Bitter money: three histories from life

Bitter money: three histories from life

History first

Anastas Matveevn sobs in a tube:

– The girl, what to do to me? Perhaps tablets to get drunk? It is possible how so to live? Hardly the house has reached, slightly under the car has not got, well any man has picked up … Me all shakes … What to me to do?

This question is set by all elderly people who have taken the credit. How many such all over the country, it is difficult to tell, but about a quarter of grandmothers and the grandfathers addressing for financial support to the hot line of the help elderly funds «An old age in pleasure» and «Mercy addresses», завязли in the credits. And if the youth on the rash credits pushes desire of beautiful life, at elderly everything is much more prosy and more terrible — these are diseases, the poverty, collapsing housing.

Seventy-year Anastas Matveevn from Novosibirsk is taken by the credit not for the first time, she already bought thus to herself a fur coat. But, as well as many, brought up in the Soviet Union, she trusts people and knows about the cruel world of business a little. For the first time girls shop assistants have honest and in detail told everything about the credit and an interest rate, and the grandmother has slowly paid it. Therefore, when it has spent all accumulation for operation on cataract removal, without doubting has gone to bank. In black glasses, almost seeing nothing. Has asked 20 thousand, to it have told that the sum is too small, and have given out 56 000. It has returned at once 15 thousand to cash desk. The grandmother very much asked the bank worker to tell that is written in the contract (if healthy people sometimes should read a small print through a magnifying glass what to speak about the elderly person moreover and after operation on eyes). That has assured that everything is all right. In some months of regular payments of Anastas Matveevn has come in bank to specify, how many she needed to pay. From the sounded sum, the grandmother it became bad, but tears do not affect banks: the signature under the contract costs, and that there to it the manager has not told – already excites nobody. Therefore now the grandmother drinks soothing and does not know, to whom to address.

Bitter money: three histories from life

History second

At other heroine of our history, Natalia Ilyinichna, difficult character. Perhaps therefore the relations at it are not got on with children. To live in loneliness in the collapsing wooden house with oven heating to not easy any, and it is almost impossible for the disabled person. Therefore Natalia Ilyinichna has decided to move to the flat. She has received housing, but there was it worse, than previous: neither bathroom equipment, nor doors (including entrance) … And here the grandmother has decided on the credit. But whether in the Ryazan region banks others, whether people, but in one bank have not given the credit to it. And it would be very good, if not the numerous offices which are giving out microloans for percent simply not keeping within the head. A certain firm with pleasure has supplied the elderly lonely woman with money only for 4 % … in a week. As a result the payment sum by the end of the year doubles. And weekly payments and persuasive calls with threats do life of office simply intolerable.

History third

Galina Petrovna from Moscow area called to complain of neighbours. It is habitual. And then, as an avalanche — the story about family life. Hotly beloved son on whom all forces have been put, has given up study at military university, has wanted easy money, as a result it has appeared is dismissed from army without pension, with the wife and with the child on hands. Works as the courier. But also to it, and the wife it is burdensome to live for one salary, therefore the man all in the credits which give out to it almost without documents. It after all is young — means is solvent. And behind it on banks as the shadow, goes mother and begs to reconsider contracts. After all from a salary of the courier to pay to bank there is nothing, and pension of parents — it is so convenient. The father continues to work to cover debts of the son and somehow to survive. Says that will work to the last gasp, and the son does not leave. Mother too protects the child and abuses banks, which all the same whom to give out the credit. And despite very close acquaintance with a banking system because of the son, parents too have taken the credit — on the car that the aged father could work and further. And then all as usual: the grandfather has got to hospital with a stroke. For delay of payments for already unnecessary car the bank has exposed penalties. Nobody will assort, why the borrower does not pay, and to Galina Petrovna had no time for pieces of paper while it nursed the husband. The grandfather has got out, again works, pays the credits: and the, and son. And his wife in tears asks:

– How you think, can, me to get divorced from husband?

– Why to divorce? – from surprise I at all do not know what to tell.

– He after all and will pay for the son … And I so cannot any more … We forty years together … How think, to divorce?

Names are changed

Co-ordinator of «The hot line» Lydia Amelicheva

Bitter money: three histories from life

The leader of a heading «The right to life» Vera Brezgina makes comments:

 «To pensioners offered the credits under 473 billion percent a year»

Several years ago such problem as the credits at the Russian pensioners was not. Banks reluctantly worked with them and if agreed, exposed mass of protecting conditions and to a limit complicated possibility of the conclusion of the contract. However so far the situation has strikingly changed. The consumer credits became mass and available, offices on delivery of microloans – at every turn, there are even specialised banks which are guided by crediting of the pensioners having the guaranteed, stable income in the form of pensions.

How small as a result there is a font in documents and what huge percent – business the second. But it is necessary to stipulate at once that the financial organisations even suffering from unreasonable greed, do not break the law. Trustful old men (and, it is necessary to recognise, not only they, but also many and many irresponsible people are younger) agree on the offered conditions.

Though, it is necessary to recognise, sometimes thirst of a profit accepts such forms that in any gate. So, for example, two years ago the Businessman edition has become interested in the companies which gave out the credits to the population in the "Russian Post" territory. Rates on them made 53,3 % a week, that is 473 billion percent a year. After grandiose scandal to which was much promoted by the bloggers revolted with the actual robbery of financially illiterate pensioners, mikrozaymovy offices a little поумерили activity. But services of the credit organisations "Russian Post" advances still.

By estimates of the "News", based on data Incorporated credit мюро, since the beginning 2013 till May, 2014 the share of pensioners among borrowers has grown from 6,6 % to 8,4 % from total number of borrowers. And the same time a share of able-bodied population in total number of the Russians who have issued the credit, on the contrary, is reduced. Not to resort to debt funds try both citizens of middle age, and youth.

Banks finance pensioners to cover losses from other unsettled debts

About that the zacreditovannost of elderly borrowers grows frightening rates, writes and, pointing to data of National bureau of credit histories. And at citizens 60 years a share of the provided credits below, than at other age groups – 15 % are more senior. And debt on credit cards, on the contrary, the highest – 21 %.

Financial ombudsman Pavel Medvedev tells that in his practician there were cases when pensioners, trying to extinguish one credit at the expense of another, gathered as a result till 20-30 the credits for some millions. And it not swindlers who gain tens credits for short term, and decent, but naive people. Medvedev believes that banks in such cases quite imagine a financial position of the clients. «See they could, in this case banks passively promoted that the person has appeared in an emergency», – it has explained, making comments on one of stories about the pensioners who have gathered the excessive credits.

«According to experts to give out the credits to pensioners and students, that is people with stable, but the scanty income, some banks are forced by a zacreditovannost of the population and need to cover volume of unsettled debts. As to ordinary citizens, they should count, whether can pay off with the credit. No instruction of the Central Bank will protect the person gathering one credit behind another», – draws a conclusion the edition, provide informal data that all Russians owe about 120 billion rubles.

Bitter money: three histories from life

Equipment of financial safety

Experts of a portal remind that in the next years the country sharp reduction of number of citizens at able-bodied age expects. So the share of pensioners among client base of the credit organisations will grow only. How to be saved from a debt hole when there is a lot of offers?

First, it is necessary to understand that the cheap credits do not happen. Any bank will not work to itself at a loss. Secondly, it is obligatory to find out real cost of the credits – that is the overpayment sum for all term of crediting. By the way, any bank in advertising leaflets will not specify this sum, it can be found out only at the personal address.

Besides, it is necessary to find out accurately the size of the commission for issuance of credit, the size of the monthly commission; cost of release and card service for credit clearing, commission cost for maintaining and service of the credit account, commission cost for early clearing of the credit. Not the superfluous will learn also, whether has bank the right to change tariffs and conditions during crediting term, and also to resell your debts to kollektorsky agencies.

One more important point is an insurance. In the most favourable case in an insurance release of the client from payment of the credits in case of an illness or death can be stipulated.

And the most important – do not sign some any papers if you do not know or not up to the end understand their contents. Do not hope on "perhaps". Personal bankruptcy in Russia does not exist, so, banks and collectors will "squeeze out" of clients debts up to the end.

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