The reporting from sports paradise

The reporting from sports paradise

Why the trainer of the Paralympic national team of Ukraine on firing from onions finds potential athletes on the street, for what reasons kolyasochnik in panic are afraid some water, why to instructors in swimming to know a sign language and how to become the champion of Europe after amputation of feet? Journalists of the newspaper «Crimean Telegraf» have decided to spend one day in the National centre of Paralympic and deflimpiysky preparation and rehabilitation of disabled people (NTs «Ukraine) in пгт Zaozernoye (Evpatoria), finding out, why disabled people from all Ukraine call it «sports paradise».

Paralimpiytsa: the champion without feet

Initially the centre was created as a platform where Paralympic and deflimpiysky athletes can train, and till today it remains the main direction of work of a complex. Basketball players on wheelchairs, chess players with hearing problems, fencers with cerebral spastic infantile paralysis — the national teams replace one another. However, we with the press photographer manage to look only at training of the Paralympic national team of Ukraine on firing from onions — other athletes have today a day off.

The reporting from sports paradise

«Generally we train in Lviv, but have this time decided to arrive here» — the senior trainer of the national team Oleg Ilyashenko, very tall grey-haired man explains.

Such geographical preferences are easily explainable: almost all athletes of the national team, except for three people, from this city. In conversation it becomes clear what to gather and hold the national team not so simply, the youth in general has not enough. «See that guy? So I simply on the street have found it! — the trainer whispers to me, nodding on one of archers. — I look, the guy goes, strongly limps, so I to us and have called him». It would seem, with such trial and error method of athletes far you will not leave, however the trainer the business knows — in the national team some champions and in command offset the Ukrainian archers became winners in the European championship.

One of the best sportswomen of team Roksolana Dzyoba-Balyan (she says the name on West Ukrainian of manners — Roksolyana) now just smokes aside. At the sight of me diligently hides a cigarette for a wheelchair. As it becomes clear, the woman not always uses in such a way movement — goes on artificial limbs more often. In seventeen years it has got under a train and remained without both feet. The majority of people after the such would give itself up as a bad job and would be closed in the flat, living the days alone. Roksolana became the champion of Europe, has successfully married the second time and brings up two daughters.

The reporting from sports paradise Between lines: love stories

However, the story about happy family life of a kolyasochnik can surprise someone only outside of the centre. In NTs "Ukraine" for a long time have got used to similar stories. The Artem Burich, one of organizers of camp of active rehabilitation (LAR), young спорт­смен on a wheelchair, has met the darling in sanatorium of Burdenko, and they live five years together.

From Kiev Oleg Polozyuk in general without exaggeration it is possible to call the athlete an example for imitation for all people with limited possibilities — he is the master of sports on swimming, works in Kiev as the lawyer, and recently has arranged also private life: has got acquainted in the centre with the nurse, and two years they are unseparable.

But, undoubtedly, it is possible to consider as the most known love story the relations of a kolyasochnik from Kerch Oleg Kolpakov and реабилитолога Maryana Gordinskoy which became known thanks to show «I dance for you». In 2008 the girl took part in the program, hoping to achieve dream of the elect — to construct a workshop on service of wheelchairs. It is difficult to present more improper each other people — active, expressional Maryana from Lviv and philosophically adjusted, with a certain laziness in a voice and actions Oleg from Kerch. They could not be together — have run up. However it does not prevent them to work still in the centre.

Oleg meets us to take away in a sports and improving complex where participants of LAR just are engaged. On the road I ask on private life, and it, pulling a small beard a la Boris Grebenshchikov, tells that it has now new relations, but details does not hurry to share.

The reporting from sports paradise New horizons: rugby and боча

If Oleg tells about private life frostily, it is necessary to start conversation on rugby as it becomes extremely garrulous. The guy was fond of sports game a few years ago. Remembers that then were engaged only on enthusiasm.

Oleg Kolpakov, regbist-kolyasochnik from Kerch:

«We have arrived somehow on competitions to Poland, and we even sports had no carriages. So to us local athletes the distances that we could take part».

The reporting from sports paradise

Now the situation has changed for the better: on competitions to Germany this year Ukrainians already went by the carriages. Everyone — cost of five thousand euros. It is clear that the majority of athletes do not presume to itself such expensive stock, the National committee of sports of disabled people of Ukraine at the expense of which means the team can leave somewhere to the aid comes.

However, while the official Paralympic national team on rugby in Ukraine is not present. And here the national team on боче is almost created. Athletes hope that can take part in the next Paralympic games. For now share the skills with participants of LAR.

The reporting from sports paradise Camp of active rehabilitation: to overcome itself

After visit of a sports and improving complex we appear on the sports ground. «Have gone down on a step — have fixed a carriage! It is not necessary to overcome all steps at once — insuring can not hold» — the instructor shows how to overcome obstacles in a wheelchair. Discipline of «The technician of driving» — one of the most important in the LAR program., It seems, to sports of the direct relation it has no, but without similar skills movement on our cities becomes really extremely dangerous, here and instructors of participants of camp in ladders — with assistance and learn to go without, to climb up borders etc.

The first to test itself Andrey Bury leaves Chernigov. Says that such tasks are given it without effort — long ago has already accustomed itself to be independent in the city and to do without assistance. But for it occupations in the pool became serious test. Seven years ago it has appeared in a wheelchair because of an unsuccessful diving then of water procedures in panic was afraid. «It seemed that it is necessary to me to get to the pool as I will drown at once» — the guy shares experiences. And Andrey far not unique for whom swimming became the real call. Statistically, about 90 percent of "sheynik" — disabled people with injuries of a cervical vertebra — it just victims of accidents on water. It is really hard to them to decide to get into water again more often. About it to us already tell near the pool. Now them in the territory three — that all athletes had a possibility to train trouble-free.

Artem Burich, one of organizers of camp of active rehabilitation:

«Personally I do not remember such that someone from participants has refused occupations in the pool, all try to struggle with the fears and try to float».

We just stand on the brink of the pool where the children supported by volunteers try to swim. However, while at them not so it turns out — several occupations in the pool in ten days of camp obviously insufficiently that in water to feel free. Meanwhile many реабилитологи are convinced that swimming — one of the best modes of work with people with limited possibilities, it allows them to feel surer and independent.

About 90 percent of "sheynik" — disabled people with injuries of a cervical vertebra — are victims of accidents on water

The reporting from sports paradise Sports sports centre: instructors versatile persons

In the pool one more group — too participants of camp, but another — sports and sports in parallel is engaged. People take part in similar actions with the most different nozologiya — visually impaired, plokhoslyshashchy, with problems of musculoskeletal system (the cerebral spastic infantile paralysis, the amputated extremities) and with limited mental abilities.

From the pool to us the young lady in a diving suit comes up. Marina Tereshchenko should see off in the pool on многу hours in day — she is the instructor in swimming so without such equipment even in warmed-up water she would feel uncomfortably. Unlike trainers of LAR, it should change work tactics constantly: each nosology demands the approach. For example, productively to work with deaf-mutes, it has specially learnt a sign language.

The reporting from sports paradise

Marina Tereshchenko, instructor in swimming:

«They have quite closed community. To gain their trust, it is necessary to be as they».

For people with problems of hearing it is necessary to show everything, practically they receive all information visually. Blind people in water feel absolutely vulnerable, completely lose orientation. They, on the contrary, should explain everything words, to give the full picture of a situation.

Marina Tereshchenko:

«The more information to them you will tell, the more quietly they will feel themselves».

For people with limited mental capacities each movement is necessary to show uncountable quantity of times. And it is quite possible that to you will nod in reply, but as a result it will appear that the beginning athlete has understood nothing and it is necessary to repeat everything anew. So here without an enormous stock of patience not to manage.

As mixed, time for switching the instructor absolutely does not have all groups: now Marina an accurate and quiet voice describes all features of the pool for the blind swimmer, and in a minute all same information explains on fingers for the deaf.

In NTs "Ukraine" everything is made in order that people with limited possibilities felt most comfortably. The centre name became for a long time an availability synonym. For kolyasochnik the ramps here are equipped, all doors are thought over so that the disabled person could get to any room without assistance. For people with limited sight sidewalks are laid out by a tile of different flowers that it was easier to them to be guided. After such paradise as athletes admit, it is quite difficult to come back to the habitual environment of the cities where the bezbaryernost, despite loud national campaigns for its creation, remains the myth.

The reporting from sports paradise To a word

The centre has been created in 2002 as a platform for sports trainings of disabled athletes. Now it works on three main directions: here on trainings there come the national teams of Ukraine on Paralympic sports, and also here are carried out camp of active rehabilitation for people on wheelchairs and sports and sports camp for people with other nozologiya. Today in the country of analogues it is not present.

The total area of NTs "Ukraine" makes 56,3 hectares where 3,14 hectares of a beach and 11,2 hectares of the lake, in particular, enter. The land lot in пгт Zaozernoye has received the centre in rent for a period of 49 years

The centre in figures

  • For all 2003 in NTs "Ukraine" has passed only 10 actions. Only in nine months 2013 here it has been carried out already 116.
  • In 2003 the centre has accepted 509 disabled people.
  • In 2013 it was visited by more than 4 thousand people. In only ten years of NTs "Ukraine" has served nearly 43 thousand people.
  • In 2003 on the basis of the centre has passed three sports collecting, in 2013 of similar meropriyoyatiya here is 29.

The reporting from sports paradise

Educational program

Paralympic games — the international sports competitions for disabled people, except hard of hearing persons. Summer games are carried out since 1960, winter — from the 1976th.

Deflimpiysky games — sports competitions for people with a hearing disorder. Other name — the World games of deafs. The first time have passed in 1924 in Paris.

Evgenia Koroleva
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