The cultural program of Paralympic games in Sochi will surprise the audience with bright statements

The cultural program of Paralympic games in Sochi will surprise the audience with bright statements

The cultural program of Paralympic winter games in Sochi will present to the audience the musical and art masterpieces collected within the Cultural Olympic Games «Sochi 2014». Theatrical festivals, performances of winners of the All-Russia creative competitions «A world class» and "Structure Olympe", and also the Russian and world stars become bright end of the Cultural Olympic Games «to Sochi 2014» which passed four years on the threshold of Games. Guests of a charitable festival «White cane» will have a unique possibility to hear legendary Jose Karreras’s performance.

Actions will take place on scenic platforms of Sochi, in concert halls, in the territory of the Olympic park and on the Area of celebration and rewardings of athletes-paralimpiytsev.

It will be possible to familiarise with the schedule of the Cultural program of Paralympic winter games on a site, also it will be available in the section "Events" of the mobile appendix to the audience.

The majority of concerts and exhibitions within actions of the Cultural program will be free for guests. Tickets for paid actions can be got in theatrical cash desks of the city of Sochi.

«World class»

In March, 2014 participants of the All-Russia children’s theatrical competition will go to Sochi «A world class». More than 300 teenagers have taken part in selection rounds of competition at the age of 13-17 years, pupils of schools and pupils of orphanages from all corners of Russia among which 31 finalists have been defined.

Young authors will unite again in total round of competition with professional playwrights, directors, actors, musicians and artists for creation of a theatrical performance on the basis of the best works from which they will make a speech at Gala concert on March 13 at Winter theatre in Sochi. The company to participants will be made by theatre and cinema stars: Maria Golubkina, Ekaterina Volkov, Elena Kauffman, Olga Lapshin, Olga Efremova, Yury Kvyatkovsky, Ekaterina Konisevich, Vladimir Skvortsov, Pavel Barshak, Anna Churina, Alexey Rozin, Sergey Starostin, Anna Abalikhina, Konstanitin Mishin, Irina Gonto, Roman Ermakov, Andrey Popov, Maria Atlas, Mikhail Yefimov, singer Miriam Sekhon, playwright Vyacheslav Durnenkov, Salto group and others.

Besides, for days of stay in Sochi teenagers will write and will present to public the essays in which will answer three questions, devoted to Paralympic games: «What helps you to overcome the difficulties, doubts, difficulties?», «That it is necessary to become the winner?» and «That the victory for you means?».

The purpose of the project is search and support of the presented teenagers and socialisation of children with disability.


«Life music»

On March 10, 2014 within the long-term charitable program «Thousand cities of Russia» in Sochi will pass a benefit concert «Life music». Organizers of a concert, representatives of Noncommercial charity foundation «Art world», have invited to the capital of Paralympic games of outstanding professional musicians, and also musically exceptional children with difficulties in development from regions of Russia. Guests of honour «Life music» became the Honored artist of the Russian Federation, composer Alexander Pokidchenko and the Honored worker of arts of the Russian Federation Sergey Nikitin.

In the centre of the concert program – composition of AVE MARIA of the composition of different composers performed by vocal Broadway ensemble, ensemble of instrumentalists of pupils of fund «Art world», the World Children’s Chorus of UNESCO. Also for the audience works of Russian and Soviet composers, Sergey Nikitin and Alexander Pokidchenko’s songs in author’s execution with soloists of the World Children’s Chorus of UNESCO and pupils of Fund will sound.


«Structure Olympus»

On March 11, 2014 the Winter theatre Sochi will invite all wishing on the Theatrical Structure Olympe festival which becomes a peculiar ending of the theatrical competition with the same name which has passed in 2011 within Gaudas Teatra of the Cultural Olympic Games «Sochi 2014».

During a festival rewarding of winner theatres will take place, namely: capital Le Circue de Sharles la Tannes with performance «Kopy on fire» director Yury Kvyatkovsky, the Perm theatre «At the Bridge» with Sergey Fedotov’s statement «The cripple from Inishman», the Moscow theatre "Praktika" with Svetlana Zemlyakova’s performance "Grandmothers", and also the AVIA group concert.


«A white cane – to Paralympic games»

On March 16, 2014 at Winter theatre Sochi action «A white cane – to Paralympic games» which will sum up four years of work of the international charitable festival «White cane» will take place.

The main task of organizers of a festival – Diana Gurtskaya’s charity foundation "For soul" – to draw attention to life of blind children and their destinies. Grandiose gala concert will present to inhabitants and guests of the Paralympic capital the best creative numbers shown for all years of the Festival, and children with disability from the majority of subjects of the Russian Federation become the audience.

This year the structure of participants in Sochi becomes one of the most star – on a scene there is the Ambassador «Sochi 2014» Diana Gurtskaya, and also Mark Tishman, Zara, A-Studio group and others. Speech of legendary opera singer Jose Karreres which will specially arrive in Sochi becomes a bright ornament of a concert. In joint numbers together with popular Russian and foreign actors of theatre and a platform pupils and pupils of specialised educational institutions from Russia and CIS countries will act. At the heart of numbers personal stories of each of young actors lie. The duet with a star, shown on the central television, sometimes developed into a true friendship, already became original "start in life" for tens young performers.

To Sochi with the statements there will arrive also the constant participant of the Cultural Olympic Games «Sochi 2014» – the Perm academic opera and ballet theatre of P.I.Tchaikovsky under the direction of Teodosa Kurenzisa, the fivefold owner of a national theatrical award «Gold mask». On March 8 dancers of theatre will present Sergey Prokofiev’s ballet «Romeo and Juliette», and the concert of an orchestra and chamber chorus of MusicAeterna on March 9 will take place. The orchestra known as one of the most advanced Russian teams, specialises on authentic performance – interpretations of compositions of ancient and modern composers. At the same time MusicAeterna is not limited to works of early eras and successfully combines in the repertoire of the composition of the different musical periods and the directions, including music of the XX century and work of modern composers.

In days of carrying out Paralympic games in Sochi the program «Choruses of Russia» will be developed with support of the All-Russia choral society, administration of Sochi and Organizing committee «Sochi 2014». Choral collectives of Russia become active participants of the program, will act on platforms of the city and the Olympic park, and the summary concert will pass on March 15 in Winter theatre in Sochi.

Besides, on March 14 within the Cultural program of Paralympic games and Cross Year of culture of Great Britain and Russia-2014 in Winter theatre Sochi will pass a unique concert. The British Council will organise performance of the well-known collective Stopgap – one of world leaders in the field of inclusive dance. The troupe will act in Russia for the first time and will present new statement of Artificial Things which in Europe has been met by a rough applause. Performance of Stopgap is dated for Paralympic games, symbolising art without borders and belief in human possibilities. It is significant that the dancers speaking at opening ceremony of Paralympic games of 2012 in London participate in statement.


Live Sites Sochi 2014

In Paralympic games three objects of Live Sites Sochi 2014 – places of city celebration with a scene, the big screen, a sound and light will work, where the audience can look together Games, like the atmosphere of competitions and celebrate victories of the national teams. One Live Sites Sochi 2014 will appear in Sochi and two in Moscow. The government of Moscow will open objects in park Sokolniki (near a fountain) and in the Recreation park of. Bitter (near "Snow-storm"). In Sochi Live Site Sochi 2014 will settle down on the Central square of the Mountain-skiing centre "Rosa Hutor". Besides translation of competitions within Paralympic games the extensive Cultural program with participation of finalists and winners of the Cultural Olympic Games and platform stars will be presented to the audience.

In Sochi on "Rosa Hutor", on Paralimpiyskaya Square of celebration and rewardings, thousands guests and participants of Games will gather on the central event of every evening – Awards ceremonies of athletes-paralimpiytsev to share pleasure of a victory and to take pleasure in a festive concert in honour of victors of Games. Before and after the Awards ceremony on the main scene of Paralympic games the best regional creative collectives will act. (Moscow), the State ensemble of the national song "Islamey" will take part in the program (Republic of Adygea), Children’s chorus «New names» (Orenburg region), the Kuban Cossack chorus (Krasnodar Krai), Stavropol Territory ensemble and many other Chorus of Pyatnitsky. After the Awards ceremony popular Russian and foreign performers will act.