15 feature films about diseases

15 feature films about diseases

It is good to know that your relatives are healthy. But at once can everything when you learn will change that someone from the native is incurably sick. Here some films telling about similar problems.

«I too»




In roles: Lola Duenyas, Pablo Pineda, Isabel Garcia Lorca, Antonio Naarro and others.

Not quite classical love story. To Daniel thirty four, a Down syndrome, it is unexpected for new acquaintances — tremendous sense of humour and study in higher education institution behind shoulders. He gets job and in the first day falls in love with Laura, the colleague. It is not too satisfied with the life and heats irritation in alcohol, spends time in bars and night clubs. History how one person, let even imperfect, can open the whole world for already matured, but still little girl.





In roles: Hugh Dancy, Rose Byrne, Peter Gallagher, Ami Irving, Frankie Feyzon and others.

The film about the lonely young man with Asperger’s syndrome (one of autism forms). Adam — the modest, shy and kind guy who is fond of astronomy and dreaming to find a soulmate. Once in the neighbourhood with it Bet, the dark-haired modest woman who sincerely is surprised to his behaviour and such openness settles.

Carefully, in the film there are sudden scenes with the person in a space suit behind a window and unexpected dialogues it seems «I has brought you a box of chocolates». — «I am not Forrest Gamp, well you understand». Actually, this film more modern, ridiculous and romantic continuation of the subject lifted in "Rain man" and "Forrest Gamp".

"Side by side"


USA, Canada


In roles: William H. Мейси, Kira Sedgwick, Katie Baker, Helen Mirren, Joel Brooks, Woody Dzheffris, Nancey Lenekhan, Romi Rouzmont and others.

Bill Porter has a cerebral paralysis, and it prevents it to live normally. The unique loved one for Bill — his mother. It helps to rise to the son on feet, it starts to work as the direct-sales representative in small firm "Watkins". Being the trading agent, Bill will constantly come across aggression from neighbours. The improbable patience and persistence help this, apparently, small person to find the place in life — to it award an award «Best dealer of year». Bill’s mother dies, it remains one. From friends — only assistant Shelley. Life is gradually adjusted, but … soon Bill gets under the bus. And круговерть it is started over again.

Six awards "Emmie", including to William Meysi for a leading role.

«Ocean paradise»




In roles: Jet Li, Russian Academy of Sciences Chen, Cheung Wen, Lunmey Kvay, Yuanyyuan Ru, Gao Yuanyyuan and others.

Jet Li, whom we have got used to see the hero of fighters («the Kiss of the Dragon», "Mummy-3", "Uncontrollable-2"), in this film plays not quite usual role — the parent.

The careful father of the son with autism for a second does not reflect on itself when doctors make to it the terrible diagnosis "cancer". The boy needs to live somehow further, to adapt to world around. And the father understands it.

«Ocean paradise» — is boundlessness of pure feelings which can arise between two dear people. The film that the love is capable to break through through all barriers. Especially parental.

"Untouchable" / «1+1»

Comedy drama



In roles: Francois Klyuz, Omar Si, Anne Le Ni, Audret Flero, Zhozefin de Maud, Clothilde Molle and others.

In the Russian hire "Untouchable" have translated as «1+1», and an occasion so to make really was. One — the rich aristocrat Philippe (Francois Klyuz) who has become the disabled person after flight on a paraplane, looks for to itself the assistant. Plus one — black guy Driss (Omar Si) to whom work, in general, also is not necessary even. The purpose of the young man — to receive Philippe’s signature under the necessary document and to issue to itself an unemployment benefit. But unexpectedly Philippe takes to itself Drissa — the native of Senegal who has no experience, but there are criminal bents, considerable interest to marihuana, women and dances. As a result the prudish palace turns into the house of chaos and excellent mood, and reserved aristocrat Philippe becomes the improbable adventurer. And after communication with Drissom he, by the way, any more is not afraid to get novels with fine women.

«In myself I dance»


Great Britain, Ireland, France


In roles: James Makeva, Stephen Robertson, Romola Garay, Gerrard Maksorli, Tom Hikki and others.

Michael has carried out all the life in the house for disabled people. Cerebral paralysis did not leave to it chances for normal twenty four years, as at all his contemporaries. When the young man absolutely has already despaired, the destiny has reduced it with the new patient of clinic of Rory O’Sha. The guy has appeared in a carriage because of Dyushenn’s muscular dystrophy. Despite it, it has not lost taste to life. Piercing in a nose, the decoloured hair, obscene jokes and improbable optimism. How here to remain indifferent? Near it Michael learns that such the real life. And even falls in love with the girl.

By the way, interesting fact. The actor whom (James Makeva) played Rory O’Sha, before shootings communicated with the people having muscular dystrophy of Dyushenn much. Also has found out that they prefer to remain in general unnoticed, if only for them did not feel sorry. Here and the film such has turned out: about anything be not sorry, every second — is fine.

«I — Sam»




In roles: Sean Penn, Michel Pfeiffer, Dakota Fanning, Dayenn Wiest, Lauretta Divayn and others.

Unforgettable an hour and a half with Sean Penn and Michel Pfeiffer. A film about endless parental love.

Small Lucy is brought up by the single father with a delay of mental development. To it forty, but actually — seven. Sam Douson lives on money which are brought to it by simple work of a posudomoyshchik. Lucy is not transferred a disease of the father, it grows the ordinary girl.

Social services found a family situation unacceptable: Lucy send in orphanage. Sam cannot and has no right to be given: he addresses to known to lawyer Rita Williams. In the film there are a lot of questions, attempts to answer them, and also songs The Beatles.

«Created a miracle»

Biographic drama



In roles: Ann Bancroft, Victor Dzhori, Inga Suenson, Andrew Prine, Cathleen Komegis and others.

You do not see, you do not hear, you are a writer. Play adaptation «Created a miracle» the American playwright William Gibson, based on real events.

Helen Keller in one and a half years has lost sight and hearing and grew, at all without understanding that occurs around, without knowing how to communicate with people who surround it. But improbable commitment of the teacher which has appeared at Helen in seven years, let’s to the girl lose to all other and the life. Helen has learnt to speak, adapted for the outside world and became the first not hearing and blind person who has graduated. «Created a miracle» not the unique screen version of the biography of Helen Keller — in 2005 in India there was a film «Last hope», based on history of life of the American writer.


Biographic drama



In roles: Robert De Niro, Robin Williams, John Heard, Juli Kavner and others.

Modest and not indifferent doctor Malkolm Seyer (Robin Williams) uses experimental medicines. Its purpose — to deduce from a katatonichesky stupor of patients which have survived after epidemic of lethargic encephalitis. All of them have spent many years in one pose and throughout this time could not to communicate with anybody, in fact, being in consciousness. Medicine which was used by doctor Seyer, really helps, but for a while. Gradually his wards come back to the former condition. Despite it, the doctor continues desperate fight for life of the people locked in the body. The film is shot based on the autobiographical book of neurologist Oliver Saks with the same name.

"Scent of a Woman"




In roles: Al Pacino, Chris O’Donnell, James Rebkhorn, Gabriel Anwar, Phillip Seymour Hoffman and others.

American remake of the Italian film with the same name. The ex-colonel of investigation Frank Sleyd is disappointed in life and is going to commit suicide. He was too tired of own helplessness and loneliness. On Thanksgiving Day the former colonel goes to New York. He intends to have a rest very well at last: smart limousine, refined dishes and drinks, and also, naturally, beautiful women.

However, relatives worry for Frank (after all both eyes do not see it) a little and employ to it the young guide. Surprisingly after that the trip becomes where it is more interesting.

«Beyond silence»

Musical drama



In roles: Sylvie Testyu, Tatyana Trib, Howie Sigo, Emmanuelle Labori, Sibylle Kanonika and others.

Lara was born the healthy child in a family of deafs. Long time it connected two worlds: the world of sounds, such acquaintance for it, and «the silence world», such close to her family. But everything has changed, when in life of the girl there was a music. And before the heroine there is a hard choice: to remain in a home or to go towards to the new life full of sounds and beautiful melodies.

«I am near»


Russia, Ukraine


In roles: Maria Shalaev, Roman Zenchuk, Maria Semkina, Ivan Volkov, Elena Morozov and others.

One of few good films on the medical subject, made in Russia. Optimistical. Penetrating. Touching.

Main character Inna — the successful young woman. She’s fine in life: wonderful six-year son Mitya, friends, work in one of known restaurants. It brings up the child one, but at all does not worry about it. The strongest emotions come with bad news: doctors find a brain tumour from which it is impossible to consult. Inna makes the decision to find to the son of new parents. Both this any wild and improbably tragic situation comes to an end with a conditional happy end thanks to will and love of the main character.

«My guardian angel»




In roles: Cameron Diaz, Ebigeyl Breslin, Sofia Vasilyeva, Alec Baldwin, Jason Patrick and others.

Film of the American director Nick Kassavetisa which was in due time the screenwriter of the drama "Cocaine" with Johnny Depp. The film is shot based on a novel of the same name.

11-year-old Anna suddenly learns about for what after all her have brought into the world. Also brings an action against the parents who in nine months prior to its birth have decided that she becomes the supplier of bodies for the sister. Kate’s senior child has leukosis. Younger Anna who already shared the marrow and plasma, should give now a kidney. Unexpected turn of a plot — also it becomes suddenly clear: it is the film that sometimes it is necessary to be given.

«Space suit and butterfly»

Biographic drama

France, USA


In roles: Mathieu Amalrik, Emmanuelle Senye, Mari-Jose Kroz, Anne Kosinyi, Patrick Shene and others.

As basis of a plot Jean Dominica Bobi’s autobiographical book, the editor-in-chief of the Elle magazine has served. He has had a stroke and has been completely paralysed, it could move only the left eye. The man has stayed in this condition two years. But he has managed to tell to doctors about the health, that it is locked in own body and what is intolerable psychological torture. Doctors have created for it the special plate on which the alphabet has been written. Jean-Dominique winked the left eye — and it has helped it to keep contact to the outside world. Later according to its stories the book has been made.

The film has won a prize of the Cannes film festival for the best direction.

«Cain. An exception from rules / Captain Cain»

Detective series



In roles: Bryuno Debrandt, Juli Delarma, Friederich Pellegey, Smadi Volfman, Anna Suarez and others.

If you the captain of criminal investigation department moreover also are chained to a wheelchair after an unpleasant case with a motorcycle and drugs, you are simply obliged to hate "biped" and cynically to treat everything around. Directly as protagonist of these series. Fred Cain is sarcastic and slightly haughty. He precisely knows, how it is correct to investigate crimes who is guilty and what to do. Well and to the audience will tell.

Films about patients (more often oncological) which learn that shortly their life will end:

«Autumn in New York» (the drama, the USA, 2000)

«Has not kicked the bucket yet» (dramas/comedies/adventures, the USA, 2007)

«Hurry to love» (the drama/melodrama, the USA, 2002)

«Good children do not cry» (the drama, the Netherlands, 2012)

«Now it is a high time» (the melodrama, Great Britain, 2012)

«Sweet November» (drama/melodrama, USA, 2001)

«My life» (drama, USA, 1993)

«Life as house» (drama, USA, 2001)

«The last holiday» (tragicomedy, USA, 2006)

«To reach heavens» (the drama/comedy, Germany, 1997)

«Farewell time» (drama, France, 2005)

«Life is fine» (the drama/comedy, the USA, 2011)

«My life without me» (the drama/melodrama, Spain, Canada, 2003)

"Do not give up" (the drama/melodrama, the USA, 2011)

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