Queue for miracle

Queue for miracle

«Everything, we have passed!» — phone calls of the majority of the believers who stood in turn lasting many hours and have bowed to Honest The Gift of the Magi in Cathedral of the Redeemer so began. From Moscow shrines go to St. Petersburg, to the temple of the Kazan icon of the Mother of God of the Voskresensky Novodevichy female Convent, located on Moskovsky Avenue. Further — Minsk and Kiev. But already it is now clear: bringing of a sacred relic in limits of Russian Orthodox Church became for Russia the main event of January of the 2014th.

Whatever atheists and other sceptics spoke, the pilgrimage to a precious ark has mentioned not only inhabitants of the main megalopolises of the country. And not only one orthodox. To Cathedral of the Redeemer went from all country. By cars, buses, trains. With babies and relatives on wheelchairs. After all at Russian (is not present — at Russians!) special relation to miracles. God’s miracle is waited often by those who has despaired to find rescue among people. On belief to them also it is given. But have touched this history and Doubting Thomas for whom the shrine phenomenon to the people became the next occasion попиариться. Here also splashed a saliva: the pier, the events reminds sessions of all-Union magician Kashpirovsky; gifts — a medieval fake how they could remain since terrestrial life of the Christ? If this, if one may say so, a fake creates real miracles, call it as want. God to you judge. It does not change an essence. The extraordinary stories occurred in Greece and described in a book about an Athos monastery of Sacred Pavel (exactly Honest The Gift of the Magi there "is constantly registered"), are laid out in the Runet. And to trust or not to trust — business especially personal.

To reach and not to freeze

John Kronshtadtsky, Serafim Sarovsky, Matron Moscow, Nikolay Chudotvorets, Sergy Radonezhsky, Peter and Fevrony, Panteleimon … In Russia from time immemorial everyone chose to itself(himself) the favourite patron. In each temple there are the especially esteemed icons covered with daggers and female gold ornaments — so simple believers thank sacred for the help. To doubt that is tested centuries, silly. However on a simple question why on Sunday service many do not go and to stand 10-12 hours in not the most comfortable weather conditions are ready, the answer is not present.« Notes write in the temple» — the badge carrier «The Gift of the Magi tries to reach believers. The organizer» in the main Russian cathedral. Only where this «» temple? Many here for the company. Because turn … Because others so arrive … In what case to specify names in a note — it while "higher mathematics", to master which, standing in a queue, it is impossible. Main thing: have got! have written! candles have bought! to "casket" were put! paper icons on an exit have received! In total! The program is executed. The photoreport — see in a social network.

Queue for miracle— Gifts on Athos are stored, women there do not start up — more informed girlfriend explains to the lady advanced in years. — It is necessary to stand.

— Grandmother Ira, respond, you are looked for by granddaughters! — the volunteer in hope of reunion of someone’s family shouts from the bus …

On the embankment near turn the music fan dancer in earphones manufactures modern pases.

— The person is ill — someone from pilgrims sighs.

— What it hurts, interestingly? — another is connected to conversation.

— It is known that — the head.

— Yes it is not similar to the patient. To well it. The main thing — heat.

And here it is more similar to the truth. In turn to shrines, of course, blagopristoyny would be not to dance, and to say prayers. But cold not aunt. Are warmed — who as can. Skilled have come with the thermoses and sandwiches. Others — waiting for charitable tea and buns. Many not standing in a queue are surprised: why from one obstacle to another people do not go a quiet step, and run? Would spend some hours on becoming numb and growing numb feet — too would run. For few minutes to following "shelter" to be warmed, of course, you are not in time. But then all the same you run. With hope. And belief. In a different way here it is impossible.

All are equal or how?

It is considered what to ache after standing lasting many hours to shrine, is equal as after bathing in a source or in an ice-hole for the Epiphany — a nonsense. Organizers of the share "The Gift of the Magi" in Moscow testify: pilgrims addressed for the help to physicians with exacerbations of chronic diseases, as a rule. At what here cold? But also to stand with the child dank January I personally would not become.

Queue for miracleIn reportings sounded: any VIP-admissions (the termination of access to Gifts at the whole o’clock because of arrival of the prime minister, possibly, it it is necessary to perceive as a reality) and preferential turns. Only one — the general! Nevertheless other way was. For disabled people of the first group (sometimes — the second group of the third degree). For pregnant women. For children to three (sometimes to seven-eight) years. Variations were composed on a place by volunteers and organizers. On a situation. Depending on a pressure of sufferers. According to the principles and character. The human factor, naturally, took place. One volunteer has turned away — pilgrims try to agree with another.

— The girl, I am the veteran of work …

— In the general turn. Across Ostozhenka up to the end — and on the left.

— Us from «Culture park» have sent here, have told, with the child — without turn …

— Here only till three years …

— So, to us now back to go?

— Everyone needs to explain politely that here pass is not present, but with unbalanced, of course, difficult — the student of Veterinary academy of a name of Skryabin, the volunteer with Alexander’s four-year experience explains. — Where we do not consult, the staff of Service of a psychological assistance helps out. They are able to communicate correctly and with gone too far young people, and with sick old men.

— And veterans of war start up? — the sogbenny granny compassionately looks at organizers.

— No …

Queue for miracleThan the XX centuries which have passed the most terrible war are worse than disabled people, frankly speaking, to understand difficult. As well as restrictions on age for children. By the evening on January 9 "exempts" carried out already to turns for five hours. So many any parent even to walk with the child does not begin. And here it was necessary to stand. In places — in the same narrowness, as in rush hours in the underground. And what difference in this situation, three years to the child, five or seven?!

— Specially from giving have arrived — mother of four children Natasha shares. — To younger Savva have delivered "prediabetes" — a consequence of the transferred virus. Insulinovy dependence can develop. With an average, Athanasius, we were run over by a car the young Uzbek when crossed the road on green light. Everything that managed to achieve — deprivation of its rights for a year. Originally only the penalty in 500 rubles in general threatened. And at Athanasius attacks have begun, doctors have written out strong drugs against epilepsy. The third son, Arseny, many years suffered from cough. All drugstore have drunk too much, helped nothing … Were put to Andrey Pervozvannogo’s relics last summer — in the autumn to Athanasius and Arseny it became better. I do not know, whether it is possible to connect these two facts, but we hope for a miracle … Excuse, I will go tea I will take — at Savva sugar in blood is raised, all the time wants to drink. A few years ago, by the way, we have bowed to Spiridon Trimifuntskogo’s relics. The husband geneticist just sat without work and could not be arranged in any way. Went, went on interviews. Also has lost hope. But that day we left the temple, have not managed to reach to the mother-in-law as to the husband have called and have invited in the good company.

Queue for miracleArmy porridge and goat milk

— You have got to the temple? And what there the such? — conscript boy Chingiz from group of special troops of VV Ministry of Internal Affairs "Peresvet" is curious.

The military personnel have exposed on either side of the carriageway. That did not allow especially cunning to steal a march and put in the middle of turn. Crosswalks were supervised by vigilant policemen.

— The people freaky — smile Chingiz. — Many strive to slip between cars: a pier, went to change clothes, and before five hours have defended … Or: has lagged behind turn, start up to the. There is a lot of sly fellows. And at us the order: to start up nobody. One you will regret — others will begin a claim to show.

On all length of turn of a protection are exposed so what to break through them neither late, nor lost it is not obviously possible. When my relatives have arrived to Cathedral of the Redeemer on January 7 in six mornings, anybody yet did not know it. I should join them later, having left the kid with the grandfather. Was late for half an hour — at 8:40 the sister and mother left the temple. I have managed to be upset. But the next minute has calmed itself: such turn needs to be defended most. Completely. Without options.

Queue for miracle«As tells the sacred Gospel, during Christmas of Lord of our Jesus Christ in Bethlehem the magicians who have come from the East, have brought to the Divine Baby precious Gifts: gold, incense and Smyrna. The gift was symbolical: gold have brought to the Christ as I Reign, an incense — as to God, Smyrna — as to the person, having to die and be buried as it is quiet it was applied in the ancient time to embalming … In 1470 queen Mara has transferred Honest Gifts from Constantinople to Saint Pavel’s monastery on Sacred Mount Athos … One of the most widespread miracles is the strong fragrance which is often proceeding from sacred Gifts. Many cases of healing from different diseases, infertility and a besnovaniye» are also known.

In the Christmas morning volunteers distributed the leaflets which are intelligibly telling about Honest Gifts and urging to endow in Sacred Pavel’s monastery on Athos. Hot tea with rolls and a field-kitchen of the Ministry of Emergency Situations with something «simple, army» have appeared later. And every day on the embankment established all new and new obstacles. All is farther and farther from the temple …

On January 7 it was still possible to be put to a shrine traditionally — lips and a forehead. In two days the believer already recommended to touch a palm. Also pushed in a back if someone tried to disobey organizers. Manual «Brothers and sisters, we are christened and pray in advance!» sounded incessantly. To put the bought candles most it has appeared an excessive task — the human river bore to a kovchezhka by icons, it was necessary to give candles to volunteers whom, having specified: «For health or for the peace of?», stacked them on a tray.

Queue for miracle— When doctors have pronounced to my father a deadly sentence, it has found forces to go in Vatoped (one of Athos monasteries where are stored honest a belt of the Blessed Virgin, a part of the Life-giving Lord’s Cross and some wonder-working icons of the Mother of God. — "Culture") — laconically narrates Andrey. — After a while the cancer has been won. And the father has again gone on the Sacred mountain. To thank.

— And I was rescued by the believing woman — Ivan, the senior on change of the second Cossack educational one hundred which is keeping the watch directly at an entrance in the temple tells. — At mother of milk was a little, and in the Ukrainian village have not found anything the best for the three-months child, as goat milk. Have poisoned, certainly. It after all the fat. Adults have seized me — and to the familiar grandmother. That began to say prayers. Has rescued. And in 18 years I have arrived to it on a visit and have made out images of the Savior and the Virgin in a hut …

To go to a monastery

About health to itself and relatives, about a marriage, talent of the child, about career and the flat … Hearings went that in two days prior to the action termination in Moscow people carried out to turns for 15 hours. And if to freeze — so for good reason: to ask the Lord about the most intimate. And that the dream has by all means come true.

Queue for miracle— It is fresh blood, be put — Tatyana who has left the Cathedral with the daughter stretches me an unpretentious icon with the torn image of the Mother of God under glass. — We are refugees from Uzbekistan, the second year we live in Kanash. To itself asked spirituality — I want to go to a monastery. To the senior children — that the corner have found. And the Lord does not leave kids. Once it has taken away the child from me. But, that I continued to live, in 41 years have sent at once two — the son and the daughter. Now five children and two granddaughters. We live in the thrown house. I work as the cleaner in the temple. Anything! The biggest miracle — that we in Russia, and, God Willing, will receive here passports soon. Here only youth it is a pity. Becomes an inveterate drunkard …

— I for the sake of the daughter have come — Tatyana Aleksandrovna, the Muscovite in the twelfth generation which ancestors went across the Tverskaya by a cart opens soul. — Life at it does not develop. There were more than five hours. And to the Virgin belt — nearly twelve. Icons in our house were always. And we went to the temple. The grandfather, however, before death has told to the grandmother: «You are a bottom of ours do not call — he is a freeloader». And itself at a table never sat down помолясь. I, being the secretary of a Communist Party organisation, the son and the daughter has christened in Moscow. The administration tried to accuse me of obscene behaviour. «And what here the such? — I have simply asked. — It is Russian tradition» …

Here such it also remained the main Russian tradition — to trust.

Source: http://portal-kultura.ru