Where to take the credit to the disabled person: Practical advice

Where to take the credit to the disabled person: Practical advice

A certain sum of money in some cases can be necessary for purchase of the goods, fee etc. for each person. And it is absolutely unimportant, the person is healthy or has disability. Disabled people also can need money, and even it is possible to tell that to them they are required more often than to healthy people. And it is good, if the current income allows to satisfy the requirements. And if is not present?

It is necessary to reflect where to take money on credit. Unfortunately, banks in most cases take a jaundiced view of people with disability and do not give out them the credits even in the small size. It is connected by that similar borrowers have no constant place of employment and besides they constantly should be spent for medical services that essentially reduces solvency level. In a word, for banks disabled people enter in so-called «group of risk». What to do, if the credit has to be received?

How to obtain the credit in bank?

So, if the disabled person reflects where to take the cheap credit, and goes behind it to bank, it should consider a number of very important conditions. Before the borrower there is a difficult task: to prove to bank the solvency. In principle, to make it it is quite real if to approach to a question with all responsibility. Besides collecting the main documents which are required for registration of the credit, it is necessary to take care and of something. For example, not the superfluous will glance to the attending physician and to take from it the certificate of a state of health. Certainly, the medical conclusion should be as much as possible positive. It is necessary to show this reference to the credit manager. Pledge in the form of real estate or, say, the car — is one more factor which is essentially increasing chances of the disabled person on receiving the credit.

If the bank refuses the credit for the far-fetched and ridiculous reasons though all documents in an order and the income quite allows to receive money, it is possible to take a desperate step: to threaten bank with court. It works, as practice shows. Andrey Sychev — the inhabitant of Sverdlovsk region — tried to receive the autocredit and has practically found where to take the credit to the disabled person, but to it have refused, despite completely collected package of documents and good level of the income. In other bank it without problems was given out the credit. Andrey has decided to bring an action against the first bank, as has brought to sufficient to the pleasant ending: employees of the organisation have apologised before it and even have offered work! It should be noted that the Russian courts after all will side with the disabled person rather, than bank therefore such way of upholding of the rights restrained by banks quite takes place to be.

Where still to obtain the credit?

If banks persistently refuse, and to contact vessels it is not obviously possible or simply it would not be desirable, then it is possible to reflect on other option of a solution. The answer to a question where to take the credit to the disabled person, it is possible to find in the microfinancial organisations. Such organisations give out so-called microloans: small sums of money for small term. Usually to obtain the credit in such organisation it is possible quite easily and to collect the whole package of documents there is no need: there is enough only the passport. But such loans have one essential shortcoming: high interest rates. However, there is a large quantity of the companies which are giving out microloans therefore from all this variety it is quite possible to pick up favourable option.

One more quite good option where to take the credit to the disabled person, are credit cooperatives. They represent associations of people which make monetary contributions to general "purse", and needing members can obtain further the credit on quite preferential terms. Today it is possible to tell that the credit co-operative — is quite acceptable option for receiving a necessary sum of money to the person with disability. Though many simply do not trust similar communities and do not hurry up to make the contribution, being afraid not only not to receive, but also at all to lose money.


Thus, if the person with disability is tormented by a question where to take money on credit, it is quite capable to find of it answers. For a start it is necessary to address in bank, having tried to prove the solvency. It is possible to address in banks which not too strictly concern borrowers and do not demand a large number of documents. Usually to obtain there the credit it is easier, than in more «serious offices». If after all the option with bank has not worked, it is not necessary to despond, after all there are still the microfinancial organisations which are giving out microloans, and the credit cooperatives based on a principle of mutual aid. Certainly, it is impossible to tell that these options are ideal, but not too huge demanded sum can be received.

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