic Games on bases of system administration among people with limited possibilities.

Completely paralysed inhabitant of Borisov Alexander Makarchuk has carried out of a task the first, having come off the second result for 40 minutes.

How to live the own way. Completely immobilised person became one of the best system administrators in the country

Alexander operates the cursor by means of a voice. From outside similar to ritual chants: «э – e-e» – the cursor has run up, "a-a-a-a" – to the right, "about-at-ue" … At first words as if squeeze on the screen on a small letter, then, in process of accumulation by the user of experience and expansion of a lexicon of the program, are strewed by peas. For those to whom technical details are important, I will specify: Alexander operates the cursor by means of the Vokal Joystick program, typing the text on the screen Comfort Keys Pro keyboard which "remembers" the gathered words.

Without the diagnosis, without the certificate

Alexander has fallen ill with the seventeen-year fellow: after a dinner has suddenly felt weakness and dizziness, has lain down to have a rest – and literally in an hour "fast" already carried it to infectious hospital. Doctors treated for food poisoning, but after an extract at the boy the right hand and a foot have started to weaken.

Experts came out with different assumptions: stroke, hereditary neuromuscular disease, brain tumour … Inspections and the genetic analysis have nullified the majority of assumptions. By this time Alexander has completely lost mobility.

Life for it remained movement, but only not in physical sense of a word.

– I have thrown school to an illness because mother drank, have been deprived of the parental rights. We grew with the younger brother, and I in 17 years had to go on building by the general worker. Then I just limped and owned a weakening right hand.

And it has turned out that the senior classes has ended, being already adult and married, teachers came to the house. Having received the certificate, has arrived on distance learning in Interregional social institute of the Russian Federation.

How to live the own way. Completely immobilised person became one of the best system administrators in the countrySurvival lessons

I married already the disabled person, the friend has acquainted with the good girl. We have divorced five years ago. I at first was angry, certainly. Though I understand: to live with the disabled person difficult. I have an one-room flat on the second floor, I on the street did not leave it. All the time each other in the face of, without the right to go to the room is heavy to be.

Now I know well: for any, even the most bitter, life experience, it is necessary to thank the lucky stars. But I do not want to remember it once again.

When has divorced, to me mother has moved. But she still drinks, and I do not take out drinking people. Therefore it has not turned out to live at us together.

Having remained one, on the Internet tried to find people who could look after me in exchange for accommodation. Dangerously, of course, in my condition to leave such announcements. The guy has come, for example, I say to it that it is necessary to the district police officer to show passport data, because militia in a course of my activity. And he answers, it is impossible for it to be shone: in search. It at me has lived some time while the questions solved, and has left. We well with it lived, I do not know, for what reason of trouble at it with the law.

I am not so defenceless, as it seems. There are friends who worry if a couple of hours do not see me in Skype, start to call, find out that happened.

To open in itself the teacher

Eventually I have got acquainted with a family which has taken away me in the house on the suburb of Borisov. They have a son sixth-grader with whom I am engaged as the tutor. Lessons it is done, English we study. In three months it with me English has adjusted to the level provided by the school program – has started to read, understand texts.

I enjoy communication with people, from lessons with this boy. In me the teacher has woken up: in youth I with pleasure was engaged with the younger brother, cousin and three times removed relatives. I very patient, I am difficult for driving up the wall. I look for approaches, I am not lazy many times to repeat.

Itself too I study, on chair of civil law and process at the Russian interregional social institute. Why Russia? Remote education in Belarus is developed very badly, specialities no more than one or two, generally programming. And I do not love mathematics – at heart the humanist.

There are no helpless provisions

The law — is possibilities if it is a question of the Russian labour market. And this speciality suits the disabled person: even owning only one voice, it is possible to advise in Skype.

Parallel to study I work in investment company of St. Petersburg. I want to collect the necessary sum and to try treatment by stem cells. I much about it read, I know that some patients are restored.

Now my candidate is considered to a position of the system administrator. On the Olympic Games IBA has won the certificate on free training and possibility of passing of the international certification on system administration. The international certificate allows to work distantly as the manager in any country of the world.

A few years ago I have created a site «Without restrictions» – It for those who as I, have appeared in "helpless" situation. Filled it with information the unique purpose — to show that at any restrictions it is possible to help to itself or the loved one. And helping itself, you lay a way to another.

How to live the own way. Completely immobilised person became one of the best system administrators in the country

Recently thanks to a site has got acquainted with the girl, at which the genetic disease destroying a connecting fabric. It cannot long do anything – to move, type the text, to speak.

The girl took from me lessons of using the voice program. But the voice at it too sits down, therefore her husband programmer has written for it the AfaClick program which as has helped also to me – with management of the computer, Huge to it thanks!

One more visitor after 50 years has started to weaken, speech was gradually gone even. Now it lies, and the only thing that can – to turn the head. His relatives left on me, and I have found the program which allows to operate the cursor head turn.

While the person is live – it can move a finger or change the look direction, speak, think, somewhere aspire – it not in helpless situation.

Video: On the site Alexander tells, how expanded the possibilities

How to live the own way. Completely immobilised person became one of the best system administrators in the country

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